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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was glad to be able to weigh myself and check my blood pressure yesterday.  Blood pressure is normal and I weighed 193 lbs. This astonishes me!  I’m 30 lbs lighter now than when I entered the system, and I think I weigh less than MV  (MV, this does not bode well for you).  When I look at some of the photographs that were included in my parole packet, I can’t believe the difference in how I look!  There is a photo from Thanksgiving 2008, and I don’t recall exactly what I weighed, but it has to be close to my all time high of 263 lbs. Losing 70 lbs is like shedding an entire little kid.  What grade are you in when you weigh 70 lbs?  I have no clue, so I’ll say second grade. So, in essence, I have lost a second grader!

I’ll assume that everyone saw the USA Today College Football Poll that came out yesterday.  Alabama was picked 1st, Texas 4th, and I think A&M was 47th or so.  What’s happened to my team? How is one of the largest schools in the nation still doing so poorly? I think this is Sherman’s third year, isn’t it?  Maybe it is only his second.  I didn’t like the decision to hire him, although I am pulling for him to now turn things around.  It seems like it has been forever since the Aggies have had a positive season.  It’s always next season this, and next season that…..

For the last two years I’ve made it to see the Aggie vs Texas game on Thanksgiving Day.  Two years ago in Austin and last year in College Station.  Two years ago was the resurrection of the Turkey Day Game.  I told myself then that I was going to make it a tradition.  So far, I’ve been served a Thanksgiving dinner at the Iron Cactus on 6th Street in Austin and at Dudley’s Draw on Northgate in College Station.  Both meals were surprisingly delicious.  This year should have some more good stuff in store.  I am definitely ready for some college football!
Three things I want to mention……First, (although by the time you read this it will have passed), next Tuesday is my birthday.  Damn, it feels good to finally turn 29. :)   I certainly have an exciting year in store.  Please hold all the gifts ‘til I get out.

Next, I have grown an inch since being in here.  I have been 6’1” for pretty much forever, but the last two height measurements I’ve done have both come to 6’2”.  Does losing weight make you elongate?  Maybe the stretching that I do has straightened me.  Although, I never thought I was crooked.

Third, it is crazy how many guys are in here for their 3rd DWI.  Hundreds!   I’m not one to preach, so I will just state facts.  If you get a 3rd DWI in Texas, you will go to prison for 2-4 years.  Done deal.  Everyone be cautious.  If there is one great thing that has evolved from me being here, it is that I will no longer drink and drive.  I may have to hire a full time driver to keep on call, but so be it.  Now, here is a question for you.  Would you, with the forethought of knowing a release date, willingly spend 8 months in jail if your could lose some weight, grow an inch, eradicate drunk driving from your life, learn a lot  about the cultural differences in our country, and regrasp just how important true friendships are?   If your answer is “no” then, would you do it if you were handed $25, 000 for your troubles at the conclusion?  How about $40,000?  Everyone try to be honest.  I suppose if you still need some perks, I could throw on some prison tattoos, constant companionship, or the opportunity to join a nice club…err…gang.

It’s now Saturday afternoon around 4:30.  I think we will be going to dinner soon.  This may be the end of my communication until next week.   I really appreciate every bit of support that has been directed my way.  It has been and continues to be invaluable.  I’ll talk to you again soon, and I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. No, take it from me I have a 2nd grader and he weighs about 50 lbs. You lost an average sized 4th grader.

  2. My granddaughter is in the 5th and just now weighs 70, so yeah, you lost a good size kid there! I would like to congratulate you on finally turning 29..;-/. As for your proposal of staying 8 months in prison to reap all the benifits you have suggested...but..somehow Im just not convinced that its an adventure quite made for me, but thank you for asking. How bout I just take your word for it? No really, thats ok. I could definately use some weight loss and upward height adjustment, however.
    Weather is finally starting to cool off a bit, and I for one am glad to see it. Another season passing means that much closer to things being better. By the way, congrats on the normal blood pressure. Glad to see it!

  3. Still keeping fingers crossed for good news. Praying for you and my son to get the news we all wanna hear!