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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Breakfast at this unit is at a decent time.  It’s served about 5:30 am on weekdays and around 7:00 am on weekends.  Five thirty is a decent breakfast time, but there is really nothing for me to do after breakfast and before the first rec. time.  That being said, I will probably sleep through breakfast and wake at 7:30 am to eat on my own.  First rec. is around 8:00 in the morning.  After rec. we come back to our dorms for a 9:30 am count. That is what stage I am in at this current moment.  My plan is to use his time of day for reading/writing.  Lunch is served at around 11:30 am.  We have another rec. period immediately after lunch.  I’m debating on whether or not to go to the midday rec.  I may need to experiment for a few days to figure it out.  After that rec. period it’s back to the dorm for another count at 1:30 pm.  Following that count I’ll be confined to the dorm until dinner which will be about 5:00 pm.  After dinner there is another rec. period.  After this final rec. period everyone heads back to their respective dorm for the duration of the evening.  If this sounds mundane, you are indeed garnishing my sentiments.  On the weekends the routine is the same, but breakfast begins at around 7:00 am and the schedule is delayed throughout the day for an hour and a half.  Right now I am planning on going to breakfast on the weekends.  My bedtime is going to be ‘play it by ear’ for these first few days, but I’m hoping for between 8 and 9 pm. I‘m very sleepy right now, but I’m going to hold firm on my not napping policy. Officially, I have a job here called “Inside Maintenance”, but so do about 500 other guys.  I think it’s only a formality, and I don’t expect I’ll ever need to do much because of it.  If that changes, I’ll let you know.
So, all of this talk of routine brings me to my exercising.  Believe it or not, I really think I have a unique opportunity here that I won’t ever be able to experience again in my life.  I can actually have 3-a-day workouts of up to about an hour and a half each until I’m released.  That’s an insane amount of time to work out and the equipment here is pretty decent stuff.  There’s also enough of it where there are no lines to use each machine.  The running trail here is not concrete and it takes 5 laps to make a mile.  My hope is to make myself do 2-a-day workouts for the next 6 weeks until I go home.  I’m thinking that I’ll exercise for the morning and evening rec. periods and possibly play volleyball or something for the midday rec.  So, do you think it’s feasible to pull that off?   I don’t know that the nutrients in the meals I’ll eat here are sufficient enough to support this.  I think those people on the “The Biggest Loser” probably exercise for hours on end each day with very little caloric intake, but I’m not really in the same spot that they are with the need to lose weight.  The whole thing will be a little trial and error, but I am determined that anything I settle on is going to leave me in superb condition in six weeks.


  1. Hang in there man. It's got to be getting close. You will be out in time to enjoy the Lake. I can feel it. I bet Patty would even give me a hall pass to go hang out with you. You need to take it easy on all this working out business man, you're putting your fat boy friends to further shame. My wife is gonna see you and say, "see shane you can do that too". Next thing you know...No more Captain Crunch for Breakfast. I'm really starting to dislike you. Bring back Fat Andy!!! I am joking of course. Congratulations of course on the success with getting into shape. Just curious...what is it about the 3 Hispanic guys that makes you think they will cause trouble? Are they being beligerent already or something? Miss you man.

  2. Like Shane, Im curious about the people in the dorm. In your opinion, are the ppl of the same...umm,,mentality, or,, geeze, whats the word Im looking for? senior moments again. I guess what I want to know is if the people at the different units youve been to have all been about the same, just different stories and faces, or do you feel this private facility is different in that respect. Dont answer if youre not comfortable. Im just curious. I would think that classification would be putting same with same, but I dont know. If you had your choice of units that you have been to so far, what would be your choice? Again, dont answer anything youre not comfortable with. Also, you mentioned a time frame of 6wks. Where does that come from? Have you been given a release date, or is that your assumption? Im hoping its a bonifide date! bonifide? wow, how hick was that! Thats about as bad as saying hot-diggity. That is sure a lot of work outs, but really what else do you have to keep you busy and pass the time? Take advantage of it and do your body good.