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Monday, August 9, 2010


There have been some recent inner rumbling reactions and concerns regarding many of my frivolous thoughts expressed here on the blog.  For example, I talk too much about boats, drinking, and partying.  While it is true that these 3 things are commonly spoken of in here, please keep in mind that the term “too much” is very relative in this particular case.  If we were all in church or in an office setting then yes, I most definitely bring up the aforementioned topics too often.  However, a quaint little church isn’t what has us all gathered up together communicating through this blog.  I am in a freakin’ prison!  It’s not cool and it’s absolutely no fun.  The fact that I’m not miserable or in dire straits here should in no way, shape, fashion, or form, allude to the misconception that I’m having a good time. That truly could be no farther from the actual case.  It is simply much more pleasant and entertaining for me to write about fun times and thoughts than it is for me to speak of my status quo emotions and feelings concerning the never changing Ground Hog Day routines in here.

Believe me when I say that there is plenty of time in here to think of all types of thoughts imaginable.  There are countless times when I’ve spent hours and hours having serious and meaningful self discussions in my head.  I’ve realized for quite some time now (even before this vacation) that I need to make some significant changes to a few areas in my life.  Having ample time in here to reflect has only reinforced my initial thoughts. So, when I get out, I do expect to make some changes to improve my life.  Some of the changes stem from flaws that led to my vacation, and some of the changes have nothing to do with any of my previous issues and are, luckily, things I’ve learned about myself and others while being locked up.  I don’t expect to be a vastly different person after these changes.  I only expect to be improved.  Whether or not others will notice a change in me I honestly couldn’t say.  If I had to guess, I’d probably say no, but I’m not sure.

So there you have it. That’s my explanation.  I’m not sure how convinced or satisfied everyone is with my reasoning.  For a simpler explanation, I could just say that when I get on serious topics I think I tend to sound to righteous.  Although true, that is not really the reason.  I actually don’t mind sounding conceited sometimes. (FYI - I mind even less after this extended vacation.)  If anyone would like to discuss any serious subjects regarding myself, my vacation, or a world of other matters, feel free to ask any questions or make any comments that come to mind.  For starters, yes, I am aware that I spent too much money on partying.  Now…please feel free to elaborate at will.

There is no new information on parole so we will wait another week and see what shakes out.  I’m now getting the USA Today and have made it a goal to better myself at the crossword puzzles.  It seems like there’s a lingo or vocabulary to pick up in order to know how to answer the questions.  I’ve only received 2 papers so far, but I’ll figure it out soon.  I’ve got two softball games tomorrow and I’m looking forward to them helping speed the day by.  My dad and cousin are coming to visit me next weekend. Looking forward to seeing them will help next week pass quickly.  One of my friends here is going home soon.  He made parole and will end up serving about 5 ½ months on a 2 year sentence for his third DWI.  Needless to say, he was very excited to learn that news just a few days ago.

Sorry, this installation of the blog has been hard to write.  I think it’s safe to say that the creative juices have not been flowing.  I think I have been in a little less than perfect mood for the last few days, too.

Overall, I’m definitely fine.  We won our softball game today.  It’s funny playing sports on the rec field. I’m surprised that there aren’t more fights.  It’s exactly like what you see in the movie “The Longest Yard” with all the arguing and bickering.  It’s not my cup of tea, but I’ll endure all the hollering in order to be able to play.
I’m going to wrap this up now rather than tomorrow, and hope that next week’s update will be much more entertaining.  To anyone who cares, the book  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has been a big hit here. (Editors note - makes sense of all the places the book would be a big hit at, prison is probably one of them, because I am sure they all wish they served beer there).  I may even have to reread the thing.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.  I appreciate it whole heartedly and I will talk to you soon.


  1. Hey...I just wanted to say thanks to you for writing this blog. Someone close to me is in prison, and although he is in a different place than you, it has been really comforting to read about how things work on the inside.

    This has given me an idea of what he's going through, and I wanted you to know that you're doing something really positive and helpful for someone by writing this, so I'm thankful for the updates.

  2. Well, personally, I understand. I dont talk to my son about partying because thats part of the reason he is where he is, so that is left out of our conversations, BUT, we do talk a lot about other things that may seem frivolous. As you say, he is in prison. Anything that he can think of that takes him away from that situation, even for a few minutes, is worth it. I dont get the idea from your posts, (and I am a constant reader), that when you get out, you plan on going hog wild, just trying to remember some happier times and trying to think of a different scenario than what you are in. So theres my 2cents, not that it was asked for.
    Your intention at this blog is not to "entertain the folks on the outside", so in MY opinion, you should write what you think and what you feel like writing, not what you think others would be entertained by. Thats the point of you writing, so you can relate to us the ups, downs, ins and outs of what goes on. 2 more unsolicited cents.
    I cant imagine what it would be like to sit back and watch a prison ball game. Just like I cant imagine the prison rodeos in Huntsville. Do they still have those? If so, I may decide to attend.
    I was thinking today of how I have read many times that you should keep it to yourself if you make parole, due to other inmates possibly trying to get it taken away from you. I wonder how often that happens. Im sure its not an issue in your unit since its a preparole unit, however. But I just thought of something, what if a person is denied parole in a preparole unit, are they kept there or transferred out? Sorry, thinking aloud again.
    My ADD is working overtime tonight. Maybe it was the late afternoon pot of coffee...hmmm
    Dont worry about sounding too conceited, if you get too out of control, Ill send you some mad insults to knock you back down a notch or two.
    ok, Ive probably spent all the 2cents coins Im allowed for one day...
    Take it easy!

  3. Matt, I owe you a letter. I sent info to Fedora, not sure of Big Daddy got it or not. Glad my story about the nice club across the street from me was a hit!