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Monday, September 13, 2010


I had a great day today.  I had a good visit from my dad and relaxed for the majority of the day.  The weather was terrific and I was able to catch up on my letter writing.  (I had fallen a little behind on it.)  With the amount of time I spend exercising, it doesn’t leave quite enough free time for writing.  In any case, I do feel caught up now.

Before I forget, let me tell you that I may have some interesting drama for you here on the blog before long. Remember Pinocchio?  Well, Pin’s friend in here is a guy who has been incarcerated for the last 15 out of 16 years. This friend, Mike, is roughly 42 years old.  Mike has recently met a female pen-pal and is attempting to marry her.  I’m about to go “undercover” to obtain the exclusive on this strange tale to see where it all goes.  I think I’m going to venture out on a limb and promise you that it’s going to be entertaining.  Give me a week or so to check things out and…… stay tuned.

No news yet on a parole hearing.  Maybe next Thursday will bring better news. For now I am going to respond to some more comments.

MamaB   Annoying people are just so damned…..annoying, aren’t they?   I feel like my tolerance for annoying people has decreased since I’ve been here.  I used to have a very high threshold.  Now it is only medium high.  I won’t be worried if it decreases even more, because sometimes I think I am too tolerant.

Your 2 cents are always appreciated and always thoughtfully considered.  Please keep them coming.  Heck, you can even pitch in a nickel’s worth if you’d like!  If you sat back and watched a prison ball game, you would be amazed and disgusted with how much the block inmates whined, complained, and yelled.  Please don’t construe this as a discriminatory statement, as it is 100% fact. The rodeo would be fun.  I would participate in any of those events right now out of sheer boredom. 

The stories you read about on PTO about inmates conspiring against another inmate that has been approved for parole do not happen at non-ID units.  ID units are units where inmates are incarcerated for an extended period.  Transfer facilities and pre-parole facilities all house inmates for a maximum of two years. Prejudice against inmates that are about to go home just does not happen, as far as I know.  It is common knowledge to know who is leaving and when they are leaving.  Although there is certainly some envy directed towards the soon to leave inmates, I feel safe in saying that the envy leaves before morphing in to jealously.  With everyone here leaving within two years, there is a surprising emergence of happiness that is dutifully awarded to each inmate when it is their turn to leave.  Almost a rite of passage.
As I just explained, the pre-parole and transfer facilities are all two year max units.  Inmates do not stay here over 24 months.  If an inmate does not make his parole or is denied his short way, then he will most likely be transferred to an ID unit around months 16-20.  There are exceptions to every rule, but everything in the last 2 paragraphs is pretty solid.

Anonymous   I’m glad I can help you in any way possible.  I’ve had many conversations in here with guys and we conclude that our loved ones on the outside have it tougher than we do in here.  Every case is different, but I firmly believe that statement.  That being said, try your best to come to terms with and accept the situation.  There are no rules and no instruction manual for how you are “supposed” to feel or act, therefore, you do what is necessary to respectfully ease your mind and bide you  time until it’s all over.  And it will all be over.  Please keep reading and feel free to make any comments that will help you out or help others.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Prison is easy. You hang in there!

Moe  Thanks!  Don’t worry about the letter.  I’ll be out of here soon.  Until then, just keep thinking about squirrels, pirates, and clubs across the street.  Not necessarily in that order.

Jeff B.   Wish I knew the number of the mechanic we used last year, but it’s in my cell phone.  Won’t do you much good there.  Your Florida trip sounds cool.  I’m jealous!  Take plenty of pictures, as I’d like to see them later.  I’ll be out in time to hit the lake before it gets too cool.  Have fun and I’ll see you soon.  Try searching for TJ’s Mobile Mechanics or Tee Jays Mobile Mechanics on Craigslist.   You may be able to find the number to some good help.

DS  It’s amazing how far this blog has reached.  Has the bus tour found a new route to Dallas via Maryland?  Congratulations on beginning your plight to invoke change in the D.C.  justice system. After spending nearly 8 months locked up, I have come to the conclusion that any meaningful attempt to curb recidivism has to involve harsher deterrents and more comprehensive rehabilitation.  I encourage you to help us transcend in our evolvement as I am released, and as we try to produce a more meaningful tool here in this venue, which can help others who find themselves in situations similar to mine/ours.  I will help in any way I can and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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