If you have any questions for Andy about the prison system, what it is like, what goes on there, or anything, please leave the question in a blog comment and Andy would be happy to answer it. It keeps him occupied and allow us to learn about the system.

Also, for his friends, he would LOVE to get pictures of anything, so if you have his address, please send them to him, or if you would like to email them to the blog editor, you can do that and he will print out the pics and mail them to him.

He is now attending the class he must take before his release, and he will mention the journal entry memo they discussed that day in class.

Even if you don't know Andy, feel free to comment on his blog entries, which he gets and will respond to.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today's classroom discussion topic:  “You are the only one who can cause stress in your life.”  I disagree with this statement.  There are an infinite number of ways for stress to be introduced into one’s life that one cannot control. Now, if you want to say that you are the only person who can control the stress in your life, I’d say that might be true.  As I think I’ve said before on the blog, there is little to no stress on me in here.  I don’t imagine there will be much stress at all until right before I get released.  There really just isn’t much in here for me to worry about.  Everything is taken care of for me.  Anything in here that I have to handle on my own is easy, and I could just about do it all with my eyes closed.

I had several more people ask me if I’ll have as much time to write or blog now that I am in school.  Let me clarify.  I generally sit in class from about 10:45 am – 1:15 pm. Our teacher allows just about anything in class other than sleeping or newspaper reading.  I am able to use the class time to write.  This allows me more quality time to write now than I previously had.  Before class, I pretty much had to go to the dayroom in my dorm to write, and it was hard to do this for any length of time because of the 3 rec sessions that I participated in daily.  So, now I feel like I have more time for the writing.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous and I’m looking forward to getting some more of this class time behind me.  I hope everyone was able to enjoy themselves and do some relaxing over the last couple of days.  My mom and grandfather took a little trip to Las Vegas over the weekend.  I won’t be able to talk to my mom until tomorrow evening, so I’m not sure yet how they fared with the gambling.  Maybe one of them is a millionaire now.  We can only hope!

I’m one letter away from completing Friday’s crossword puzzle.  Without using the internet, why don’t you see if you can solve this: The across word is 3 letters,  R  A  ? .  The clue is:  “Word in Cagney impersonation”.  The down word is 7 letters and begins with the ?  in the previous word.   ?  R  E  P  A  N  S.  The clue is:  “Holing devices”.

I’ll guess at the answer before I receive the solution this evening.  Heck, I suppose I’ve got a 1 in 26 chance of getting it correct.  I’m thinking it would be a T or a P, but I really have nothing intelligent to base that on.  Those 2 letters just sort of sound good.

This week I am going to try and complete or nearly complete my calendars for November and the following 2 months.  I’m starting to feel much more comfortable and settled in, and I feel like I really need some concrete plans, goals, and guidelines.  I know I keep talking about this, and you’re probably tired of hearing it.  I wish I could explain how difficult it is here to force your mind to think clearly about time that is down the road and in the future.  I think it makes the concept of “time” elongate, and gosh knows, that is not what anyone in here wants.  Twenty four hours a day is long enough.  Doing anything to stretch that out only makes that tougher.  However, I feel that if I can get everything mapped out in detail it will help in the long run.  I believe the trade off is worth it.  The extra angst I feel now is a fair price to pay for the organization and head start I’ll have later.  If anyone has any post-release suggestions, I’m all ears.  I’m going to extend my plans past my release date (probably by a couple of weeks).

I acquired a photo album yesterday and spent an hour or so trimming pictures that I enjoy looking at and placing them in the album.  I do not think I have a knack for scrapbooking, but I do look forward to getting some more pictures to complete the book.  I think it will hold 70-80 pics and it’s about half full right now.

I ran just over 7 ½ miles yesterday after lunch.  It wasn’t too tough.  I could have gone farther if I would have had more time.  I actually got a second wind after about 5 miles.  I think I could do 10 miles right now if I had to.  So 13.1 miles for a half marathon isn’t too far away.

I am trying to plan for my book reading needs that I’ll have for the rest of my time in here.  The two kinds of books that I’ve discovered I like the most are both nonfiction.  One is the true crime novel and the other is true accounts of heroic events, kind of like a “Black Hawk Down” type of story.  I’m open to other suggestions, but I do not like the Vampire books, and the John Grisham style books don’t hold my interest too much any longer. Please let me know what you can come up with.

Does anyone have Sprint cell phone service and use the HTC EVO or Samsung Epic handset?  A different carrier might have the same phones under a different name, but I’m not certain.  What are your thoughts on those 2 phones?  Will they still be current in January, or will one or both of them be replaced with a newer model by that time?  I was thinking that I desired to get the HTC EVO, but the Samsung has a slide out keyboard.  I’ve had trouble in the past using a phone that only had a keyboard on the screen.  Obviously, I’ll ultimately end up deciding on what to get after trying out the phones first hand, but I was just wondering if anyone had any pre-guidance or suggestions.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Journal statement # 29 – “AIDS has been called the modern day plague.”  So, it looks like we are starting lessons about health and wellness now.

I actually have a health question that I’d like to pose to you all.  If anyone has an answer please let me know.  I was actually talking about this subject with a friend of mine earlier this morning before we began this lesson in class.  This is a fitness prognosis type of question, so I’ll structure it in a medical type format.
There are two subjects.

Subject  #1                                                
White male mid 30’s                                  
Athletic build                                         
6’2” tall                                                       
Peak weight  263 lbs                                 
Current weight 200 lbs                              
Daily activity high                               
Daily water intake 1 gallon +                     

Subject #2
Black male mid 30’s
Athletic build
6’1” tall    
Peak weight - 275 lbs     
Current weight - 220 lbs
Daily activity high      
Daily water intake – normal

Both subjects work out a lot, but admittedly, the workouts are fairly basic and have grown routine.  There are a mixture of cardio, weight, and abdominal workouts for both subjects.  Subject #1 also runs about 18 miles per week.  Subject #2 does a larger variety of weightlifting than #1.  Both of us try to push our workouts to a high level, but again, we are only human, and it’s impossible to go 110% day after day.  Both of us try to eat as healthily as possible.  We are limited in our protein intake and both probably consume too much sodium due to the ingredients used here by the kitchen staff.   Subject #2 has a better diet than #1 because #1 eats more sweets and #1 eats in the cafeteria more often.  Subject #2 probably eats overall less food than #1.  Neither subject can actively feel a lack of energy due to diet, but wouldn’t completely dismiss the idea.

Both of us want 6 pack abs, but seemed to have reached a dead end.  Our muscles have grown and are solid and defined.  However, there is still a pronounced layer of fat and /or skin that won’t go away.  This unwanted layer is most pronounced in the spare tire area located between the naval and the waistline.

We know we are asking an age old question here.  Doesn’t everyone want to lose their belly?  We have an opportunity to do whatever is necessary to tone our bodies as much as possible. If we aren’t able to get perfect abs here, then it pretty much is never going to happen later. So…What do we do to reach our goal?

1. Do we alter our diet?  Eat more? Eat less?
2. Do more sit ups or other ab exercises? More reps? More sets?  Do them twice a day, every      
    other day? Etc.
3. Do we do more cardio?
4. Do we do more weighted abdominal exercises?
5. Is it a matter of needing to lose more overall body weight?
**** What else are we not taking into consideration? We have read countless fitness articles, but are still stumped and feel like we need specific answers that address our particular situation.***

Thanks so much for all of your patience and support.  I look forward to your answers, comments, pictures, and suggestions.  I’ll talk to you soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Journal memo #28 – “The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of a man.”

My class instructor told us today that there were child/sex abuse criminals, as well as murderers, at this unit.  I was not previously aware of this fact.

I played flag football here on Monday afternoon.  It was pretty much a tackle game with flags on our side, and was a chaotic, aggressive encounter.  It was definitely not a remake of  “The Longest Yard”.  I was one of two caucasians on the field.  I can now cross “Prison Football Game” off my bucket list.  Bet you’re jealous, huh?

While I was out running this morning (6 ½ miles) I was thinking to myself about the remainder of my time here.  I have been a little disappointed with myself because I haven’t been able to yet adopt the mindset that I should feel “at home” here for the next 3 ½  months to seemingly speed things up.  I think I need some new short term goals or maybe, specifically, some projects that will take about 3 ½ months to complete.  

I have only 2 ideas as far as projects go. One is updating and revising my business plans (1-2 weeks) to accurately reflect the specific time when I’ll be released and be able to get started.  Also, like I have mentioned, I need to initiate some legal actions (3days).  That leaves a lot of extra time before 3 ½ months is up.  Please give me any ideas you have.  Is it possible to learn Spanish from a book?  I am being serious here.   For the record, any idea involved with a smuggling operation or digging a long underground tunnel is probably not very sound at this point.

I’m still waiting to finish my first crossword puzzle accurately.   I missed a handful of letters from Monday’s puzzle, but just about all the errors were the fault of 2 words.  I thought a COHO salmon was a SOHO salmon, and I thought a crumb of food was called and ERT.  It is actually called an ORT.  My bad.
My next entry will be a health question for you all, so please give me your responses.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Mama B – I think the woodpeckers not only filled your tree, but I think they probably did it on purpose and yelled ”tim...ber!” as it went down. Yes, those damned ungrateful birds!  Have you told them lately how much you care?
Banana pudding is on Tank’s top 5 list.  Most cobblers also rank pretty high.  I am currently on an anti ‘prison tattoo’ wave.  When I didn’t get my FI-1, I sort of lost interest.

If I were a contestant in any Man v. Food type of contest, I would prevail in all of them by a wide margin.  I could eat absolutely anything.  Clay and I were just recently discussing rib eye steaks, fried fish, blackened redfish, French fries, and oysters with extra horse radish!  OMG…you have no idea how delicious all of that sounds.

I’ll answer the question you asked, “Do you think after this experience that you will need time when you get home to readjust or ‘detox’ you brain to the outside world?”  My heart wants me to remain resilient and say that I’ll be able to hit the ground running the second I’m out of here, but my brain says that there will be an acclimation period.  I’m going with my brain on this one.  I don’t think it will take long to adjust, as I have been very able to totally uproot everything several times during my transfers over the last year.  It feels like the ‘adjust time’ here in the prison is only 3 or 4 days.  I don’t think that returning home will be too different.  I’m giving myself a week of nothingness if I need it, but I don’t suspect that I will.  I’ll give myself a second week to sort of blend back in if I need that.  After two weeks, I can’t imagine not being back up to speed. Really, I think it will be even quicker than that.

MamaB - Thanks for the correction of my ‘kid sizing’ skills.  If I have lost a fifth grader, that kind of freaks me out.  A fifth grader is darn big.  I cannot recommend the same course of actions I have taken to achieve my results.  The end doesn’t justify the means in this case, and there are surely many other easier ways to skin this cat!  I appreciate your reassurance.

MamaB – When do you expect to learn of a parole answer for your son?  Certainly he’ll be approved at his second parole opportunity.  There is a guy in here who is leaving tomorrow on an FI-1.  This is his fifth time in TDCJ, and he is leaving after 22 months on a 5 year sentence.  He was set off at his first parole vote and approved at his second.  His charges were drug related.  Let us know the good news when you get it, and I, too, am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Jill (hopelessly hopeful) –  Easy on the name calling here.  Remember, I’m friends with both of you.  I did get your letter a few weeks back, and I do appreciate you sending it.  You have probably already received my reply in the regular mail.  If nothing else, it was indeed entertaining.  Believe it or not, there is very little drama in here.  At least, there isn’t any type of the drama that most people would consider normal.  I guess the equivalent of drama in here would be daily bickering.  Give up on trying to set up J.W. and your friend.  It’s been too long, and, at this point, any actual date would be anti climatic.  Move on!  My mom also told me that you emailed her to check on me, which I appreciate.  I’ll talk to you soon.

Shane – What’s going on, man?  I’ve been in here too damned long!  It’s time to be home.  I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.  Gig’em UCLA!

Anonymous (SK) - Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts!  As you’ve probably already read, it worked!  You have become an endeared blog reader, and I believe all my close friends need to take special notice of the fact that you pinned my age at around 28.  (Can I please send you a Christmas card?)  Yes, I have definitely done some partying over the years.   And yes, things will change a great deal once I’m out of here.

I’m sorry about your son and his situation. When I was in Beaumont, there was a guy in my tank from Florida.  He had received a 10 year sentence for transporting 81 lbs. of marijuana.  He was very thankful he was sentenced in Texas and not in Florida.  His wife actually moved from Florida to Texas to be closer to him.  How far are you along with the 3 year sentence?  When will you know about the work release program?  When do you expect for your son to be home? One thing that I can tell you about him having to serve most of his sentence is that his mind will adjust and condition itself to serve 85% of his 3 years.  Obviously, all of us who are locked up want out as quickly as possible, but we all have the ability to do however much time is necessary.  That probably doesn’t help you much, but at least you can all make plans and prepare accordingly.  Most of my friends in here and I agree that our sentences are probably actually harder on our families than the sentence is on us.  I didn’t want my mom to come visit until just a couple of weeks ago, after I received my parole decision. I was worried that we might both be scarred by a bad visual recollection of our visit.  I am now looking forward to her visiting.  I recently have been thinking that, in the future we can, hopefully, look back on it in a comical light, and, for now, it might help us both get through the balance of my time.  Please keep us up to date on your son and I wish you the very best of good luck.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Class journal note #27:  “Homicide places a severe emotional trauma on the victim’s family and close friends.  The trauma will change the survivors’ lives forever.”  Again, I’ll comment that this memo is blazingly obvious.  Maybe most of the journal statements will be like this.  I’m not sure.  Today’s lesson is about murder.  There are no murderers in this class, and I don’t think there are any who have any type of aggravated or assaultive type of crimes.  Right now, we are talking about serial killers. I won’t relay the entire blow by blow of the course today, unless something really interesting pops up.
Can anyone tell me anymore about: 1) The Zodiac Killer?  Was he ever caught?  2) Who was the serial killer who murdered the 7-8 nurses?  3)  What is the status of Joran van der Sloot? (Natalie Holloway/Aruba case)

It is another beautiful day here.  I hope the sun is as bright upon you as it is on us today.  I ought to be out on a golf course somewhere.  Boy, wouldn’t that be nice?

There is a friend of mine here named Clay who I think I’ve mentioned in the past.  He is also in this class with me.  He brought some pictures to class with him today, and I always find it so intriguing to view the pictures that guys have of themselves in the real world. Everything here is so drab and replicated.  Looking at pictures lets the real colors of the world truly jump out at you. In my case, I think a picture is probably worth much more than a thousand words.  I’m used to seeing Clay once or twice every day, but seeing him in normal pictures is fascinating.  It makes me wonder what the first few days are going to be like when I get out of here with all of the colors, sounds, and hustle/bustle of the free world.  It makes me even more excited and anxious to get out of this place.

Clay had a handful of pictures showing some deer and his deer lease, and it was the first time I had seen any pictures like that since I’ve been locked up.  Heck, I wouldn’t even mind being at a deer lease right now to do some hard manual labor.  Who all plans on deer hunting this year?  As long as I get out of here in January as planned, I’ll be able to get in some hunting in 2011, and I’m already looking forward to that.

The state and federal laws pertaining to felons and firearms are a mystery and ambiguous to myself and everyone I know in here.  I’ll research the topic in detail once I get out, but basically, I think I’ll be hunting with a muzzleloader for a couple years.  For all of you who hunt, the idea of hunting with a muzzleloader probably sounds pretty lackluster, but I’m looking forward to learning all about it and reclaiming my hunting hobby and the enjoyment I get from it.

Funny mental picture….when I think of a muzzleloader, I picture an old fashioned blunder buster. (That’s one of those guns that the pilgrims used to shoot the turkeys.)  Thank goodness, in reality, that’s not what modern muzzleloaders look like.

I’ll address some comments next (to be posted tomorrow).

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today is Monday and begins a new week.  I’m just starting out in my class this morning.  The journal entry for today is: “Rape is viewed different from voluntary sex between two consenting partners”.     Wow….did we really need a journal entry to shed light on that idea?

The weekend was good for me and I hope you enjoyed yours, also.  I watched a few good college games on Saturday which was nice.

I ran farther at one time yesterday than I had at any other time since I’ve been in here.  I got in just a little over 6 miles.  I had gone farther than that previously combined in a day, but never all at once.  I’m actually sore today.  I guess it’s a good thing that I can still push myself hard enough to get back to being sore.

It was kind of cold here this morning for the first time.  At least it was cold until the sun rose.  It’s noon right now and has become a beautiful day.  I received the most recent blog comments in the mail at the end of last week.  I brought them to class today and look forward to addressing them soon.  I’m not sure if I’ll have time today, but I’ll definitely respond by tomorrow.

What’s on my mind for the week?  I’d like to finish up some legal paperwork in order to finally get the lawsuit started against my ex.  I’ll also finalize the paperwork to send to the county where I was originally arrested to try and reclaim my seized property.  I waited until my parole decision was handed down just to make 100% certain that I wasn’t stirring any hornet’s nest that might impede my parole. Now that there is certainty in my release, I want my property back and I’m ready to get this lawsuit going.

This is a totally random remark, but a little earlier this morning I was thinking to myself, “In two months I’ll be going home next month.”   I guess it’s a slight play on words, but it makes the time sound shorter to me.

In class we are now discussing men being raped by women.  The consensus is that we feel there is very little way possible that a male rape victim would feel the same way as a female rape victim.  We feel that any allusion to believing that a normal male would experience the same post rape aversions that a normal female would carry are simply politically correct concoctions by psychological professionals.  We are not talking about pedophilia here.  We are only focusing on heterosexual rape.  Does anyone have any first or second hand accounts that would enlighten this subject?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to approach my instructor about possibly incorporating the blog into our classroom activities.  If you have any ideas of your own, please let me know.  Any comments that you have concerning our activities here at school or in the prison in general would be a start in linking this blog with our classroom discussions.  This could turn out to really be a good thing for inmates and interesting reading for you.   Please let me know what you think.

I think we are pretty near heading off to lunch, and I think the timing is such today that we will not come back to the classroom after we eat.

Til later…

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It’s Thursday morning at about 11:45 in class.  Class got started about an hour late today and a substitute teacher is leading us. Our regular instructor is out for the weekend attending her 40 year high school reunion.

I’ll be putting this blog entry onto tomorrow’s outgoing mail.  I guess I should try to make that somewhat of a habit in order to let you all have some regular reading.

It appears in this class that we’ll spend time at the beginning of each class openly discussing some type of case study.  Today’s study concerns Mildred. She is a 65 year old lady that was attacked and broke her hip.  We are talking about how this will impact her emotionally, financially, and physically.  These discussions are fairly light hearted, but interesting.

Kind of peculiar…I can already tell that out of all the people in this class, I seem to view all of the case situations we’ve had thus far, not nearly as harshly as everyone else.  The other day we talked about burglaries and auto thefts.  The other guys in here thought that having a vehicle stolen was the end of the world.  My view was to call the insurance company and then carry on with my normal activities.

My stance today on Mildred’s situation is not nearly as dire as most of the guys presumed.  I’m not sure where my over callousness comes from, but it is definitely present.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ll tell you that my indifference is not due to ignorance.  I can’t count the dollars I’ve had stolen from me in the course of business.  I’ve had a car stolen from me and, like I mentioned before in the blog, I had a trailer stolen last summer.  It would take 3 pages to list the small crimes against me, so I’ll spare you the details.

Today’s blog posting unfortunately, must have a rather sudden end in order for me to get it into the mail on time.  As I adjust to my new schedule next week, I hope to make this more interesting for everyone.

Thanks for all of your wonderful support and I’ll talk to you very soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Each day the instructor of my class has a “journal saying” written up on a dry erase board.  I’m not sure how her numbering system works, but I’m going to stick with her system to keep things organized.  So here are today's journal sayings:
I’ll make sure to jot them all down, so that you all will be able to flourish in this wisdom with me.

#24  Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.  
#25  No one has the right to physically assault a person regardless of one’s circumstances.

We started the class today with a brief discussion about “Dancing with the Stars”.  I understand that Knight Rider was voted off in the first week. Someone in class said they thought he was gay, but I had not ever heard that. Does anyone know?  Does it matter?

The first two days of this class have consisted of discussions followed by a VCR recorded program.  The discussion was much more interesting and, I thought, more productive.  Today the discussion period only lasted about 10 minutes, and now we are watching a film about juvenile offenders.  The film is debating incarceration vs. rehabilitation.  Seeing prisoners on TV is funny.  Seeing them in person…not so much.

The new film being shown is titled “Introduction to Street Drug Pharmacology”.  Seeing as how I’m not a drug user, this ought to be enlightening.  If I turn to a ‘post vacation’ life of drugs, it will all be traced back to beginning at this moment.  My demise has started.

I met a new guy at the morning rec. He has been here only since Friday.  Coincidentally, he went through the intake process the same unit I was at for a short time.  Obviously, now he is here.  Anyway, it makes me very, very happy that, comparatively speaking, I am nearing the end of my time.  I think as I get closer to release this will happen more often, and I hope each time it makes me feel just a little better.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


In the classroom the windows actually have glass in them.  If you’ll recall, the windows in the other buildings have been covered with white painted steel plates.  From my seat I have a view of the area to the south of the unit.  It’s refreshing to see something a little different.  It sort of looks like an area where you might see a deer step out from behind a tree.  Maybe I’ll see one someday.

The seats in the classroom aren’t too bad.  I guess they are pretty much just like the normal individual desks that you would find in a high school classroom.  I guess it’s going to take a few days to adjust to my new schedule.  I’m pretty much starving right now.  It’s about 12:45 pm, but I have grown accustomed to eating lunch between 11:00 and 11:30 am.  However, this new schedule should be best in the long run.

I got a really lousy night of sleep last night.  The bed that I sleep on is just so incredibly hard that it is impossible to lie in the same position for over a couple of hours, so I wake up a few times each and every night to reposition myself.  What I wouldn’t do for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
I’ve got to find some sort of way to get more padding on my bed.  That’s my goal for this week. Not sure how it’s gonna happen, but where there is a will, there is a way.  

I had a very good workout earlier this morning, and I will be able to exercise during the rec session later this evening.  I was becoming burned out on the 3-a-day workouts, but I didn’t want to feel lazy by giving up any of my exercising.  I’m relieved that this mandated course came along to stave off some of my ill-conceived thoughts and provide me with a physical break.  I was able to make this morning’s session pretty intense.  If I can maintain a fairly high level of intensity it should be a level of exercise and activity that is more realistic to what I’ll have time for during the course of a normal day once I get out of here.  At some point this week, or possibly this coming weekend, I’m going to set some actual fitness goals that I’d like to attain by the time I get out.  As in the past, I’ll try to devise a program that is apt to help me reach the goals.  Once it starts to get cold outside, I’ll probably have to change some stuff up a little. That will be a quality problem to address at the appropriate time.  Once it gets cold, that will only mean it’s closer to the time I’ll go home.  Enough talk about home stuff.  I hope I can get most of those thoughts out of my head for a couple of months.

Monday, October 4, 2010


10:45 am Monday -The beginning of my class.  Wow, where are all the sorority girls?   This isn’t what I remember college being like!  I’d say there are 25-30 other students in this class and, as I just alluded, they’re all guys.  Hopefully, I’ll move past this sticking point soon. LOL!

The classroom we are in is room 107.  It’s located in the education building along with all the other rooms and courses.  The temperature is very comfortable.  The AC is on high. The actual room I’m in would be typical of a small math or computer room in one of the older buildings on  a college campus.

What a hoot!  We are 10 minutes into class and the teacher (a lady who is about 50 years of age) is already claiming that karma is biting Texas Tech in the rear end because Mike Leach was fired last year.  This is hilarious!  We are now arguing football.   On to pro ball….she is presently bad-mouthing Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.  I’m seeing the potential now…..

Speaking of football, the Texas teams aren't looking so good this year.  Texas better get it together quickly.  I’m not sure who Texas plays next Saturday, but A&M actually has a Thursday night ESPN game, and I’ll get to see that game on TV here.  I’m already looking forward to watching it and, hopefully, it will help the next 10 days go by faster.  For the first time this season, I did find the A&M game on the radio and was able to listen to most of it.  The station that it came on was way down on the left end of the FM dial in the 80’s frequencies.  I think it must have been there all along, and I just didn’t look hard enough to locate it last week.  Anyway, I’m glad I finally found it.

I also found a station early yesterday morning that plays the type of music that I like.  It was 106.5, The Buzz.  I need to figure out how to get my radio to tune into it all of the time.  I don’t know the inner workings of radios.  Obviously, an antenna hones reception, and I have rigged one up and run it to the outside of my room as best I have been able to, with the materials I have to work with.  Where is the professor from Gilligan’s Island when he’s needed?

The class discussion right now is centered around how it is legal to drink alcohol while riding in the back of a limousine and skirt the open container law.  We also just discussed the various checkpoints for Greyhound buses throughout the state of Texas. The lesson here? ..........Be careful while transporting your drugs on a bus.

There appear to be a handful of guys in here in class with some degree of discussion skills. That’s certainly a good thing.  Not everyone in the class began the course at the same time.  Some of the guys are nearly through with their 180 hours.  I think I’m the only person in here who began today.  I guess it’s sort of a revolving door type of thing.

Our teacher just showed us a couple of the new gold dollar coins.  Those things are pretty cool.  How long have they been out?  That’s obviously something else I missed in 2010.  Speaking of which, it is very perplexing to know that I will basically miss all of 2010.  It’s sort of like I’ve been living on a 3rd world island for a year.  I’m not totally out of touch, but I’m sure not totally in tune, either.

Will close for now. I’ll let you know how the class is going at a later date.