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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sorry for the delay in sending responses to the comments, but I barely got any for so long, and then got a ton of them, so I am pretty much caught up besides a few recent ones, which I will respond to shortly. I hear the comments are slowing down again, so I hope you can take the time to ask some more questions or at least let me know if there is something else I should write about if the blog is boring you.Anonymous   A dream would involve the 6 correct lottery numbers suddenly appearing through steam on my bathroom mirror. However, proper planning and execution will lead to a desirable business.
MamaB  We certainly agree that weekends are the worst with Friday night and Saturday morning being the worst because there is still so much time to pass before it’s back to Monday.  It’s weird how this is 180 degrees opposite what it’s like in the free world.  It seems that parole answers are being delivered to inmates via the IPO about 2-3 weeks after the vote is completed.  I can say this with confidence.  Inmates are not finding out if their Discretionary Mandatory Review (shortway) release date has been approved or denied until after the date passes.  When I was at the intake unit, there were five or so people in my tank that thought they were going home the next day, but were not certain.  They were informed at about 10:00pm the evening prior to their release that they would catch train to the Walls unit to be let go.
My friend in my last unit that was denied his shortway, did not learn his fate until my mom looked up his info on the computer roughly 5 days prior to his expected release. I guess what this means is that an inmate will not know his fate concerning his shortway release until immediately before the particular date, unless he can communicate with someone on the outside.
I have heard not one story about a home plan being approved and then the inmate being denied parole.  My guess is that the entire story is not being disclosed, and that there’s more to that situation than meets the eye. Do you have the details?  A major case will cause one’s parole to be pulled, if the case comes post vote, but prior to release.
Heaven knows I am a math person, and I’ve tried to pattern the parole lag time at least 1000 different times since I’ve been in here.  I think I could do it if I had a larger pool, but with my limitations, I can’t.  One of my friends was voted on in 2 months.  Another took 2 ½ months.  Two more took just 3 months.  It looks like mine is going to be right at 3 months. I had 2 other friends in my last unit that never met with one IPO, but instead, visited directly with a commissioner.  One with Freeman and one with Rezicka.  Both of them received an answer within 2 weeks and both got F13R’s. Another friend met with an IPO in early April.  He then met with Freeman early in June.  Within 2 weeks of his Freeman meeting, he was given a serve all.  I wish I had better answers for you.
The consensus here in MW seems to be that parole answers are received more quickly, but I haven’t personally witnessed it.  One of the guys I’ve met in MW also saw his IPO on April 20th , as I did. He was from a different region, so it will be interesting to see exactly when my official answer arrives and exactly when his does.
I can’t help you on the 24 day commissary thing.  It’s just poor business/management skills by the particular unit.  Here in MW at the “for profit” facility, commissary is precisely once a week.   Thank you for trying to look into getting information about burning calories/hour during various activities. I did end up getting some information about it.
Big Daddy  I’ve never heard the term ‘Mrs. Big Daddy’.  That’s hilarious!  However, is it actually appreciated by Mrs. Big Daddy?  Jpay is a thing of the past since I’m now at a private facility that doesn’t support Jpay.  Sending info to me this way is fine, or I can get my mailing address to you.  Shoot Fedora an email with your name, email, and postal address and ask him to forward it to my mom.  My mom will then add your name to my private email list. Or maybe I can have her independently search my files.  One way or another, I will get it to you.
So, 26 bottles of water doesn’t impress you too much, huh?  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or a put down, but I think I like it.  I also heard about the lady that drowned from drinking too much water on the radio show.  What a way to go? I know I got a bad headache from drinking my water, but I feel it was still a very safe distance away from drowning.  Interestingly, over the last handful of years I’ve seen countless stupid and dangerous things occur out in Devil’s Cove.  most of which involved a lot of liquid courage.  I’m surprised that no one has drowned while I’ve been there.  However, a guy did drown about 2 hours after we left one Sunday afternoon.  Anyway, I have vowed that the 2 ways I will 100% not die, will be by drowning or by being hit by a train.  The train thing is a whole other story.
I think you need to build your own low rider.  Paint it John Deere green, and let’s ride in it on the next 4th of July.  I can think of many other fun activities for the big event, but I’ll spare you for now.  On a bright note about my release, I will 99% assuredly be out by next 4th of July.  If I’m not out then, wow, we got big problems!
Why is the food at the Oasis so bad? It has notoriously been that way for as long as I can remember. What’s so hard about making decent Tex Mex?  That place does have awesome views. Too bad you can’t access it by boat unless you have Army Ranger mountain climbing gear.
For some reason in here, I think about that Mexican bar we all went to where we bet on dog races.  I don’t remember the name of it, but I wish I was there right now petting one of the greyhounds right before he ran.  I’m pretty sure I’d even battle it out with one of the cartels over there as opposed to being locked up here. Do you think I would make a good Mexican Warlord?
I’ll talk to you soon.

Maria    Thanks for letting me know that your friend and Sketch have been able to correspond.  He left the last unit well ahead of me, and I wondered if he was able to catch up with your friend.  Thanks again for your help with that.  Be looking for a personal letter from me soon.  How’s the weather there now?
Jill Thanks again for all the letters and parole info.   You need a shot!
Jill – Ginger – MamaB   About starched uniforms for visiting:  Exercising my normal selfish mannerisms, I neglected to consider the feelings of the person that would travel to the prison to visit me or another inmate and how this person would perceive a ‘sub par’ looking uniform.  I do understand your point about wanting to maintain a healthy appearance in front of a loved one.  I don’t think I’ve been convinced to starch my own uniform, but I will no longer judge anyone else that does.  Here in MW our uniforms are khaki in color and look much better the  white uniforms, in most part, simply due to the fact that they hide dirt better.  The uniforms here seem to be newer and fit better.  They pretty much look like khaki colored scrubs that would be worn in a clinical setting.
MamaB   Newspapers are delivered like mail, but are typically 4-6 days behind.  It is nice to be able to keep up on current events and some of the human interest items that are in the paper.  The paper can also be used as an intangible commodity and/or trading tool.  Newspapers are not sold in here, but sharing a newspaper definitely buys credibility and earns brownie points.  You would certainly be allowed to send your son a subscription if you wanted.
I bet your son will get the book you mailed him and I’m sure he’ll love it and share it when he’s finished.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the books that my friends have sent.  I especially enjoy the ones that have been a little ‘outside the box’. Anything different in here is truly a breath of fresh air.  I saw Bill Cosby do his stand up routine live a few years back.  It was pretty good, but the venue was so large that his performance came off a little sterile.  If he ever got drunk and went into one of his diatribes, it would be classic.  Who is Joe Lopez?
Since I am not a father it’s tough for me to know what the dads in here were experiencing  I would guess that the day made them think very hard about the few stupid decisions they made that landed them in prison.  Maybe they also just try to play it off and forget the day even exists????
MamaB  I think that during the RV tour we should not only eat in every town we stop in, but rather we should stop in every town and eat. No Texacos though! The eateries all need to be ‘mom and pop’ type places.  It would be sort of like a Man vs. Food type of show, but with a twist.  It would be my duty to eat and to persuade at least one random patron from each location to continue in the RV with us for the duration of the tour. (I can just see the smile on Wamp’s face and the gears turning in his mind as he considers this.)  Let’s just hope this tour is able to start up sooner, rather than later. J
** Jeff B- Special comment:  I think I accidentally left out the URL of the boat of my dreams in my reply to you last time. Look up Cranchi boats model 64HT.  If you could have that fueled up and waiting at the dock for me, I’d be obliged.
Thank you for all of your continued support and interest.  I’ll talk to you again soon…. hopefully, with some good news.

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  1. Im trying to come up with an idea of when sons vote should come in, but I think I will just try my best to ignore and not dwell on it. I know thats what he is trying to do. The book I sent my son called "The S@#T my dad told me, was a a hit. he said he literally sat in his bunk laughing and then gave it to his cellie to read and was watching the cellie read it with a silly grin on his face. Im glad he thought it was as funny as I hoped it would be. Joe Lopez is an hispanic comedian. He is hilarious. Has his own sitcom, but also does standup and been in some movies. Something to add to your "to do" list when you come home.
    Your RV trip to the mom and pop eateries, sounds like a food show that is quite popular. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Thats what they target, however they dont let anyone leave with them. Thats where your adventures will be different. You shall have to videotape and blog, for the rest of us to keep up with. You will have to find a way to randomly pick the eateries if the town has several. A spinner? Blindfold pin the fork on the diner? hmmm *scratching head* So guess how my weekend went? Friday a tree fell on my vehicle just after I got out of it, Saturday a tree fell on the edge of my house, today (Monday) my daughters vehicle that I borrowed, overheated on me in the middle of nowhere and a stranger told me the devil was chasing me...I agreed. Waiting on your next post.