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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello and good day to everyone.  I hope this day finds you well.  How is the weather in everyone’s specific neck of the woods?  The last 3 days have pretty much been incredible here.  I think yesterday it only reached 98° and was overcast all day.  It is supposed to remain the same today. I think the high will creep back up to 90° here in a few days and then start to trend downwards to a high 80’s in the middle of next week.  Compared to the 108° that it reached here on Monday, it more or less feels like I’ve moved to Fargo. It seems like it’s cheating to exercise outside and not be drenched in sweat.  I’ll enjoy it while I can because I’m sure it will heat up to an extreme level a few more times before the summer completely disappears.

I feel, again, like I’ve been neglecting the blog.  There just is not anything new or exciting to report to you.  I literally keep assuming that any day I will get notice of a parole vote, and once that happens, my creative side will be rejuvenated into word processor mode.  However, I only continue to wait and wait and wait.  It’s been over 18 weeks now since my initially interview.   Most of the guys here are learning their answers in 6-8 weeks.  You do the math.  I wonder if the parole board would claim a “my dog ate my homework” excuse if I could quiz them on their lagging punctuality.  Probably so.  And I bet they’d apologize profusely.  Dream on………….

It still works 100% to my advantage the longer the vote takes.  Well, 100% minus my impatience.  As far as the vote goes, however, it looks more appealing for the board to grant my parole if I’ve served a longer portion of my sentence.  This is one of the few facts that goes through my mind and helps make it tolerable to sit here and “open-endedly” wait.

I have received several personal letters from friends lately, and I can tell from the tone and content of the letters that you can also sense that the end of my incarceration is near.  It would be nice to be able to trick my mind into continually knowing that I’ll definitely be home by a farther away date (ex: Thanksgiving), but I just can’t do it.  My thoughts always drift back to a best case scenario.  I guess I just don’t do this ‘prison stuff’ very well.

My 3-a-day exercising continues to go on, although I did need a 3 day recovery from a blister on my foot at the beginning of the week.  I’ve decided to run a half marathon very soon upon leaving here.  Who would be interested in running it with me?  There are several of my friends that will be mandated to participate.  I’ll let you know who you are.  The run would need to be in in my home state and the date should be no earlier than mid November and no later than Christmas.  This gives anyone interested plenty of time to get in shape to run 13 miles.  I guess you could choose to walk, also, if that sounds appealing.  I will run it.  If anyone feels up for the challenge let me know and then we’ll search for a run that fits the bill.

I’m ready for college football.  Never thought I’d be in here for the openers, but never-the-less, I’m very ready for the season to start.  I don’t see Alabama repeating, but I don’t have a solid guess as to who will emerge as #1.  I love the BCS System (for real).
I do not want a playoff.  I think it’s awesome that Boise State is ranked high.  They have been rewarded for tending to their business for the last few years.  I have a weird feeling that Miami or Florida State will do significantly better than predicted this season. Aggies will beat Longhorns 28-22 at the end of November.  I will be in attendance.

Thanks for reading.  I will write again tomorrow.


  1. I will pray for your parole date to be voted on and for it to be soon. As I told you before my son is in the same situation, a 3 yr sentence and in fl there is no parole anymore. he has to serve 85% ofh is sentence. He is so hoping to get into some kind of work release program so that he can at least do something that he feels is productive. I did get to visit him and it was wonderful. I travel in my work so I will plan to visit now that he can have visitors once a month. It continues to be so hard to comprehend. The hardest thing I have done in a very long time was to walk out of that prison after our visit. My greatest worry is that he will spend this time rethinking his life and make changes that are meaningful and will be positive for his future once out. Your are about his age I think--28--and life has been a big party to he and his buds. Sgain, sounds like you--football games, drinking, one giant party. Living life in the fast lane and participating in risky behaviours--however fun they may seem at the time. Well, I am sure you have heard this from your parents and friends and dont mean to lecture, just sharing, and hoping that you too will slow down and be safe once you are given the opportunity. I have 5 boys, I am not a novice mom, but one that continues to be baffled by behaviours. i will continue to pry for your parole and your success. just as I pray for my son. That he is able to deal with this chapter in his life and come out a better person. Take care. SK

  2. To SK--
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are worthwhile and appreciated. Often, the words from a stranger have more impact than if said by someone who is close.
    One Who Cares