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Monday, July 12, 2010


I think I finally got moved into my new room around 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon.  It was definitely nice to get out of the temporary situation I was in.  By coincidence, I ended up staying in the same dorm, but now I’m up on the 2nd floor in a room with 7 other guys.  All of our beds are the bottom portions of bunk beds, so that’s great! It’s been since January that I haven’t had to climb up to a top bunk on a regular basis.  Our room has a central AC unit with a thermostat and that fact alone probably makes this place better than any other unit where I might possibly be housed.
In the dayroom there are 4 large round tables with 6 stool-type seats each.  These tables and stools are a little more comfortable that the ones at my last unit because they are not of stainless steel construction. These are mainly plastic.  There is a cold water fountain about the same distance from my room as is a large bathroom and a laundry room with a handful of normal ‘home style’ washers and dryers.  The shower facilities are all on the first floor, which obviously, isn’t the most convenient thing in the world, but oh well, you can’t win them all.  
There is no type of sink, mirror, toilet, or any running water in my room.  There are some electrical outlets, and on commissary day we can buy clocks, fans, hot pots, and I think a couple of other items that need to be plugged in.  The windows in the room are about 99% blocked out and almost no light enters the room. It was nearly impossible to tell what time it was this morning as I was beginning to wake up.  One of my roommates has one of the clocks, but I can’t view it from bed.  As it has been a common theme throughout my incarceration, I am once again longing for a watch.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to manage and get my hands on one here.
I am in the dayroom right now as I write this, and it’s the first chance I’ve had to ‘get comfortable’ and write since all my transferring began.  I hope it won’t take long to get into a routine so that the time will start to fly by once again.  I suppose, looking back on the last week, that my transfer days did go by pretty quickly and allow me to put another week behind me.

Out of my seven roommates, only one is older than me.  That is not a good thing, because in here…young = loud.  The older guy is a 41 year old white guy that seems to be fairly normal.  There are 3 Mexican Americans, 3 Black Americans, and 2 White Americans sharing the room.  Everyone actually seemed cordial enough as I met them yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hispanics create some problems. Hopefully, my early impressions are not warranted.
Next, I’ll tell you about the new routine here.

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  1. Well by some accts it sure sounds like a much better place. a/c with your own thermostat? I didnt think anyplace in Texas had that. Interesting. I find it comical to think of grown men trying to climb up on the top bunk of a bed, sorry, my twisted humor. I dont get with all the "immenities" you now have, why would they block out the windows? wierd. I feel for ya with a dorm of young guys. My son says the same thing. He has said it the whole time from county on. How big of a room are you in, and how much spacing is between the bunks? What do ppl do all day if theres not much for work or classes?
    Take care of yourself, and keep your eyes open til you figure out the "pecking order"...(like I really need to tell you that)
    Keep the faith. They cant hold you forever and this too shall pass!