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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today's class journal entry topic...“The biggest mistake in the world is to think you are working for someone else.”

My creative talents have left me over the last few days.  I’m doing just fine, but I haven’t been too inspired to do much writing.  However, I did run a little over 13 miles yesterday so I guess I’m I half marathon range.  I have reset my running goal to be able to accomplish a marathon as soon as I get out of here.  That’s pretty much 3 months from now.  I don’t think I’ll have enough time at any one rec period in here to run 26 straight miles, but I’ll be ready as soon as I’m out.

I do have a funny story for you.  Remember Pin?  Turns out Pin is/was a con man.  He left and went home last Friday.  What I’m about to share with you now is 3rd hand information, but I have no reason not to trust it.  Bear with me while I set the stage.  

Pin was good friends with Mike, who is still here.  They had countless discussions concerning topics such as religion, parole, personal relationships, etc. Mike is the inmate with the fiancé who he met while in prison (that I told you about.)  Mike is very concerned about his pending parole decision this spring, and he had solicited advice from Pin.  

Yesterday,, Mike told me that Pin had already contacted Mike’s fiancé, trying to get $700 out of her that he told her he was going to use to retain a parole attorney for Mike.  Pin apparently blew the fiancé’s phone up for 2 days trying to expedite this deal.  Pin wanted the fiancé to conceal this info from Mike, so it would be a ‘surprise’ for him.  Also, Pin couldn’t allow the fiancé to speak with the supposed attorney in advance, because this $700 deal was only applicable if it was facilitated through Pin.  Pin even got confrontational and agitated with the fiancé when she raised red flags and became hesitant.  

The fiancé became bothered enough about her physical safety that she brought it up with a concerned nature to Mike last night.  I also found out through Mike and his fiancé, that Pin’s formerly pregnant (so he said) wife who had all but disappeared, was actually living in some sort of a shelter.  If you’ll recall, Pin’s wife was told to me to have a well paying job as a public school principal.   Pin’s real name is Kevin. So, Kevin, if you read this, I invite you to respond and please defend yourself or let all of us know what the true story is.  All of your explanations just don’t add up.


  1. Holy macaroni! This guy is a real piece of "work" and I use that term very loosely. Didnt take him long to go right back to his old ways, did it? What a "surprise" for Mike he had in mind, didnt he? Thats just wrong. I bet Mike would like to have a "surprise" for Pin as well! I just have one thing to say about all that running youre doing...."RUN Forrest, RUN!"

  2. WTG on the running!! Austin 5K marathon here he comes. The other participants better watch out. :-) Let me know when you run that first marathon so I can come cheer you on.

    Piece of "work" is not the term I would have used Mama B, but I will be polite on here. Sounds like to me, "Pin" Kevin will be returning to his most recent residence soon. Unfortunately, a lot of them do. This story is the very reason that a lot of the guys incarcerated don't give out too much personal info while there. I have heard many stories like this.

    As for Mike's fiance' I would have to say if she feels scared for her physical safety get a restraining order on Kevin. This may be why the wife is in a shelter.

    Anyway, glad to hear from you and look forward to reading more.

  3. The audience would be chanting - JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY, JERRY !!!!!!!