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Monday, October 25, 2010


Journal memo #28 – “The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of a man.”

My class instructor told us today that there were child/sex abuse criminals, as well as murderers, at this unit.  I was not previously aware of this fact.

I played flag football here on Monday afternoon.  It was pretty much a tackle game with flags on our side, and was a chaotic, aggressive encounter.  It was definitely not a remake of  “The Longest Yard”.  I was one of two caucasians on the field.  I can now cross “Prison Football Game” off my bucket list.  Bet you’re jealous, huh?

While I was out running this morning (6 ½ miles) I was thinking to myself about the remainder of my time here.  I have been a little disappointed with myself because I haven’t been able to yet adopt the mindset that I should feel “at home” here for the next 3 ½  months to seemingly speed things up.  I think I need some new short term goals or maybe, specifically, some projects that will take about 3 ½ months to complete.  

I have only 2 ideas as far as projects go. One is updating and revising my business plans (1-2 weeks) to accurately reflect the specific time when I’ll be released and be able to get started.  Also, like I have mentioned, I need to initiate some legal actions (3days).  That leaves a lot of extra time before 3 ½ months is up.  Please give me any ideas you have.  Is it possible to learn Spanish from a book?  I am being serious here.   For the record, any idea involved with a smuggling operation or digging a long underground tunnel is probably not very sound at this point.

I’m still waiting to finish my first crossword puzzle accurately.   I missed a handful of letters from Monday’s puzzle, but just about all the errors were the fault of 2 words.  I thought a COHO salmon was a SOHO salmon, and I thought a crumb of food was called and ERT.  It is actually called an ORT.  My bad.
My next entry will be a health question for you all, so please give me your responses.


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