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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Todays class discussion topic “You can alter your life by altering your attitudes.”   Today we begin a new lesson titled “Release”.  I suppose it’s meant to teach about the upcoming transition to be undertaken; from being totally removed from the real world to functioning as a normal productive citizen.  This is probably a lesson that could have great psychological value if it were taught at a high level.  However, I have a feeling that it will only be a considerable amount of common sense indoctrination.  I’ll guess that there is a large emphasis placed on planning, goals, and making positive long term decisions.  Maybe I’m wrong, and I really won’t be in for 2 weeks or so of mere lip service.

Sorry, I’m not trying to start out the day in a negative manner.  I’m just thinking that there are many other places right now that I’d rather be other than here.   Imagine that!

 I can’t remember what time I woke up yesterday, but I think it was around 7am.  I then proceeded to stay in bed for the next 3 hours reading and relaxing.  It was marvelous, and I actually felt like I was on vacation from this place for a short time.  That was the first time I’ve stayed in bed that long since I’ve been in here.  I don’t want to make a habit of it, but it really was a pleasant change of pace.  There weren’t any huge football games on that I cared much about watching, so I just sort of casually watched the random games that were on television.

I ran just over 20 miles yesterday which was more than I thought was capable of.  I really wasn’t even too tired after all the running.  The pounding and wear on my knees and hips was the only problem.  I’m a little sore this morning, but it feels about the same as it did the day after I ran the 6 miles and then the 9 miles for the first time.  I’m thinking that the next time I run 20 miles it won’t be nearly as big of a deal and I won’t even get sore at all.  I’m also thinking that my goal of being able to complete the marathon by February 1st will be readily attainable.

I hear a cold front is coming into our area today, so this may be my first experience with some extended cooler weather here.  I’m not looking forward to it at all because, as you know from my many comments, the weather here, up to the current point, has been simply perfect.  We were talking about the weather yesterday, and pointed out that it would have been a textbook day for quail hunting.  It was cool enough to walk for an extended period without sweating, and there was just enough breeze and humidity to carry scent for the dogs, but not too much to make the dogs’ work sloppy.  It made me miss my dogs, and really made me want to be able to play with them.  Soon enough……I guess.

I wrote my teacher a brief letter today explaining this blog and giving her the URL.  I suggested she take a look at it and try to interactively incorporate it into our discussions during class.  I don’t know if there is a feasible way for everyone to mutually benefit from any interaction, but it certainly couldn’t hurt anything.  At a minimum, I think my teacher will take a look at what we’ve been doing this year and put some thought into how it could be used here in class.  I’ll let you know what she says about it.

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  1. 20 miles? my knees would give out and someone would have to pick me up and haul me back! The weather has turned a bit chilly. Have you got any blankets? My son is still at his same unit where theres no temp control at all. They eventually will give them a jacket and a blanket, but he would rather deal with the cold air than the hot anyway.
    One of our dogs has a disease called pythiosis. He was just diagnosed a few wks ago. Im telling you this because you have dogs. Its not a common disease and only showed up in Texas in the past 10 years, so many practicing vets havent even seen it. It took a lot of tests to discover it. Its a fungus that affects the intestines and they begin having gastrointestinal issues with a lot of weight loss. This is a big boned boy that normally weighs 70# and is now down to 44. His treatment consisted of 3 shots given at different intervals, and medications. His last shot was a few days ago. Now its a wait and see game to see if he survives or not. Normally at this stage I would have him put down, but we have had him since he was six wks old and he is now 10 years. He is as spunky and bright eyed still as if he was 4. So today I spent the day shopping and cooking for him. Boiled hamburger, chicken, chicken livers, beef liver, pasta noodles, canned pumpkin (good for digestive upset), pureed carrots and potato, a dozen cooked eggs, oatmeal flakes, peanut butter (protein), alpo canned food (flavor), all mixed together and put into single serving meal packets. I open one up, warm it in the microwave, side dress with yogurt, cottage cheese, probiotics and a crushed pepto. Im giving him several small meals a day and crossing fingers he will keep eating it and gain some weight. His appetite has been zero, but its starting to pick up and he is eating this pretty good. Ive tried every trick in the book to get him to eat dog food again, but he absolutely isnt interested. I dont care. Ill devote one day a week to cooking and packaging a weeks worth of meals until he either gets better or passes on. The moral of the story is..if your dog suddenly and very rapidly begins losing massive amts of weight and all tests are negative for parasites, heartworms, parvo, etc, then have a 40.00 test run asap for pythiosis. The sooner its caught the better the chances are, and unfortunately in dogs, the success rate is not good to begin with. I worked as a vet tech for 5 years, my daughter still does work as a tech and has for 11 years and neither of us had ever heard of it. Only one dr out of her multi vet clinic had any knowledge of it. Food for thought for your dog buddies.
    I emailed you some random pictures that my daughter, the novice photographer took. Hope you enjoy them.
    Take care, the days are getting shorter and so is your time!