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Monday, August 30, 2010


It’s been a couple of days since I have written, and I’m not sure what activity on my busy schedule deterred me.  There has been nothing too eventful that has occurred.  Another one of my acquaintances in here left yesterday. He had been locked up for nearly 2 years on some type of drug conviction.  He was a little older, and I’m pretty sure he has done drugs for many years.  He has had multiple prison stays, but maybe this will be his last.  I wish him good luck.  He was getting a ride to the bus station courtesy of the prison and was then headed via Greyhound for quite a trip.  I can only imagine all the thoughts that were running through his head during that 10-12 hour trip.  FYI – The prison pays for a bus ticket if the person being released has no alternate transportation.

Here is a funny story about hairbrained foolishness!  It is true and verified.  I do not do prison rumors (though there are many).  There was this guy here nicknamed, of all things, “Speedy”.  He is a late 20’s/early 30’s aged white guy and was released on parole about 10 days ago. Well, Speedy was caught and arrested right near the prison for trying to deliver something to some of the inmates inside.  Word has it that he was trying to deliver tobacco. If you could see the facility here, it would be easy to understand the logistics of the attempt, but my explanation might be futile.  

Trying to describe some of it, I’ll tell you that this ‘compound’ here is surrounded by a tall chain link fence.  On one border there is a national park.  The park’s border is pretty much just a bunch of trees and woods.  Speedy was apprehended in those woods after he had thrown the booty over the fence.  One of the dorms here (about 300 guys) was placed on lockdown for a day as the guards here searched for the contraband that was brought in. They were not happy.  I understand that some was found, but I don’t know for certain.  In any case, Speedy now sits in the County Jail.   It’s just a guess, but I bet Speedy will not only be charged with a ‘normal’ felony for his actions, but will also receive some type of organized crime charges.  Who knows?  I’m just glad I’m not Speedy!

Still no new information on my parole.  As of two days ago there had still been no meeting or voting date scheduled.  It has been just over three and a half months since my pre-parole discussion with the parole official which, by all accounts I’ve heard from other inmates in here, is the longest they’ve seen anyone wait who has a short sentence.  My 3 year sentence is considered to be short. So, after my great fortune in getting moved through County Jail quickly and moving through the intake prison unit quickly, I’m now, apparently, setting a Guinness Book record for the length of time I’m waiting for a parole vote and answer.

Now, I fully realize that my situation is not at all a joking matter, but because it has reached this point and has exhausted my emotions so much, it has now become humorous.  I have openly made a pact in here to find comedic value in everything that happens between now and the time I get my parole answer.  I refuse to be in a bad mood, and I refuse to seriously entertain the expressions of others in here that constantly complain. I will now make fun of, ridicule, and sarcastically emulate everyone in here that continues to make the same snide remarks about the never differing, day to day activities here. 

I hear the same complaints every day. 1) The food is bad  2) It’s too hot  3) The black guys cut in line  4) The staff is incompetent…blah, blah, blah, on and on and on.  I do wonder just how long I can go with forcing myself to be in a jolly mood.  Hopefully, the parole stuff will be in the works very soon, so my wait won’t be too much longer. 
I’m in our dayroom right now watching “American History X”.  I don’t remember how it ends, for I often forget the endings of movies.  I guess this is quite an ironic show to watch while being locked up.

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