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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today's class discussion topic:
“If we want to come to terms with addiction, we have to stop blaming drugs and start looking at ourselves to learn what makes us dependent.”  Addictions.  Ugh! I don’t think I have the energy to deal with all the druggies in this class and the comments that are sure to be flowing soon.  

My weekend went by quickly and well.  The weather here continues to be picturesque.  I visited with my dad for 2 hours on Saturday morning and filled up on all the junk food that is available from the vending machines in the visitation area.  I was wrong on my dates last week.  My dad’s high school reunion was this past weekend not the approaching weekend.  He drove a couple hours more northwest of here after our visit for the reunion.  Of course it was nice to see him.  This was the first visit I’d received since getting my parole answer.  I felt like we were both more relaxed.  I think having the definite release time has altered both of our attitudes about this whole process.  I can only hope that the attitudes of all of you that I haven’t seen in person are equally as inspired as my dad’s.

I was finally able to correctly finish the “USA Today” crossword puzzle.  Hooray for me.  Yesterday, I ran 9 miles.  For some reason we had a morning rec that lasted for about 3 hours and I think it took me about an hour and thirty-two minutes.  I don’t know if that’s good/bad or fast/slow, but it’s the farthest I’ve gone to date.  There is no doubt in my mind that I could run a half marathon right now.  I’m a little more tired today than normal, but I’m not sore.  My heels hurt a little, but I guess that’s to be expected with the awful shoes I wear while running in here.

Can someone please look this up on the internet and give me the results? What are the differences in smoking marijuana and smoking cigarettes?  What about doing marijuana in a way other than smoking?  Which is worse, etc, etc, etc?


  1. This seems to be a controversial subject, with varying results from different studies, however, this one seems interesting:
    A new study by New Zealand's Medical Research Institute concluded that one marijuana joint blocks the flow of air as much as smoking up to five tobacco cigarettes. The study also states that longtime pot smokers do not have an increased risk of developing emphysema, however, they can develop a blockage of the large airways, excessive lung inflation and can also develop symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

    To determine results of the tests, researchers used x-rays, questionnaires and lung function tests.

    Researchers found that chronic emphysema was uncommon among pot smokers and although relatively rare, it most certainly does occur.

    Statistics determined by study:
    - 1.3% of long term marijuana smokers had signs of the disease
    - 16.3 % of long term marijuana AND tobacco smokers had signs of
    the disease.
    - 18.9 % of just tobacco smokers had signs of the disease

    Smoking marijuana had a significant effect on the lungs and caused symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing, phlegm, coughing, and reduced lung density.

    The main purpose of the study was to determine the effects of marijuana smoking on pulmonary structure, symptoms, and function. There is a large amount of marijuana smokers in New Zealand.
    A study in the Lancet Medical Journal suggested that marijuana use can increase the risk of becoming psychotic.

    Basics of study:
    The three year study involved 339 participants involving nonsmokers, tobacco only smokers, tobacco AND marijuana smokers and those that only smoke marijuana.

    Qualifications to participate in the study:
    To be considered a long term marijuana smokers, the participant had to have smoked one joint a day, every day, for five years. To be considered a long term tobacco smoker, the participant had to have smoked a pack a day, every day, for one year.
    ...and then this:

    Some information about this drugs.

    Smoking pure marijuana (Cannabis Sativa), is much more harmful than smoking normal cigarettes for our lungs, says a Britain health care institution. A recent investigation from the British Lung Foundation says that smoking 3 marijuana cigarettes per day, damage the same as 20 normal ones!

    If marijuana and tobacco is mixed, negative effects are even higher, underlines the study.
    The proofs presented in this text suggest that the marijuana cigarettes have much more substances related to cancer than the ones from the tobacco.

    This statistics will surprise many people, who smoke marijuana rather than tobacco, for considering it healthier”, affirms Doctor Mark Britton, president of the British Lung Foundation. Britton tells that their study “doesn’t argue whether it is correct or incorrect the use of marijuana”. But it simply informs people about the risk that this implies to their lungs.

    So, put that in your pipe and smoke it...or not...

  2. I just know that "CRACK" is the best for you ??????

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