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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Each day the instructor of my class has a “journal saying” written up on a dry erase board.  I’m not sure how her numbering system works, but I’m going to stick with her system to keep things organized.  So here are today's journal sayings:
I’ll make sure to jot them all down, so that you all will be able to flourish in this wisdom with me.

#24  Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.  
#25  No one has the right to physically assault a person regardless of one’s circumstances.

We started the class today with a brief discussion about “Dancing with the Stars”.  I understand that Knight Rider was voted off in the first week. Someone in class said they thought he was gay, but I had not ever heard that. Does anyone know?  Does it matter?

The first two days of this class have consisted of discussions followed by a VCR recorded program.  The discussion was much more interesting and, I thought, more productive.  Today the discussion period only lasted about 10 minutes, and now we are watching a film about juvenile offenders.  The film is debating incarceration vs. rehabilitation.  Seeing prisoners on TV is funny.  Seeing them in person…not so much.

The new film being shown is titled “Introduction to Street Drug Pharmacology”.  Seeing as how I’m not a drug user, this ought to be enlightening.  If I turn to a ‘post vacation’ life of drugs, it will all be traced back to beginning at this moment.  My demise has started.

I met a new guy at the morning rec. He has been here only since Friday.  Coincidentally, he went through the intake process the same unit I was at for a short time.  Obviously, now he is here.  Anyway, it makes me very, very happy that, comparatively speaking, I am nearing the end of my time.  I think as I get closer to release this will happen more often, and I hope each time it makes me feel just a little better.


  1. I would like to say that Journal entry #25 is a good one; however, if someone threatens your life or... assaults you first, or you just dont like them(LOL) you can scrap that one. Just Kidding (Kinda)

  2. On Journal Entry #26 can you ask her if mo-peds count?

  3. OK, Im obviously missing something as I didnt see a #26. #24 makes a lot of sense. #25. I understand the concept, but it only works if the other party understands it too. Knight Rider, gay? Well I dont know, personally I think he just hasnt accepted the fact that the 80's are over and he failed to make it out in time. Im not so sure that street drug pharmacology is really something that is important to learn, is it? Sounds like a How-to to me. The closer your time comes the more you will realize you already have one foot out the door and all will be well.

  4. oops I think I meant 24. I'm pretty brilliant.

  5. LOL @ Shane, Im pretty brilliant sometimes, too!

  6. I think David Hasselhoff is most likely just kind of the soft pretty boy "type".... But a bunch of guys sitting around in jail arguing about dancing with the stars ???? Hmmmm ???? I'm just say'in 3 snaps in a "Z" formation ..... Haaaay.