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Monday, December 13, 2010


So here’s the scoop as I see it:  I now have completed over 140 hours of the class, and I need to complete 165 before my teacher is able to submit my paperwork to the parole board.  If you’ll recall, this submission will begin the final phase of my release.  Once this submission occurs, it will take about 4 weeks for me to be released.  Now, back to the hours.  By doing the math, I hope to get to 165 hours by the end of December. I will obtain slightly more than 3 hours per day for the remainder of the days I attend class.  

This scenario would be great.  It means that I would complete enough class time to be submitted by the time school lets out for Christmas vacation. I would have my paperwork submitted to the parole board in December and, therefore, be released to go home by the end of January.

Now, for the downside to all of this:  It is projected that this unit will undergo a total ‘lockdown’ sometime during the month of December.  A lockdown is basically a shutdown of the entire unit, everyone must stay in the dorms, and there is no school.

The coming lockdown will probably be for 10 days.  There are two things that could happen concerning the specific timing of the lockdown.  If the lockdown starts before I reach 165 hours, then it will cause a big delay in my paperwork being submitted to the board.

In summary, if the lockdown starts before I get my hours completed, there is a good chance I wouldn’t finish up until possibly mid January, and, therefore would obviously not be released until mid February.

Of course I’m really hoping that the lockdown won’t interfere with the timing of my release.  It won’t seem quite fair that I had to wait 5 months for my parole answer, and now a week and a half lockdown delay might cause me to be locked up for an entire extra month.  I’m not sure what ultimate discretion my teacher has in possibly submitting my paper work to the parole board a bit early, but I’m maintaining crossed fingers that she does.

Does all of this make sense?  It would be nice to be on the same page with all of you over these next few weeks until I come home.


  1. It does make perfect nonsense, which I totally understand, sadly. Im waiting for that lockdown to be over so we can finally get a phone call. Waiting is totally over rated, Im not into surprises or waiting, either one. Im not a good patient person.

  2. You are getting close my friend, hang in there! Im not sure what has happened to the letters, yours keep bouncing back to you and mine keep bouncing back to me. Ill try again today. Hang in there!

  3. Missing not hearing about your days. Missing my sons phone calls as well...he is there with you, makes me worry! A mom who cares