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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello everyone.  I hope you are all doing great.  Everything is still going fine here . The weather hasn’t been quite as hot over the last week and that’s made it a little more tolerable when exercising outside.  My days are still overly routine.  I eat a small meal out of my locker when I wake up in the morning.  That’s followed by 3 rounds of exercising outside and 2 meals in the dining hall.  I read a little at night before I try to fall asleep early.  I feel like I’m biding time now until I hear an answer from the parole board.  I’m really thinking now that I’ll know something in the next 3 weeks.
This morning is the first time that I have not gone to morning rec since I’ve been here.  I think my body was begging for a day of rest.  I decided to stay in and watch a little TV.  For the first 20 minutes or so I was actually able to enjoy watching with no one else in the dayroom. Then, as Jerry Springer was starting, a tribe of halfwits came in to watch.  Apparently, the Jerry Springer hour is pretty popular around here.  That makes perfect sense, but I was ignorant to it until now, because I’m usually not around.  Anyway, the theme on the Springer show this morning was “Stripper Showdown”. Is that some type of ironic coincidence? Does anyone see the comedic value in that?

One of my roommates in here, the only white one, is extremely annoying.  In the real world we would all refer to him as “a bug”.  I think he’s 41 years old.  He seems like a pretty clean cut guy and he is definitely a nice guy, but he is way to “all in my business”.  I can’t walk into our room without him asking me how I’m doing and what have I been doing since he saw me last. I am not referring to a casual “Hey, what’s up?”  This guy expects a fully detailed answer each time.  What gives?  How do I make him quit without being insulting about it?  Answer: There is no way to alleviate the problem in this setting without being rude.  Maybe I can feather the rudeness out to him until he gets the hint rather than just being really rude all at once. What do you think?

Same guy has a very peculiar, probably sad story that I just can’t reconcile in my mind.  I’ll lay out the facts and hopefully it won’t be too confusing.  All of this info is what he has told me. I have not verified any of it. He is in here on a 2 year sentence for Theft of Service. The way he describes the actual crime, it is so clearly a civil matter, that from the moment I heard about it, I have been skeptical of everything else the guy says.
Gosh, even as I sit here and ponder how to explain it to you, I find myself feeling his story is even more ridiculous.  I don’t think I would be able to sufficiently explain it here without writing out 8 pages worth of details.  Just know that the story is very shaky and centers on a customer’s claim that this guy, while working as a handyman of sorts, was prepaid for some work and then didn’t complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

This guy needs a name.  He will be Pinocchio (Pin for short) because he lies.  Pin claims he was put into the County Jail in 2009. He would have had to pay $1500 to bond out on his charges, but he remained in County jail for 4 months.  He eventually accepted a 2 year sentence and was shipped off to state.  He has already been denied his parole.

Since the day I arrived here in MW he has been telling me about his wife that was expecting twin girls.  He kept telling me that they were due any day. Apparently, they were going to be full term, but only weighed 2 pounds each. He claimed the reasoning for the low weight was because they were twins.  I don’t think that part of the story makes too much sense, and I’ve thought that maybe Pin just has some of his dates wrong.  However, it doesn’t seem right that he wouldn’t know important information about his wife’s pregnancy and his kids. I have been here for nearly 4 weeks.  Pin had heard nothing about the births until yesterday.  His wife was with her family in San Antonio.  Pin had reported to me that he was receiving 2 letters a week from his wife before she went to San Antonio to have the babies. He had contacted his parents in Houston, a couple of times, but they had no news about the childbirth. Supposedly the wife had a satisfactory relationship with Pin’s parents, but had not contacted them.

Now for the sad part (possibly).  Yesterday, Pin phoned his parents and they told him that they had received an email from Pin’s wife’s niece.   The email said the babies had been stillborn.  I can’t decide now, what I think!   I don’t even know whether or not to feel sympathy for him, because I don’t know if it is true. I am getting tired of thinking about it. He is either just telling a flat out lie, or he has his facts so wrong that it is probably not worth my time or yours to further dissect this dilemma.  If anything drastic changes, or if I discover what’s really going on, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Yeah, Im not too sure what to think of ole Pin. Sounds like he's "not a smart man". Twins are not usually that small at full term. Thats just not normal. I dont know....My daughter had a friend like this in Jr High. She was quite a goofy lookin thing and she would talk to you right up in your face. She'd wait in the same spot every morning for me to drop my daughter off. She would come out to meet the car and get as close to her as she could and follow her. We called her "the leach". Drove my daughter completely nuts. I still see her occasionally in town and do my best to avoid her. However if Im caught, she comes up, gets right in my face and grins and says the same thing "Hi, do you remember me?"..uh,,,yeah...and on with the 20 questions. I try to be polite, answer with "everyones great" and "gotta run, good to see you" and I walk fast to get away. Now in your situation, you dont have that advantage, so I dont know what to say.
    I bet the weather changed just about the time you wrote this, because all of a sudden its gotten dangerously hot.
    So not a big fan of Jerry Springer, huh? That man is such a loser and the trash he brings on that show is on the same level.
    Take care
    Keep posting