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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hopefully, by the time everyone reads this, I think there is a better chance than not, that the big vote will have culminated my near future.  That will be stupendous news, and I’ll let you know the verdict as quickly as possible.   Perhaps the blog can spice back up soon, for I feel that my routine in here hasn’t provided much entertainment for any of us lately.  I really hope that all of you have some good stories for me when I get out.  I know Big Daddy is representing the South.  How about everyone else?!

Enjoy your week and expect some good news soon.  Thank you so much for all of your continued support.

Jill - Why is he so lame?  That guy is just gross and worthless!

Maria -Great to hear from you.  So, they sold out of American flags over there? That’s hilarious.  As I’m sure you know, we Americans aren’t so much into soccer.  It just seems to go so slowly.  Maybe you can enlighten us.  Do you think the Loch Ness Monster is real?  Have you seen her?

Shane – You’re right.  No more Captain Crunch.  That stuff cuts the roof of my mouth when I eat it, but it sure is good.  Be prepared for me to haze you into shape when I’m out of here.  Fat days are over, my friend!  The 3 Hispanic guys in here are just idiot thugs averaging about 5’8” in height. Simply gang wannabe fools.  They’re fine with me.  We all get along here in my room, but they are still not any one you would choose to be friends with.  I’m not sure on the lake for this year, but put next Memorial Weekend on your calendar.  I’ll see you soon.  No, not really.  I don’t even like you any longer.

Frankie – That’s hilarious! Did you send that comment about your mom last time, or was it your sister?  I didn’t even know you were reading this.  It’s awesome that you are.  Where do Meredith and Mandy live these days? I remember once in college that she and traded vehicles for about 3 weeks.  Isn’t that a random thing to recall?  Does your mom live in the same house?  If she does, she probably still has to clean up from M’s throwing up everywhere. Anything bad your sister did or any trouble she got into can probably be traced back to that night.  Little did we all know that she was destined to marry Cody the KA after that.  Hell, Cody didn’t even know he was going to be a KA yet.  We must all vow to recreate that night!

Windsor – Are you on crack?

MamaB, I am responding to multiple comments here, so hopefully you can follow as to which ones I am responding to, but they should be in chronological order.

Luckily, I have lost the two or three words that had sneaked into my vocabulary that had annoyed me.  The words just aren’t relevant here in MW.  Thank goodness!  As I’m sure you can imagine, the dialect in here differs greatly from what I’d prefer, but that’s not to say it is foreign to me.  It’s pretty much just ghetto ebonics.  I can think of 3 vocabulary words.  Kill means masturbate. Fade is a verb and means to stare at someone. Burn is also a verb and it means to accidentally expose someone else to something they did not want to see.  I plan on being a bad influence on my friends when I get out and incorporating the words fade and burn into our daily conversations.

Thanks so much for getting all the answers to me.  Unfortunately, most of the questions now escape me.  Sort of like Jeopardy.   #6…I think the release date pool should encompass August 25th  through October 15th.  That’s a broad range, but it should be safe.  Feel free to choose again or stick with Nov. 7th.  #7…I have too many followers in here.  I do not like being followed, but I really LOVE lame-brained inmates reading the newspaper over my shoulder.  That is basically the highlight of each of my days!    #9…I’ll love Saw 7, I’m sure!   #11…My friend, Trey, will probably give you his P90X since he hasn’t even opened it during the six months since it was delivered.  Come on, Trey.  Help MamaB out here. Be a great guy!   #12…Do you think Tank would eat some banana pudding? 

This is much better than my previous unit.  All the amenities you mentioned are great.  The lax security here is beneficial for this low risk unit.  There are no violent offenders,here.  There is a ton of illegal stuff that goes on here, but it’s avoidable if you choose to distance yourself.  There are jobs and school just like at Beaumont.  It seems like more people here go to some type of school, but there are fewer jobs.  As for me, I have managed to earn myself a very high paying job in management!   About 85% of the people try to buck the system.  It’s idiotic!  They can all stay in here for years, for all I care.

There are only a few rooms with bunk beds here.  Everything in my room is a single bed with 2 drawers underneath.  They’d be great for a deer lease, but get pretty uncomfortable on an everyday basis.  The windows being blacked out (actually, whited out) is a security measure to halt any communications between people in rooms and people out walking around.  If you saw it, you’d understand, but it’s tough to explain.  My room is about 16 feet wide and 28 feet long.  There is a wall that partially divides the room in half.  It makes it into two 16’by 14’ sections.  The beds line the perimeter.  It’s not home, but there is more room here than at the two units I visited.
     What do we do all day?  Sleep, read, watch TV, go to rec, go to library, eat, travel to other dorms for illegal activities, write, get tattoos.  Other than school and work, that’s about it.  It is very, very  boring.  The pecking order is the same here as it is in the real world.  The same people that get the respect in the free world get it in here and the dummies are still dummies.  Common sense goes a very long way!

The people here are simply a lot of new faces.  All the stories are the same.  Only difference is that there are no aggravated offenders here.  There are also more 3 time DWI guys here.  Drugs and burglaries are the 2 big offenses in here.  Very few thefts.  Classification definitely singled us out for for this place per the contract with CCA, but CCA doesn’t differentiate once we are here at all.
    I am comfortable answering any and all questions.  I think what you might read on PTO about harsh ramifications of an inmate speaking his mind through written correspondence is hogwash.  The CO’s are all heckled daily.  Anything on PTO would be much lighter than what they get here. Plus, 99% of these people leave their jobs here at the units.  They don’t spend time seeking out what inmates might think and write.  My opinion is that the CO’s couldn’t care less.    
      At this point, all my dates are (incorrect) assumptions. LOL!  I saw parole April 20. I’m still waiting on a vote by the board.  I had assumed it would be much sooner, but I’m still waiting patiently.  It will definitely be soon.  There will be an answer posted on the blog very soon.  I might keep everyone in suspense on my actual release date, until I’m out.  I know that doesn’t sound kosher, but it would entertain me a little. We’ll see!
     Not sure why my tattoo is small. There really isn’t a great reason for it being the size it is.  It’s a tiny bit larger than a silver dollar and it’s on my ankle.  It’s a simple fraternity shield with Greek letters.  I’m thinking of adding to it while I’m in here.  Prison tats are cool, right?
     I can’t believe your son is still there.  Honestly, just earlier today at dinner, I was discussing with 4 or 5 guys how miserable that place was.  As you know, just about everyone from around that area transitions through that unit.  Everyone in my discussion group had been there, and it was unanimous that it was not our choice of units. It is not ‘rough”, but it is entropy in the form of a prison.  There is constantly a hectic feeling there and the CO’s are way too enthusiastic about their jobs.  Your son deserves an award for being there. I really do think he will make his second parole.

     LMAO!  From your last two comments I have deduced that the family of woodpeckers felled your tree.  Those damned birds!
    Second best movie quote……Doc to Billy in “Young Guns II”.  Doc - “William H. Bonney, you are not a god.”  Kid -  “Why don’t you pull the trigger and find out.”    The first best movie quote is from Dennis Hopper directed towards Christopher Walkin in “True Romance”.  It deals with Sicilians and grandmothers.  I’ll say no more for fear of offending someone.
    Whenever I try not to dwell on when my vote will come, it feels worse than just assuming a solid time from in my head and expecting it to happen.  I think my brain likes a routine.  When I try not to dwell on the date my brain has no grasp of a routine, and my brain wanders.  You would think that there would be a large let down when my vote doesn’t happen as planned, but this surprisingly hasn’t been the case.  At the end of June and, most recently, my birthday, I have been proven incorrect on my vote date predictions.  Since these were the first two times in my life I was ever wrong, I was initially shocked.  Thank goodness, auto pilot took over and all my brain needed was another date so that it could recalibrate.  Lucky me!
    Maybe I can get my hands on a copy of the book your son read.  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell continues to be a hit in here and there is a waiting list of envious readers.  I will bronze this book when I get home.
    Maybe the road trip can be a combo of the scenario you mentioned and a portion of the show “Man vs Food”.  In “Man vs Food”, the host goes to places that have food challenges.  For example, if you eat a 17lb steak, your meal is free.  I really like your idea about pinning the fork on a random diner.  After being in prison, I should be pretty handy at stabbing things with a fork.  Can we sharpen the prongs?



  1. I cant believe you saw parole in April snd still no news. Geeze Louise, that smells of cheese! My son finally saw parole last week, so we will see.
    You seriously think the woodpeckers felled the tree? Damn ungrateful things!
    Im pretty sure Tank would love some banana pudding. Im grinning right now because by the time you read this, you will have no idea what that even means.
    A 50cent tattoo isnt all that small, I was thinking like nickel size or something...and, I dont think prison tats are the way to go, just my opinion. :-/
    Man vs Food road trip would be a great idea. If the person finishes his meal, he gets forked..err, pinned and gets to go on the trip...after the puking from overfilling is done. Went on a road trip myself recently. Ate at a mexican restaurant in Nacadoches that was really good. I have no idea what the name of it was. EL...something or another.
    Question: Do you think after this experience that you will need time when you get home to readjust or "detox" your brain to the ouside world?

  2. I sent you a letter today about my falling out with C.H. you will probably get it before you read this... I cant believe some people can be so desperate and pathetic... I just thought you would get a kick out of it!! Its the only Drama I had going on... everything else is still pretty boring we are still trying to set J.W. up with our friend... We will see! Anyway... you should get a kick out of my letters to you! I also sent you some prison work out I found online! Maybe you could change up your routine! Enjoy :) Miss you!