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Monday, July 5, 2010


Starting today, I am not going to eat any bread at the chow hall unless it is an integral part of the meal (ex. a chili dog).  I just finished exercising and then read the newspaper for a short time.  I called my mom and spoke with her for about 15 minutes.  I rested up and BS’d with some friends and now I’m writing. 

Right now, most everyone is here in the dorm and awake.  Everyone is kind of doing their own thing right now.  Exercising, reading, dominos, eating snacks, and TV.  Some random movie which I can’t view from the table where I am sitting, is on one television, and there is an Indy car race on the other.  My cellmate just informed me that there is apparently a new female driver named Milka Duno that is prettier than Danica Patrick!  I’m not exactly sure what the rest of my day will consist of.  I would like to do some extensive writing, but the words aren’t exactly “flowing” right now.  We’ll see.

I had a visit from my friend, and it was great!  I really appreciate the fact that he came, and I hope it wasn’t too awkward for him.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.  I think he has a good grasp of my situation and realizes the likely brevity of my vacation.  His first comment was to ask me why I didn’t look as sharp and clean as everyone else. 

Let me explain.  The clothes that everyone is issued consists of a white jail shirt and solid white jail pants.  We get clean clothes on a daily basis, on an exchange basis, and we have in our possession 2 shirts, and 2 pants.  Many of the guys choose to make one set their “visitation” uniform, and make it look as good as one can make a jail uniform look.  The bleach and starch for their uniforms are all smuggled to our dorm somehow.  The guys will only wear the visitation uniform for a weekend visit or for some other special occasion.  At this time, my mind is blank as I try think of an example of another special occasion. 

Anyway……I am not one of the guys who wants a starched jail dress uni.  I think I dress decently in the real world.  At a minimum, I dress appropriately, but in here, I could care less than zero if clothes are pressed.  I just don’t get it!   If anyone reading this can give me the psychoanalytical reasoning behind this, I am all ears.  The reason will have to be more significant than simply, “The inmate wants to look good for his family, and wants to put on an air of purity to ease his family’s tensions.”  That is too shallow and I’m not buying that as the only reason.  I probably did look more disheveled, disheveled, disheveled, disheveled, than most of the other guys, as I didn’t clean up too much after my workout.  In any case, it was somewhat amusing!  The main thing is, that my friend was here with me, dishevelment and all!

I thought our conversation was instantly comfortable and we talked mostly about what had been going on over the last few months.  More specifically, we talked of work, home design, future plans, neighbors, and friends. 

Overall, the visit was great and gave me a hint at how quickly I think I’ll be able to readjust to the free world once I’m out.  My feeling now is that my adjustment period might be shorter than originally expected.   As with all the contact I have with my family, friends, and this blog; your visit helped, more than you’ll ever know, to make my experience more bearable.

One of the final things we discussed was (in a joking manner) my “tour” once I get out of here. We laughed about how it would be fun to set off and visit a different town, friend, or spot each day for a week or so.  I really thought little of it at the time, but now, with a couple of hours to mull it over, I think it is a great idea!  This is what I am thinking right now.  All of this would take place very soon after I got out, but certainly not immediately.  I’d say within the first 10 days to 2 weeks, if I had to guess.  I’d rent an RV/motor home, buy necessities and food for a week, and head off.  The first goal will be to travel the state and visit all of my friends that have been steadfast throughout this entire ordeal.  The second goal will be to see some friends that I have somehow lost touch with over the years and reconnect.  The 3rd goal will be to do a little sightseeing and visit a few places that have always sounded interesting.  Everyone will be invited, including anyone who reads this blog.  Anyone who wants to ride along in the RV is welcome.
This is the extent of the plan thus far.  I suppose the time of year that this occurs will dictate the exact schedule of this dream of mine, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Souvenir T-shirts will be made. Book your trip now!


  1. RV tour sounds great. I think every town you stop at you have to pick a place to eat something from...even if its the Texaco station. You know, thats how you find some of lifes little treasures...and salmonella.
    And Im sorry to disappoint you but your "too shallow" theory about the starched prison uniform is Im sure, dead on! I mean come on, youre not in junior college, here, your in the pokey! Whatchu espect? HELLLOOO

  2. My personal Opinion on the "Starched Visitation Clothes" is that they are in prison they know it and so do the people visiting... However, having a visit gives inmates the illusion of being in the "free world" and they would like to make this as true to "the free world" as possible. like you said... You dress up when you go out with your friends!! Thats all they are doing... In their minds this is like the equivilant to going out to dinner or out with friends!!! I think this is a fairly normal reaction to trying to adjust to life on the inside without completely letting go of life on the outside. I hope that was analytical enough for you! :)

  3. My husband has a special tshirt he only wears on visit, b/c they have blue jumpsuits that all the inmates have to wear into the visiting room. He goes all out though lol cologne and presses the jumpsuit like he is getting ready for a date..I do the same thing I get up early get dressed make up the whole nine, since it really is our dates.
    He is a neat freak though and thank goodness b/c he complains that his new cellie will go for a bit without taking a shower (and they have the opportunity every day to do so.)

  4. Right on Jill and Ginger. I would be even more worried if my son came out looking unkept or ragged, especially if most the other inmates were neat. I would think he was having a harder time than others adjusting or handling the situation. just my 2 cents, again.