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Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am really missing being at the lake with everyone.  I know you ‘lakers’ are having a great time.  I do not plan on drinking 26 bottles of water next time I go to the lake (inside joke).

Please continue to write your comments.  I have yet to see any in a few weeks, but I am really looking forward to your remarks. I have some questions and some thoughts to pass on to you.

1.  Does anyone know anything about CCA (Corrections Corporation of America). If so, I'd like to know more about them (they run the facility I am currently in).
2.  Who won the UFC fight between Brock Lesner and the other heavyweight?
3.  Has the World Cup been as confusing to you as it is to me? (Jason, I guess this offends you.)  How can there be a tie?  Soccer should be banned and replaced with more college football!
4.  So the Big XII is now ten and the Big X is now twelve?  In all fairness, that is a little silly, too.  We’ll overlook it for the sake of the game, though.  How long do you think these new conference groupings will last?
5.  For commissary next week, I think I am finally going to be able to get some cookies-n-cream ice cream.  Up to this point, I’ve been getting Blue Bell homemade vanilla. Pints are available to us.  What is everyone’s favorite ice cream?
6.  Someone needs to get a pool going concerning my release date.  With 100% certainty, it will be between July 25, 2010 and January 6, 2013.  There is a high probability of it happening in these date ranges: July 25 - August 15, October 25 – Dec 1, April 10 - April 20, 2011.  There are some other scenarios, but the preceding are most likely.  I won’t tell everyone what I truly think the date will be, but I would like to have the square for August 10th.  That is my sentimental choice, since it’s my birthday.
7.  One of the guys who is in the same dorm as me here was one of the annoying guys back from County Jail.  Small world, huh?  I would have normally made a sarcastic remark about him right now, but I learned today that his mother died yesterday after being in a coma for a few days, due to being in a wreck with a drunk driver.  That is definitely a sad situation that I couldn’t imagine dealing with in here.
8.  My roommates here are Prime Lou, Kevin, Mike, Peanut, and Palo.  I’ll let you guess which ones the imbeciles are.
9.  Is there going to be a Saw VII movie?
10. There is a softball tournament here on Sunday. Somehow, I’ve got to figure out how to get onto a team.
11.  Trey, have you opened your P90X yet?  If yes, then… good deal.  If no, then… what the heck?
12. Doesn’t a chocolate cupcake sound extremely good right now?  I wonder if my dog, Tank, would eat one.
That’s gonna be an official wrap for now.  I’ll talk to you soon and thanks so much for all of your support.


  1. I hope you get your comments soon. I know you look forward to them.
    1)CCA Coastal Conservation Association Texas seeks to conserve the marine resources of the Texas Gulf Coast through programs of education, legislation....oh wait, wrong CCA...
    I looked up and found a lot of online info on the CCA. Not really sure what you are looking for.
    * CCA manages approximately 75,000 inmates including males, females, and juveniles at all security levels, in more than 60 facilities under contract for management in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

    * CCA partners with all three federal corrections agencies, almost half of all states and several municipalities.
    Programs include: Academic education, vocational, life skills, addiction treatment and behavior skills, faith based programs, industry work programs, Industry Work Programs
    CCA facilities put inmates to work in modern programs that are aligned closely with outside companies.

    Work opportunities allow inmates to earn money, learn job skills, develop a work ethic and enhance self-esteem. Participation in these programs enhances their opportunity to land a job after their release. Depending on the facility, the programs are either operated independently or as part of the Federal Prison Industry Enhancement Program

    Thats kind of a basic overview of what I found. Ill be glad to research more specific information for you.

    2) ufc fight? sorry, no idea..
    3)world cup? not interested, I know, terrible
    4)Big X11, Big X...yeah, no idea
    5)commissary - yeah! always a good thing. My son said to find some cotton candy ice cream. Apparantly he can get it, but I cant find it
    6)Pool for your release date...Im going with...November 7, why? I have no idea, just pulled it from the bubble in my head, tho I like your date better.
    7)So you have "followers" huh? niiice...yes, its a small world,,,too small sometimes. I cant imagine dealing with the loss of a loved one while confined...
    8)imbeciles...I can only many you must have to deal with
    9)SAW V11, should be coming out October, 2010
    10) softball tournament? I think thats awesome and yes you definately have to figure out how to join!
    11)Treys P90X? Cant help ya there, but I do know of a few ppl who have it and say its really great...I should try it, but gotta make sure I have my life alert, cuz if I fall down whos gonna help me get up?
    12)chocolate cupcake sounds great right about now, yes, I agree...and Im quite sure Tank would enjoy one too. Put that on your "release bucket list"
    Hope all is well with you and I hope you get your comments soon before they make no sense to you. Take care.

  2. No I love the world cup in fact I never missed watching a game. Not going to try and explain the off side rule it would take forever and you really have too visualise it to know what I'm taking about.When the U.S. drew with England I was screaming at my T.V. I SO WANTED YOU GUYS TO WIN. In fact every shop in Scotland sold out of American flags that day! Maria

  3. Hey Andy,
    I really enjoy reading your posts, I hope you are doing as well as possible and get out soon. I've been hitting the lake as often as possible, however my starboard motor won't start lately. I think it's the starter. Well I'm reading the Blog all the time, keep the stories coming! Tell Peanut he owes me ten dollars! See ya soon.
    Jeff B

  4. I really gave it an honest effort to get into the whole World Cup thing... I jumped on the band wagon for a whole 2 days... The U.S. lost, and I jumped OFF!!! It was the most boring thing I have ever tried to show interest in next to data entry!!! Dealing with disgruntled customers was better than that!!! Any word on your parole hearing date yet??? I feel like the longer they wait to see you the first time, the better your chances are of getting out. Every day that you are there is one more day of "rehabilitation" in their eyes!