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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Good afternoon to all.  I feel like it’s been some time since I last wrote.  Sorry about that.  My motivation in that area hasn’t been very high lately.  I’m not sure exactly why.  It’s probably only because there isn’t much new to report.  And now I’ve just realized that I have completely forgotten where I left off on my last entry.  It was hard enough to recall when I was writing every couple of days, but I’m at a complete loss now that it’s been over a week.  Again, my bad.  I guess this entry will be a hodgepodge of anything that pops into my head.  It may repeat some old info, but it will ultimately catch everything up.
On Monday, I was able to finally enjoy seeing one of my friends get to go home.  This is the first one of my ‘friends’ that has been released.  He had served a total of 10 days on a 3rd DWI, a two year sentence.  He was paroled with the help of a parole attorney.  Obviously, he was very anxious to get out of here, and it was very encouraging for me to actually see someone leave with my own eyes.  It makes my impending release feel much more concrete.
Last Wednesday, another one of my ‘friends’ in here received his decision from the parole board. He was granted parole and was told that he would actually be discharged within 15-25 days.  Aside from the good news that he had made his parole, this news made me happy because I had previously thought that I would be released 30-45 days after making parole.  Fifteen days sure does sound better than 45 days!  As of July 29, the parole board had yet to schedule a meeting with my attorney or a date to vote on my situation.
As usual, I will speak to my dad tonight on the phone.  Maybe this week he’ll be able to report good news about a meeting being scheduled.  I will be mailing this blog posting out either Friday morning or Monday morning.  I will be able to update you later if any news changes tonight about parole.
I’m still doing fine in here.  I’ve refined my 3-a-day workout schedule just a bit and I think it’s a little more effective now.  I’m in, by far, the best shape in my life at this point, and that will probably even improve more before I get out.  Once I have a designated release window, I’ll start to wean myself off of the weights here and focus a little more on the sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups, so that I’ll be able to continue exercising when I go home.  I’m holding out no false hope of working out 3 times a day when I’m out, but I will definitely run and exercise at least once a day.
Congratulations to MV and DB on their engagement!  MV was finally able to corral someone into taking him!  Gosh, that really cuts into the number of unmarried friends that I now have.  Maybe we can convert this blog into a dating website once I get out.  Is there any way possible for Lifestyle to eventually find someone?
My dad and my cousin came up for a visit last Sunday.  I’d say it was probably the best visit I’ve had so far.  Aside from completely ignoring my diet (I ate 2 mini pizzas, a Snickers, and a fried peach pie), our topic of discussion did not involve day to day prison details.  We spoke mainly of how anxious we both are to get updated news about a parole vote, and we talked a lot about what the first two weeks following my release would be like.  We rounded out everything by mutually  agreeing that the next time I saw my dad it would be when he picked me up at the front of this place.  It made my pending release seem not so far away and almost “around the corner”.  There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel now.  Hopefully, the bulb won’t burn out.   This trip, my dad drove from his home to Mineral Wells in my vehicle.  When he was leaving I was able to walk out on our rec yard and wave good-bye.  It completely transported me back to the real world to lay my eyes on my truck.  Isn’t that peculiar?  The smallest things or occurrences in here can instantly take your mind out of this place, if only for a short time. This fact really makes me feel that the adjustment period once I’m let go, will indeed be very short.
Both of my dogs are still doing fine. Tank absolutely loves living on the farm, and Trap follows my dad around everywhere.  Trap is now 14 ½ years old and it’s amazing he is still in such good shape.  I’m wanting to let him point some quail this fall once the weather cools.  I have a feeling that he might not be physically able to do it next year.  I wonder of a bird dog’s sense of smell deteriorates with age. Does anyone know?
There is this new resident in my dorm that is absolutely, on fire, flamingly gay. His name, or what he goes by, is “April”.   I have no clue what his real name is.  It is often difficult to refer to him as “he”.   His looks and actions are very perplexing to most of us.  Personally, I couldn’t care less about the habits of April, as long as they don’t interfere with me.  However, you should see the stir that he creates here. I’ll tell you, that April certainly does not try to conceal his personality.  He shaved his eyebrows and has permanently tattooed blue eyebrows.  April is probably in his twenties, white, and overall not an attractive person.  Even If he were a normal girl or guy, he wouldn’t be even the slightest bit attractive.  This doesn’t help his cause.  Apparently, however, he isn’t absolutely ignorant, because as I sit here and write in our dayroom, April is answering aloud a handful of Jeopardy questions.  He is even phrasing them in question format.  Very interesting!!!  I have no idea what he did to get tossed into jail.  I suppose weird people can break the law just like everyone else!
I recently had some personal inquiries about several news events that I figured I’d respond to here.  Please keep in mind that my resources to obtain worthy news information in here is limited.  I think BP did an adequate job given the circumstances of the recent spill.  A disaster of that magnitude and complexity was previously unheard of.  Although it appears BP should have been more prepared, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect them to do much more that what they have done.  I think it’s impressive that they have reimbursed so many people and businesses already for loss of revenue. I wonder how many entities milked BP for thousands of dollars that were not warranted.  The oral blunders that the original BP CEO made were unfortunate, but there aren’t many people that would have acted differently given the circumstances.  I think one should be judged based on their reaction to a problem, rather than from the fact that the problem came to light.  Using this method, BP passes in my book.
I am unsure of exactly what Arizona’s new law states regarding illegal immigrants.  It’s tough to gauge if it is fair, based on my limited knowledge.  In theory, I feel Arizona has an obligation and therefore a right to protect its population.  I think its obligation to protect extends past only physical protection and definitely encompasses economic protection.  Based on this, in theory, Arizona should be able to enact legislation to control immigration into and across its borders.  I think illegal immigration negatively impacts the US, and I think the contrary argument that the US is still a “melting pot” is outdated, blind, and irresponsible.
If anyone cares to offer their two cents, please feel free.  If not, then we’ll just keep on track with prison activities and a future dating site!


  1. Hey bud, I checked out that boat you mentioned, pretty amazing. My boat isn't running right now, and I'm convinced that the mechanic at my marina has no clue what's wrong with it. My latest bill will be $1,300, and I'll be impressed if it runs after that. I'm excited because for Labor day I'm going to go stay with my step brother in Tampa who has a 50 ft Sea Ray, and me, him and his wife are going to boat down to the Florida Keys with several other yachts from his marina, should be a blast. I will take lot's of pics to show you soon! Be good, and I hope to have a cold one with ya on Lake Travis soon!
    -Jeff B

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  3. Hey,
    I am a student at the University of Maryland and just wanted to let you know how inspired I am by you and your willingness to push through even during the most bleakest of times. Currently I am the president of a fully fledged non-profit, run by students such as myself. Our goal is to switch the city's priorities from incarceration to rehabilitation. Although we are active in igniting reform the majority of our work takes place in D.C.'s juvenile detention facility where we tutor and act as mentors to these vulnerable kids. A large part of our rehabilitation efforts stem from arts activism as we try to provide a healthy medium for the youth to express themselves. This blog and your work has moved me to even pursue further possibilities of opening communication channels for the detained youths to the outside world. I feel the feedback and relationships they build with the people who comment on their work will allow them to see that there are people who still believe in them and that their are other forms of expression apart from violence that they see in the inner city streets daily. Hopefully we can start a blog such as the one you currently have. I have many of your pieces and didn't want to exit without letting you know the significant impact you are having on those even as far away as Washington, D.C. Upon your release I hope you can find time to come to the University of Maryland to share your story. I will continue to read your posts and comment.