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Monday, October 4, 2010


10:45 am Monday -The beginning of my class.  Wow, where are all the sorority girls?   This isn’t what I remember college being like!  I’d say there are 25-30 other students in this class and, as I just alluded, they’re all guys.  Hopefully, I’ll move past this sticking point soon. LOL!

The classroom we are in is room 107.  It’s located in the education building along with all the other rooms and courses.  The temperature is very comfortable.  The AC is on high. The actual room I’m in would be typical of a small math or computer room in one of the older buildings on  a college campus.

What a hoot!  We are 10 minutes into class and the teacher (a lady who is about 50 years of age) is already claiming that karma is biting Texas Tech in the rear end because Mike Leach was fired last year.  This is hilarious!  We are now arguing football.   On to pro ball….she is presently bad-mouthing Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.  I’m seeing the potential now…..

Speaking of football, the Texas teams aren't looking so good this year.  Texas better get it together quickly.  I’m not sure who Texas plays next Saturday, but A&M actually has a Thursday night ESPN game, and I’ll get to see that game on TV here.  I’m already looking forward to watching it and, hopefully, it will help the next 10 days go by faster.  For the first time this season, I did find the A&M game on the radio and was able to listen to most of it.  The station that it came on was way down on the left end of the FM dial in the 80’s frequencies.  I think it must have been there all along, and I just didn’t look hard enough to locate it last week.  Anyway, I’m glad I finally found it.

I also found a station early yesterday morning that plays the type of music that I like.  It was 106.5, The Buzz.  I need to figure out how to get my radio to tune into it all of the time.  I don’t know the inner workings of radios.  Obviously, an antenna hones reception, and I have rigged one up and run it to the outside of my room as best I have been able to, with the materials I have to work with.  Where is the professor from Gilligan’s Island when he’s needed?

The class discussion right now is centered around how it is legal to drink alcohol while riding in the back of a limousine and skirt the open container law.  We also just discussed the various checkpoints for Greyhound buses throughout the state of Texas. The lesson here? ..........Be careful while transporting your drugs on a bus.

There appear to be a handful of guys in here in class with some degree of discussion skills. That’s certainly a good thing.  Not everyone in the class began the course at the same time.  Some of the guys are nearly through with their 180 hours.  I think I’m the only person in here who began today.  I guess it’s sort of a revolving door type of thing.

Our teacher just showed us a couple of the new gold dollar coins.  Those things are pretty cool.  How long have they been out?  That’s obviously something else I missed in 2010.  Speaking of which, it is very perplexing to know that I will basically miss all of 2010.  It’s sort of like I’ve been living on a 3rd world island for a year.  I’m not totally out of touch, but I’m sure not totally in tune, either.

Will close for now. I’ll let you know how the class is going at a later date.


  1. Well I'm sure you were thoroughly dissapointed in the Oklahoma State-ATM outcome. That really did suck. I wasn't really routing for them, but I wouldn't have minded seeing them hang on for the win. If Texas eliminated the dumb ass penalties they'd have beat OU. 3 of the penalties extended OU drives that ended up in scores, but oh well. The kids: WL started extreme flag football(Helmet and shoulder pads w/some contact, but no taking to the ground) and JL is playing on his 7th grade team. They are both starting, W is playing running back and safety and J is a reciever. How the hell did that happen? should I demand a blood test to make sure they are mine? LOL!! A.L. is playing Volleyball and C.L. is doing T-ball. Jeff and I hung out and tailgated for the Texas-Wyoming game. That was a lot of fun, I drank too much, shocking, I know. Can't wait to tell you about this person from our past that just started working at my place of employment, I'm sure you could guess as we joke about this person and their sibling all the time. I will keep reading, take care.

  2. You must not be that far out of the loop because I have never even heard of a gold dollar coin ???

  3. Im thinking the gold coin probably has chocolate inside! I think its good you ae doing this lifeskills class. Not sure how much you will learn thats necessary...skirting the open container law, huh?...anyway you may have a chance for some real conversation and that alone should bring your spirits up. Still waiting on a decision here. Trying to focus on not focusing. The weather is the greatest! I love fall. Fall fishing is my favorite, but havent had a chance so far. Did take the kids out yesterday for the first time in a long time. It felt great. They caught a bunch of baby gafftop, hardheads and croaker. Saw several very large feeding reds, but couldnt hook any up. Another successful trip, nothing to clean when I got home! LOL

  4. Do you want us all to wear our "letters" for you when we go out once you come home?!!! I bet I could drag out a few of those t's somewhere!!!xoFrankie