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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today's classroom discussion topic:  “You are the only one who can cause stress in your life.”  I disagree with this statement.  There are an infinite number of ways for stress to be introduced into one’s life that one cannot control. Now, if you want to say that you are the only person who can control the stress in your life, I’d say that might be true.  As I think I’ve said before on the blog, there is little to no stress on me in here.  I don’t imagine there will be much stress at all until right before I get released.  There really just isn’t much in here for me to worry about.  Everything is taken care of for me.  Anything in here that I have to handle on my own is easy, and I could just about do it all with my eyes closed.

I had several more people ask me if I’ll have as much time to write or blog now that I am in school.  Let me clarify.  I generally sit in class from about 10:45 am – 1:15 pm. Our teacher allows just about anything in class other than sleeping or newspaper reading.  I am able to use the class time to write.  This allows me more quality time to write now than I previously had.  Before class, I pretty much had to go to the dayroom in my dorm to write, and it was hard to do this for any length of time because of the 3 rec sessions that I participated in daily.  So, now I feel like I have more time for the writing.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous and I’m looking forward to getting some more of this class time behind me.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy themselves and do some relaxing over the last couple of days.  My mom and grandfather took a little trip to Las Vegas over the weekend.  I won’t be able to talk to my mom until tomorrow evening, so I’m not sure yet how they fared with the gambling.  Maybe one of them is a millionaire now.  We can only hope!

I’m one letter away from completing Friday’s crossword puzzle.  Without using the internet, why don’t you see if you can solve this: The across word is 3 letters,  R  A  ? .  The clue is:  “Word in Cagney impersonation”.  The down word is 7 letters and begins with the ?  in the previous word.   ?  R  E  P  A  N  S.  The clue is:  “Holing devices”.

I’ll guess at the answer before I receive the solution this evening.  Heck, I suppose I’ve got a 1 in 26 chance of getting it correct.  I’m thinking it would be a T or a P, but I really have nothing intelligent to base that on.  Those 2 letters just sort of sound good.

This week I am going to try and complete or nearly complete my calendars for November and the following 2 months.  I’m starting to feel much more comfortable and settled in, and I feel like I really need some concrete plans, goals, and guidelines.  I know I keep talking about this, and you’re probably tired of hearing it.  I wish I could explain how difficult it is here to force your mind to think clearly about time that is down the road and in the future.  I think it makes the concept of “time” elongate, and gosh knows, that is not what anyone in here wants.  Twenty four hours a day is long enough.  Doing anything to stretch that out only makes that tougher.  However, I feel that if I can get everything mapped out in detail it will help in the long run.  I believe the trade off is worth it.  The extra angst I feel now is a fair price to pay for the organization and head start I’ll have later.  If anyone has any post-release suggestions, I’m all ears.  I’m going to extend my plans past my release date (probably by a couple of weeks).

I acquired a photo album yesterday and spent an hour or so trimming pictures that I enjoy looking at and placing them in the album.  I do not think I have a knack for scrapbooking, but I do look forward to getting some more pictures to complete the book.  I think it will hold 70-80 pics and it’s about half full right now.

I ran just over 7 ½ miles yesterday after lunch.  It wasn’t too tough.  I could have gone farther if I would have had more time.  I actually got a second wind after about 5 miles.  I think I could do 10 miles right now if I had to.  So 13.1 miles for a half marathon isn’t too far away.

I am trying to plan for my book reading needs that I’ll have for the rest of my time in here.  The two kinds of books that I’ve discovered I like the most are both nonfiction.  One is the true crime novel and the other is true accounts of heroic events, kind of like a “Black Hawk Down” type of story.  I’m open to other suggestions, but I do not like the Vampire books, and the John Grisham style books don’t hold my interest too much any longer. Please let me know what you can come up with.

Does anyone have Sprint cell phone service and use the HTC EVO or Samsung Epic handset?  A different carrier might have the same phones under a different name, but I’m not certain.  What are your thoughts on those 2 phones?  Will they still be current in January, or will one or both of them be replaced with a newer model by that time?  I was thinking that I desired to get the HTC EVO, but the Samsung has a slide out keyboard.  I’ve had trouble in the past using a phone that only had a keyboard on the screen.  Obviously, I’ll ultimately end up deciding on what to get after trying out the phones first hand, but I was just wondering if anyone had any pre-guidance or suggestions.

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  1. Post release suggestions - It sounds like you have a general idea of what you want to do in the near future, so for right now I would concentrate more on just getting out!!!! When you are released I think you should come home, see friends and family, run a half marathon, eat some pizza, read your blog postings for the past year, reflect, and in general just take it easy for a "while" ( a "while" may be 2 days or 2 years ????, whatever it takes to keep you from making a return trip to the "BIG HOUSE".) It won't take long for you to get tired of "taking it easy" and then you can get on with whatever you have planned.-------******* From the end of the drive way to the state capital is around 13 miles, no need to pay a $30 entry fee.********--------