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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today is Monday and begins a new week.  I’m just starting out in my class this morning.  The journal entry for today is: “Rape is viewed different from voluntary sex between two consenting partners”.     Wow….did we really need a journal entry to shed light on that idea?

The weekend was good for me and I hope you enjoyed yours, also.  I watched a few good college games on Saturday which was nice.

I ran farther at one time yesterday than I had at any other time since I’ve been in here.  I got in just a little over 6 miles.  I had gone farther than that previously combined in a day, but never all at once.  I’m actually sore today.  I guess it’s a good thing that I can still push myself hard enough to get back to being sore.

It was kind of cold here this morning for the first time.  At least it was cold until the sun rose.  It’s noon right now and has become a beautiful day.  I received the most recent blog comments in the mail at the end of last week.  I brought them to class today and look forward to addressing them soon.  I’m not sure if I’ll have time today, but I’ll definitely respond by tomorrow.

What’s on my mind for the week?  I’d like to finish up some legal paperwork in order to finally get the lawsuit started against my ex.  I’ll also finalize the paperwork to send to the county where I was originally arrested to try and reclaim my seized property.  I waited until my parole decision was handed down just to make 100% certain that I wasn’t stirring any hornet’s nest that might impede my parole. Now that there is certainty in my release, I want my property back and I’m ready to get this lawsuit going.

This is a totally random remark, but a little earlier this morning I was thinking to myself, “In two months I’ll be going home next month.”   I guess it’s a slight play on words, but it makes the time sound shorter to me.

In class we are now discussing men being raped by women.  The consensus is that we feel there is very little way possible that a male rape victim would feel the same way as a female rape victim.  We feel that any allusion to believing that a normal male would experience the same post rape aversions that a normal female would carry are simply politically correct concoctions by psychological professionals.  We are not talking about pedophilia here.  We are only focusing on heterosexual rape.  Does anyone have any first or second hand accounts that would enlighten this subject?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to approach my instructor about possibly incorporating the blog into our classroom activities.  If you have any ideas of your own, please let me know.  Any comments that you have concerning our activities here at school or in the prison in general would be a start in linking this blog with our classroom discussions.  This could turn out to really be a good thing for inmates and interesting reading for you.   Please let me know what you think.

I think we are pretty near heading off to lunch, and I think the timing is such today that we will not come back to the classroom after we eat.

Til later…


  1. Incorporating the blog could be an interesting concept. The only problem I see is one of timing. What you may be discussing today may not be responded to in class for about a wk. Certainly worth a looking into. On another note, wouldnt it be great if this weather were year round?

  2. I aplogize for not writing more comments but I have spent the last 2 months at the bottom of a collapsed Chilean mine.------- I liked it !!!!

  3. I enjoy reading the blog and look forward to seeing you at Lake Travis when you get out!

    Jeff B

  4. I was once raped by the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith pre-fat strung out crack whore and it was pretty awesome. Just sayin'. Now as far as actual human to human hetero rape I wouldn't know anything about that. I'm glad Eddie made it out of the mine safely I knew if there was anyone that could survive that type of ordeal it was him, I mean after all he did survive the many beatings we gave him as a child. JEFF - I LOOK FORWARD TO AN INVITE TO LAKE TRAVIS ON YOUR YACHT...thought we were friends.

    **This post was made entirely tongue-in-cheak and was not intended to insult Eddie or any actual rape victims that may be reading this.

  5. No problem Shane. I liked it !!! I think ya'll made me eat dirt once ??? I kinda liked that too...

  6. Welcome to the light Eddie! Did you bring any gold back with ye?

  7. No gold was found, but I think after being freed all the publicity has gone to the miners heads and they have become too """"COMMERCIAL"""" ???????????????????? I liked them when they were still an """"UNDERGROUND"""" group !!!!