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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Discussion topic from class... “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Go Aggies! Amazing that they finished tied for first place, but don't get to play in the Big 12 Championship, despite beating the two teams who DO get to play in it (who they finished tied with.)  Gotta love the BCS, where your preseason ranking, if too low, hurts you. Shouldn't a tiebreaker for the opportunity to play in the championship consider head to head matchups and not a bunch of polls, where the majority of voters probably don't even know that A&M beat Nebraska AND Oklahoma?

My mom came up for a visit on Saturday morning.  It was the first time I’d seen her since last February, and it was definitely a very positive experience for me.  I’m pretty sure my mom enjoyed it, also.  We didn’t talk much about the whole prison aspect of my current life.   We mainly discussed what was going to be happening in my life when I’m out.  We sort of skipped the part about what I’d do immediately after I leave here.  I think we’ve realized that part will, pretty much, fall into place as needed, regardless of any planning.  I guess our focus was more on what my outlook is for the few months after I go home.  We were far from solving the problems that possibly lie ahead, but I think we both walked away with a much clearer appreciation of one another’s expectations.

Visiting with my mom will definitely help to make the remainder of my time here less difficult.  I’m expecting to see my dad one more time later on this month. That will be the final time visit in here.  I still find it comforting to set specific dates to look forward to.  Taking this whole thing in smaller intervals has helped me out tremendously. getting ...shorter.

I was thinking yesterday evening as I was running about, just how to best cope with my remaining time here.  I’ve already come to the conclusion that once I get out of here, I will reflect back on this time and wish I would have made better use of my opportunities in here.  I’m afraid that I am so excited and ready to go home, that I’m going to overlook accomplishing things in here that I need to get done.  As an example of what I’m referring to, let me offer naps in kindergarten.   

Back when we were all mandated to take naps in kindergarten, naptime always seemed to unnecessary, and I really had no clue of the reasoning behind the forced rests.  Now…. oh, how I would love to gain those daily naps back!   Are you with me here?  How nice would it be to take a siesta during the middle of each workday? The point here, is that during kindergarten, I did not optimize naptime.  At this time in my life, it would now be great to have it back on a daily basis.

I don’t want to have the same kinds of thoughts about my last month and a half here in this prison.  This time in here is probably the most stress free living I will have for the rest of my entire life.  I’m so ready to be home that I fear I will miss out on this wonderful ‘lack of stress’ hand that I have been dealt.

You’re probably thinking at this point that I’ve lost my mind (which is a valid thought, but a topic for another time).   Bear with me. I’m only trying to control something that I have input into. I’m here until January.  That’s a done deal.  What’s up in the air is how I will use the time I have left in here to better myself. It will also be important for me to be able to reflect back on this time and know that it was not wasted. 

That may be more important than anything else.  I need to be able to be out of this place and look back on the entire experience that I undertook, knowing that it was invaluable in teaching me new lessons.  If  I am able to do this, then I will honestly be able to look at myself in the mirror  and know that I haven’t wasted a year of my life and that I learned valuable lessons that many people won’t ever realize until much later in their lives (if ever at all).

So, there you have it.  Those are my philosophical thoughts for the day. Now, I refuse to let the next 6-8 weeks pass meaninglessly by. With that being said, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  It’s naptime.


  1. Makes sense. Enjoy your freedom to lay down on the job now, because later that will be only a passing fantasy. Your time surely is waning and I imagine you have a bit of "short timers" disease. Perfectly understandable. I too take everything in "bites" regarding this situation. Next event, grandsons birthday, then Christmas, then New Years, then Valentines day, granddaughters birthday, spring break, easter....Maybe its my age showing, I have to take repeated pee stops and breaks. hmmm, maybe I shouldnt admit that. However, youre times coming and it wont be long, that we know for sure, so youre entitled to lay back and relax. May just be the calm before the storm. Hey, Id like to know the details of how you managed to secure a your mom and she can pass it on to me. Also what is commissary like there? How often and is there decent things to get? What about the food? I heard its turkey based instead of pork like most places. I went back and read some of the blog posts from when you were first transferred there to try to get a better idea of the place. You also mentioned fans and I believe hot plates, is that something you can get at commissary there?
    I know, always full of nosy can answer between naps ;-)

  2. oh,oh,oh, another question....Do the commisary lists vary a lot from unit to unit? What about the food provided for lockdown? Johnny sacks I believe they are called. What about the temperatures inside the unit? I looked at the weather last night and it said it was supposed to be 26 in that area. Im curious if they provide any heat other than a blanket. Ok, thats it for now. Take your time answering all my questions...24hrs should be sufficient...;-)