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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today's class topic: “There are two kinds of discontent in the world: the discontent that works and the discontent that wrings its hand. The first gets what it wants, and the second loses what it has.”

I spent some time yesterday doing some organizing and planning for the next couple of months.  I haven’t written down all my plans, but I did get a lot of bullet points down on my calendar.  Hopefully, this will steer me to the right spots from now until the time I go home.  

So, some of the goals, dates and deadlines I have for myself:
1) exercise and running goals  
2) dates that I’m expecting visits   
3) a few different dates for varying business planning time stamps  
4) the date that I need to have all of my customized text messages thought up.  I plan on sending individualized texts to most of you just as soon as I get my hands on my cell phone.  Humor will be my intention.

How interested was everyone in the World Series?  It was a pretty big deal around here.  I was hoping the series would go a full 7 games simply so there will be more entertainment for me in here.  Wouldn’t that be a great story if the Rangers were able to win after just being purchased by Nolan Ryan and his group of investors?  You couldn’t write a much better script. But oh well.

We just had a break for lunch and now we are back in class.  My clothes are a mess.  You’d think I was raised in a barn with the amount of food I accidentally spilled on myself.  Don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but there are no napkins here ever unless we sneak a bit of paper towel into the dining hall.  The single utensil we have to eat with is a disposable spork.  That’s one of those spoon things with the 3 fork barbs included.  The size and construction are like the cheap white plastic utensils we have all seen.  What a bummer!  That’s the only thing I’ve used to aid in eating for the last year.  When I finally get my hands on a steak knife, I may faint.

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