If you have any questions for Andy about the prison system, what it is like, what goes on there, or anything, please leave the question in a blog comment and Andy would be happy to answer it. It keeps him occupied and allow us to learn about the system.

Also, for his friends, he would LOVE to get pictures of anything, so if you have his address, please send them to him, or if you would like to email them to the blog editor, you can do that and he will print out the pics and mail them to him.

He is now attending the class he must take before his release, and he will mention the journal entry memo they discussed that day in class.

Even if you don't know Andy, feel free to comment on his blog entries, which he gets and will respond to.

Monday, August 30, 2010


It’s been a couple of days since I have written, and I’m not sure what activity on my busy schedule deterred me.  There has been nothing too eventful that has occurred.  Another one of my acquaintances in here left yesterday. He had been locked up for nearly 2 years on some type of drug conviction.  He was a little older, and I’m pretty sure he has done drugs for many years.  He has had multiple prison stays, but maybe this will be his last.  I wish him good luck.  He was getting a ride to the bus station courtesy of the prison and was then headed via Greyhound for quite a trip.  I can only imagine all the thoughts that were running through his head during that 10-12 hour trip.  FYI – The prison pays for a bus ticket if the person being released has no alternate transportation.

Here is a funny story about hairbrained foolishness!  It is true and verified.  I do not do prison rumors (though there are many).  There was this guy here nicknamed, of all things, “Speedy”.  He is a late 20’s/early 30’s aged white guy and was released on parole about 10 days ago. Well, Speedy was caught and arrested right near the prison for trying to deliver something to some of the inmates inside.  Word has it that he was trying to deliver tobacco. If you could see the facility here, it would be easy to understand the logistics of the attempt, but my explanation might be futile.  

Trying to describe some of it, I’ll tell you that this ‘compound’ here is surrounded by a tall chain link fence.  On one border there is a national park.  The park’s border is pretty much just a bunch of trees and woods.  Speedy was apprehended in those woods after he had thrown the booty over the fence.  One of the dorms here (about 300 guys) was placed on lockdown for a day as the guards here searched for the contraband that was brought in. They were not happy.  I understand that some was found, but I don’t know for certain.  In any case, Speedy now sits in the County Jail.   It’s just a guess, but I bet Speedy will not only be charged with a ‘normal’ felony for his actions, but will also receive some type of organized crime charges.  Who knows?  I’m just glad I’m not Speedy!

Still no new information on my parole.  As of two days ago there had still been no meeting or voting date scheduled.  It has been just over three and a half months since my pre-parole discussion with the parole official which, by all accounts I’ve heard from other inmates in here, is the longest they’ve seen anyone wait who has a short sentence.  My 3 year sentence is considered to be short. So, after my great fortune in getting moved through County Jail quickly and moving through the intake prison unit quickly, I’m now, apparently, setting a Guinness Book record for the length of time I’m waiting for a parole vote and answer.

Now, I fully realize that my situation is not at all a joking matter, but because it has reached this point and has exhausted my emotions so much, it has now become humorous.  I have openly made a pact in here to find comedic value in everything that happens between now and the time I get my parole answer.  I refuse to be in a bad mood, and I refuse to seriously entertain the expressions of others in here that constantly complain. I will now make fun of, ridicule, and sarcastically emulate everyone in here that continues to make the same snide remarks about the never differing, day to day activities here. 

I hear the same complaints every day. 1) The food is bad  2) It’s too hot  3) The black guys cut in line  4) The staff is incompetent…blah, blah, blah, on and on and on.  I do wonder just how long I can go with forcing myself to be in a jolly mood.  Hopefully, the parole stuff will be in the works very soon, so my wait won’t be too much longer. 
I’m in our dayroom right now watching “American History X”.  I don’t remember how it ends, for I often forget the endings of movies.  I guess this is quite an ironic show to watch while being locked up.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hopefully, by the time everyone reads this, I think there is a better chance than not, that the big vote will have culminated my near future.  That will be stupendous news, and I’ll let you know the verdict as quickly as possible.   Perhaps the blog can spice back up soon, for I feel that my routine in here hasn’t provided much entertainment for any of us lately.  I really hope that all of you have some good stories for me when I get out.  I know Big Daddy is representing the South.  How about everyone else?!

Enjoy your week and expect some good news soon.  Thank you so much for all of your continued support.

Jill - Why is he so lame?  That guy is just gross and worthless!

Maria -Great to hear from you.  So, they sold out of American flags over there? That’s hilarious.  As I’m sure you know, we Americans aren’t so much into soccer.  It just seems to go so slowly.  Maybe you can enlighten us.  Do you think the Loch Ness Monster is real?  Have you seen her?

Shane – You’re right.  No more Captain Crunch.  That stuff cuts the roof of my mouth when I eat it, but it sure is good.  Be prepared for me to haze you into shape when I’m out of here.  Fat days are over, my friend!  The 3 Hispanic guys in here are just idiot thugs averaging about 5’8” in height. Simply gang wannabe fools.  They’re fine with me.  We all get along here in my room, but they are still not any one you would choose to be friends with.  I’m not sure on the lake for this year, but put next Memorial Weekend on your calendar.  I’ll see you soon.  No, not really.  I don’t even like you any longer.

Frankie – That’s hilarious! Did you send that comment about your mom last time, or was it your sister?  I didn’t even know you were reading this.  It’s awesome that you are.  Where do Meredith and Mandy live these days? I remember once in college that she and traded vehicles for about 3 weeks.  Isn’t that a random thing to recall?  Does your mom live in the same house?  If she does, she probably still has to clean up from M’s throwing up everywhere. Anything bad your sister did or any trouble she got into can probably be traced back to that night.  Little did we all know that she was destined to marry Cody the KA after that.  Hell, Cody didn’t even know he was going to be a KA yet.  We must all vow to recreate that night!

Windsor – Are you on crack?

MamaB, I am responding to multiple comments here, so hopefully you can follow as to which ones I am responding to, but they should be in chronological order.

Luckily, I have lost the two or three words that had sneaked into my vocabulary that had annoyed me.  The words just aren’t relevant here in MW.  Thank goodness!  As I’m sure you can imagine, the dialect in here differs greatly from what I’d prefer, but that’s not to say it is foreign to me.  It’s pretty much just ghetto ebonics.  I can think of 3 vocabulary words.  Kill means masturbate. Fade is a verb and means to stare at someone. Burn is also a verb and it means to accidentally expose someone else to something they did not want to see.  I plan on being a bad influence on my friends when I get out and incorporating the words fade and burn into our daily conversations.

Thanks so much for getting all the answers to me.  Unfortunately, most of the questions now escape me.  Sort of like Jeopardy.   #6…I think the release date pool should encompass August 25th  through October 15th.  That’s a broad range, but it should be safe.  Feel free to choose again or stick with Nov. 7th.  #7…I have too many followers in here.  I do not like being followed, but I really LOVE lame-brained inmates reading the newspaper over my shoulder.  That is basically the highlight of each of my days!    #9…I’ll love Saw 7, I’m sure!   #11…My friend, Trey, will probably give you his P90X since he hasn’t even opened it during the six months since it was delivered.  Come on, Trey.  Help MamaB out here. Be a great guy!   #12…Do you think Tank would eat some banana pudding? 

This is much better than my previous unit.  All the amenities you mentioned are great.  The lax security here is beneficial for this low risk unit.  There are no violent offenders,here.  There is a ton of illegal stuff that goes on here, but it’s avoidable if you choose to distance yourself.  There are jobs and school just like at Beaumont.  It seems like more people here go to some type of school, but there are fewer jobs.  As for me, I have managed to earn myself a very high paying job in management!   About 85% of the people try to buck the system.  It’s idiotic!  They can all stay in here for years, for all I care.

There are only a few rooms with bunk beds here.  Everything in my room is a single bed with 2 drawers underneath.  They’d be great for a deer lease, but get pretty uncomfortable on an everyday basis.  The windows being blacked out (actually, whited out) is a security measure to halt any communications between people in rooms and people out walking around.  If you saw it, you’d understand, but it’s tough to explain.  My room is about 16 feet wide and 28 feet long.  There is a wall that partially divides the room in half.  It makes it into two 16’by 14’ sections.  The beds line the perimeter.  It’s not home, but there is more room here than at the two units I visited.
     What do we do all day?  Sleep, read, watch TV, go to rec, go to library, eat, travel to other dorms for illegal activities, write, get tattoos.  Other than school and work, that’s about it.  It is very, very  boring.  The pecking order is the same here as it is in the real world.  The same people that get the respect in the free world get it in here and the dummies are still dummies.  Common sense goes a very long way!

The people here are simply a lot of new faces.  All the stories are the same.  Only difference is that there are no aggravated offenders here.  There are also more 3 time DWI guys here.  Drugs and burglaries are the 2 big offenses in here.  Very few thefts.  Classification definitely singled us out for for this place per the contract with CCA, but CCA doesn’t differentiate once we are here at all.
    I am comfortable answering any and all questions.  I think what you might read on PTO about harsh ramifications of an inmate speaking his mind through written correspondence is hogwash.  The CO’s are all heckled daily.  Anything on PTO would be much lighter than what they get here. Plus, 99% of these people leave their jobs here at the units.  They don’t spend time seeking out what inmates might think and write.  My opinion is that the CO’s couldn’t care less.    
      At this point, all my dates are (incorrect) assumptions. LOL!  I saw parole April 20. I’m still waiting on a vote by the board.  I had assumed it would be much sooner, but I’m still waiting patiently.  It will definitely be soon.  There will be an answer posted on the blog very soon.  I might keep everyone in suspense on my actual release date, until I’m out.  I know that doesn’t sound kosher, but it would entertain me a little. We’ll see!
     Not sure why my tattoo is small. There really isn’t a great reason for it being the size it is.  It’s a tiny bit larger than a silver dollar and it’s on my ankle.  It’s a simple fraternity shield with Greek letters.  I’m thinking of adding to it while I’m in here.  Prison tats are cool, right?
     I can’t believe your son is still there.  Honestly, just earlier today at dinner, I was discussing with 4 or 5 guys how miserable that place was.  As you know, just about everyone from around that area transitions through that unit.  Everyone in my discussion group had been there, and it was unanimous that it was not our choice of units. It is not ‘rough”, but it is entropy in the form of a prison.  There is constantly a hectic feeling there and the CO’s are way too enthusiastic about their jobs.  Your son deserves an award for being there. I really do think he will make his second parole.

     LMAO!  From your last two comments I have deduced that the family of woodpeckers felled your tree.  Those damned birds!
    Second best movie quote……Doc to Billy in “Young Guns II”.  Doc - “William H. Bonney, you are not a god.”  Kid -  “Why don’t you pull the trigger and find out.”    The first best movie quote is from Dennis Hopper directed towards Christopher Walkin in “True Romance”.  It deals with Sicilians and grandmothers.  I’ll say no more for fear of offending someone.
    Whenever I try not to dwell on when my vote will come, it feels worse than just assuming a solid time from in my head and expecting it to happen.  I think my brain likes a routine.  When I try not to dwell on the date my brain has no grasp of a routine, and my brain wanders.  You would think that there would be a large let down when my vote doesn’t happen as planned, but this surprisingly hasn’t been the case.  At the end of June and, most recently, my birthday, I have been proven incorrect on my vote date predictions.  Since these were the first two times in my life I was ever wrong, I was initially shocked.  Thank goodness, auto pilot took over and all my brain needed was another date so that it could recalibrate.  Lucky me!
    Maybe I can get my hands on a copy of the book your son read.  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell continues to be a hit in here and there is a waiting list of envious readers.  I will bronze this book when I get home.
    Maybe the road trip can be a combo of the scenario you mentioned and a portion of the show “Man vs Food”.  In “Man vs Food”, the host goes to places that have food challenges.  For example, if you eat a 17lb steak, your meal is free.  I really like your idea about pinning the fork on a random diner.  After being in prison, I should be pretty handy at stabbing things with a fork.  Can we sharpen the prongs?


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Good afternoon to all.  I feel like it’s been some time since I last wrote.  Sorry about that.  My motivation in that area hasn’t been very high lately.  I’m not sure exactly why.  It’s probably only because there isn’t much new to report.  And now I’ve just realized that I have completely forgotten where I left off on my last entry.  It was hard enough to recall when I was writing every couple of days, but I’m at a complete loss now that it’s been over a week.  Again, my bad.  I guess this entry will be a hodgepodge of anything that pops into my head.  It may repeat some old info, but it will ultimately catch everything up.
On Monday, I was able to finally enjoy seeing one of my friends get to go home.  This is the first one of my ‘friends’ that has been released.  He had served a total of 10 days on a 3rd DWI, a two year sentence.  He was paroled with the help of a parole attorney.  Obviously, he was very anxious to get out of here, and it was very encouraging for me to actually see someone leave with my own eyes.  It makes my impending release feel much more concrete.
Last Wednesday, another one of my ‘friends’ in here received his decision from the parole board. He was granted parole and was told that he would actually be discharged within 15-25 days.  Aside from the good news that he had made his parole, this news made me happy because I had previously thought that I would be released 30-45 days after making parole.  Fifteen days sure does sound better than 45 days!  As of July 29, the parole board had yet to schedule a meeting with my attorney or a date to vote on my situation.
As usual, I will speak to my dad tonight on the phone.  Maybe this week he’ll be able to report good news about a meeting being scheduled.  I will be mailing this blog posting out either Friday morning or Monday morning.  I will be able to update you later if any news changes tonight about parole.
I’m still doing fine in here.  I’ve refined my 3-a-day workout schedule just a bit and I think it’s a little more effective now.  I’m in, by far, the best shape in my life at this point, and that will probably even improve more before I get out.  Once I have a designated release window, I’ll start to wean myself off of the weights here and focus a little more on the sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups, so that I’ll be able to continue exercising when I go home.  I’m holding out no false hope of working out 3 times a day when I’m out, but I will definitely run and exercise at least once a day.
Congratulations to MV and DB on their engagement!  MV was finally able to corral someone into taking him!  Gosh, that really cuts into the number of unmarried friends that I now have.  Maybe we can convert this blog into a dating website once I get out.  Is there any way possible for Lifestyle to eventually find someone?
My dad and my cousin came up for a visit last Sunday.  I’d say it was probably the best visit I’ve had so far.  Aside from completely ignoring my diet (I ate 2 mini pizzas, a Snickers, and a fried peach pie), our topic of discussion did not involve day to day prison details.  We spoke mainly of how anxious we both are to get updated news about a parole vote, and we talked a lot about what the first two weeks following my release would be like.  We rounded out everything by mutually  agreeing that the next time I saw my dad it would be when he picked me up at the front of this place.  It made my pending release seem not so far away and almost “around the corner”.  There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel now.  Hopefully, the bulb won’t burn out.   This trip, my dad drove from his home to Mineral Wells in my vehicle.  When he was leaving I was able to walk out on our rec yard and wave good-bye.  It completely transported me back to the real world to lay my eyes on my truck.  Isn’t that peculiar?  The smallest things or occurrences in here can instantly take your mind out of this place, if only for a short time. This fact really makes me feel that the adjustment period once I’m let go, will indeed be very short.
Both of my dogs are still doing fine. Tank absolutely loves living on the farm, and Trap follows my dad around everywhere.  Trap is now 14 ½ years old and it’s amazing he is still in such good shape.  I’m wanting to let him point some quail this fall once the weather cools.  I have a feeling that he might not be physically able to do it next year.  I wonder of a bird dog’s sense of smell deteriorates with age. Does anyone know?
There is this new resident in my dorm that is absolutely, on fire, flamingly gay. His name, or what he goes by, is “April”.   I have no clue what his real name is.  It is often difficult to refer to him as “he”.   His looks and actions are very perplexing to most of us.  Personally, I couldn’t care less about the habits of April, as long as they don’t interfere with me.  However, you should see the stir that he creates here. I’ll tell you, that April certainly does not try to conceal his personality.  He shaved his eyebrows and has permanently tattooed blue eyebrows.  April is probably in his twenties, white, and overall not an attractive person.  Even If he were a normal girl or guy, he wouldn’t be even the slightest bit attractive.  This doesn’t help his cause.  Apparently, however, he isn’t absolutely ignorant, because as I sit here and write in our dayroom, April is answering aloud a handful of Jeopardy questions.  He is even phrasing them in question format.  Very interesting!!!  I have no idea what he did to get tossed into jail.  I suppose weird people can break the law just like everyone else!
I recently had some personal inquiries about several news events that I figured I’d respond to here.  Please keep in mind that my resources to obtain worthy news information in here is limited.  I think BP did an adequate job given the circumstances of the recent spill.  A disaster of that magnitude and complexity was previously unheard of.  Although it appears BP should have been more prepared, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect them to do much more that what they have done.  I think it’s impressive that they have reimbursed so many people and businesses already for loss of revenue. I wonder how many entities milked BP for thousands of dollars that were not warranted.  The oral blunders that the original BP CEO made were unfortunate, but there aren’t many people that would have acted differently given the circumstances.  I think one should be judged based on their reaction to a problem, rather than from the fact that the problem came to light.  Using this method, BP passes in my book.
I am unsure of exactly what Arizona’s new law states regarding illegal immigrants.  It’s tough to gauge if it is fair, based on my limited knowledge.  In theory, I feel Arizona has an obligation and therefore a right to protect its population.  I think its obligation to protect extends past only physical protection and definitely encompasses economic protection.  Based on this, in theory, Arizona should be able to enact legislation to control immigration into and across its borders.  I think illegal immigration negatively impacts the US, and I think the contrary argument that the US is still a “melting pot” is outdated, blind, and irresponsible.
If anyone cares to offer their two cents, please feel free.  If not, then we’ll just keep on track with prison activities and a future dating site!

Monday, August 9, 2010


There have been some recent inner rumbling reactions and concerns regarding many of my frivolous thoughts expressed here on the blog.  For example, I talk too much about boats, drinking, and partying.  While it is true that these 3 things are commonly spoken of in here, please keep in mind that the term “too much” is very relative in this particular case.  If we were all in church or in an office setting then yes, I most definitely bring up the aforementioned topics too often.  However, a quaint little church isn’t what has us all gathered up together communicating through this blog.  I am in a freakin’ prison!  It’s not cool and it’s absolutely no fun.  The fact that I’m not miserable or in dire straits here should in no way, shape, fashion, or form, allude to the misconception that I’m having a good time. That truly could be no farther from the actual case.  It is simply much more pleasant and entertaining for me to write about fun times and thoughts than it is for me to speak of my status quo emotions and feelings concerning the never changing Ground Hog Day routines in here.

Believe me when I say that there is plenty of time in here to think of all types of thoughts imaginable.  There are countless times when I’ve spent hours and hours having serious and meaningful self discussions in my head.  I’ve realized for quite some time now (even before this vacation) that I need to make some significant changes to a few areas in my life.  Having ample time in here to reflect has only reinforced my initial thoughts. So, when I get out, I do expect to make some changes to improve my life.  Some of the changes stem from flaws that led to my vacation, and some of the changes have nothing to do with any of my previous issues and are, luckily, things I’ve learned about myself and others while being locked up.  I don’t expect to be a vastly different person after these changes.  I only expect to be improved.  Whether or not others will notice a change in me I honestly couldn’t say.  If I had to guess, I’d probably say no, but I’m not sure.

So there you have it. That’s my explanation.  I’m not sure how convinced or satisfied everyone is with my reasoning.  For a simpler explanation, I could just say that when I get on serious topics I think I tend to sound to righteous.  Although true, that is not really the reason.  I actually don’t mind sounding conceited sometimes. (FYI - I mind even less after this extended vacation.)  If anyone would like to discuss any serious subjects regarding myself, my vacation, or a world of other matters, feel free to ask any questions or make any comments that come to mind.  For starters, yes, I am aware that I spent too much money on partying.  Now…please feel free to elaborate at will.

There is no new information on parole so we will wait another week and see what shakes out.  I’m now getting the USA Today and have made it a goal to better myself at the crossword puzzles.  It seems like there’s a lingo or vocabulary to pick up in order to know how to answer the questions.  I’ve only received 2 papers so far, but I’ll figure it out soon.  I’ve got two softball games tomorrow and I’m looking forward to them helping speed the day by.  My dad and cousin are coming to visit me next weekend. Looking forward to seeing them will help next week pass quickly.  One of my friends here is going home soon.  He made parole and will end up serving about 5 ½ months on a 2 year sentence for his third DWI.  Needless to say, he was very excited to learn that news just a few days ago.

Sorry, this installation of the blog has been hard to write.  I think it’s safe to say that the creative juices have not been flowing.  I think I have been in a little less than perfect mood for the last few days, too.

Overall, I’m definitely fine.  We won our softball game today.  It’s funny playing sports on the rec field. I’m surprised that there aren’t more fights.  It’s exactly like what you see in the movie “The Longest Yard” with all the arguing and bickering.  It’s not my cup of tea, but I’ll endure all the hollering in order to be able to play.
I’m going to wrap this up now rather than tomorrow, and hope that next week’s update will be much more entertaining.  To anyone who cares, the book  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell has been a big hit here. (Editors note - makes sense of all the places the book would be a big hit at, prison is probably one of them, because I am sure they all wish they served beer there).  I may even have to reread the thing.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.  I appreciate it whole heartedly and I will talk to you soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello everyone.  I hope you are all doing great.  Everything is still going fine here . The weather hasn’t been quite as hot over the last week and that’s made it a little more tolerable when exercising outside.  My days are still overly routine.  I eat a small meal out of my locker when I wake up in the morning.  That’s followed by 3 rounds of exercising outside and 2 meals in the dining hall.  I read a little at night before I try to fall asleep early.  I feel like I’m biding time now until I hear an answer from the parole board.  I’m really thinking now that I’ll know something in the next 3 weeks.
This morning is the first time that I have not gone to morning rec since I’ve been here.  I think my body was begging for a day of rest.  I decided to stay in and watch a little TV.  For the first 20 minutes or so I was actually able to enjoy watching with no one else in the dayroom. Then, as Jerry Springer was starting, a tribe of halfwits came in to watch.  Apparently, the Jerry Springer hour is pretty popular around here.  That makes perfect sense, but I was ignorant to it until now, because I’m usually not around.  Anyway, the theme on the Springer show this morning was “Stripper Showdown”. Is that some type of ironic coincidence? Does anyone see the comedic value in that?

One of my roommates in here, the only white one, is extremely annoying.  In the real world we would all refer to him as “a bug”.  I think he’s 41 years old.  He seems like a pretty clean cut guy and he is definitely a nice guy, but he is way to “all in my business”.  I can’t walk into our room without him asking me how I’m doing and what have I been doing since he saw me last. I am not referring to a casual “Hey, what’s up?”  This guy expects a fully detailed answer each time.  What gives?  How do I make him quit without being insulting about it?  Answer: There is no way to alleviate the problem in this setting without being rude.  Maybe I can feather the rudeness out to him until he gets the hint rather than just being really rude all at once. What do you think?

Same guy has a very peculiar, probably sad story that I just can’t reconcile in my mind.  I’ll lay out the facts and hopefully it won’t be too confusing.  All of this info is what he has told me. I have not verified any of it. He is in here on a 2 year sentence for Theft of Service. The way he describes the actual crime, it is so clearly a civil matter, that from the moment I heard about it, I have been skeptical of everything else the guy says.
Gosh, even as I sit here and ponder how to explain it to you, I find myself feeling his story is even more ridiculous.  I don’t think I would be able to sufficiently explain it here without writing out 8 pages worth of details.  Just know that the story is very shaky and centers on a customer’s claim that this guy, while working as a handyman of sorts, was prepaid for some work and then didn’t complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

This guy needs a name.  He will be Pinocchio (Pin for short) because he lies.  Pin claims he was put into the County Jail in 2009. He would have had to pay $1500 to bond out on his charges, but he remained in County jail for 4 months.  He eventually accepted a 2 year sentence and was shipped off to state.  He has already been denied his parole.

Since the day I arrived here in MW he has been telling me about his wife that was expecting twin girls.  He kept telling me that they were due any day. Apparently, they were going to be full term, but only weighed 2 pounds each. He claimed the reasoning for the low weight was because they were twins.  I don’t think that part of the story makes too much sense, and I’ve thought that maybe Pin just has some of his dates wrong.  However, it doesn’t seem right that he wouldn’t know important information about his wife’s pregnancy and his kids. I have been here for nearly 4 weeks.  Pin had heard nothing about the births until yesterday.  His wife was with her family in San Antonio.  Pin had reported to me that he was receiving 2 letters a week from his wife before she went to San Antonio to have the babies. He had contacted his parents in Houston, a couple of times, but they had no news about the childbirth. Supposedly the wife had a satisfactory relationship with Pin’s parents, but had not contacted them.

Now for the sad part (possibly).  Yesterday, Pin phoned his parents and they told him that they had received an email from Pin’s wife’s niece.   The email said the babies had been stillborn.  I can’t decide now, what I think!   I don’t even know whether or not to feel sympathy for him, because I don’t know if it is true. I am getting tired of thinking about it. He is either just telling a flat out lie, or he has his facts so wrong that it is probably not worth my time or yours to further dissect this dilemma.  If anything drastic changes, or if I discover what’s really going on, I’ll let you know.