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Monday, July 26, 2010


It’s now evening time and I’m cleaned up and ready for bed.  Only problem is that I’m not sleepy.  My sleeping at night has not been all that sound, so I’ve been taking one hour to one and a half hours naps during the afternoons.  I’m doing this in homage to “Life Style” and truly am taking full advantage of my vacation and resort quality accommodations.  Please don’t be too jealous.

Surprisingly, last night I received more than my ordinary haul of mail. That’s great and thanks to you!  It still remains important for me to keep in touch with all of you, and it provides me with abundance day to day inspiration when I learn what is still going on in the day to day lives of my friends.  It may seem a redundant quest, but the ample spare time I have in here heightens my senses and makes me long for new information to digest.  So please keep the letters and comments coming.  The most insignificant remarks can go a long way.  Specific comments about ‘80’s hair bands are enjoyed.

I’ve been here for about 2 weeks now.  Today, a total of 35 guys left the unit to go home.  It looked like a POW exodus at the end of a war.  One of the guys that left was one of my roommates.  I didn’t know him well, but he seemed like, what I’d consider to be, one of the 4 “middle of the road” guys in here.  A black guy, probably early 30’s, that has a wife and daughter.  I really didn’t get to know him, but it was interesting to see him prepare to go home.  I wish I could share more with you about his feelings, but as I tried to gain some insight, he wasn’t too talkative.  I can tell you that the last week was very long for him and he was nervous up until yesterday, that something would go wrong and prevent his release.  Apparently everyone here gets their final release documents one day prior to going home.  These documents are what make it official.  I think the only thing that would prevent a release once these are issued would be a brand new arrest for some unrelated matter.  Anyway, it was pleasant seeing a person that was fairly close to me get to leave.  He’s been gone now for about 12 hours and has already been forgotten.  It’s funny how that works.  His bunk is empty right now, but most likely will be filled tomorrow when a new chain of guys arrive.  Chains arrive here on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Hopefully, it won’t be anyone like the fat guy from Shaw Shank.

When I left my previous unit, I had to leave behind one bag of commissary items, books, and files/papers. It was finally shipped and arrived to me last night here. We were only allowed to take one bag with us when leaving the last unit.  I would say the bag was about the size of a small potato sack. It was nice to get all my books and papers back with me.  I still need a small armoire to store everything.  One of the first things I looked through was my parole packet (the one that my attorney put together which included letters from my friends and family as well as other important information for the parole board).  It was a nice confidence refresher and boost.

I finished the ‘Jack the Ripper’ book and enjoyed it.  It started to drag a little at the end with inundating details.  I’m now starting a book called Body Hunter about some murders that took place in Wichita Falls, Texas, in the 1980’s. It is a non-fiction book. I’ll report more on it when I finish, as I’m only 50 pages into it right now.

In a couple of the personal letters I have recently received, my friends left with me the impression that they were very disappointed, or they felt I might be very disappointed that I’m not home by now, or more specifically, that my ‘date’ of June 25 came and went with nothing changing. Please don’t fret. June 25th was a best case scenario and although I’m certainly not happy to still be here, I’m not one bit disheartened.  If anything, I’m excited that the train of logic I’d been using, actually worked for me.  For 5 months I gave myself the date of June 25 because I wanted a tangible goal to look forward to.  The earlier date made sense in my head, and this was comforting for me.  I figured that if I didn’t go home by June 25th then another month sure wasn’t going to kill me.  I am still using the same logic, for I now plan to be home on my birthday in August.  I’m 85% done as of today.  See, doesn’t that sound rosey?  What’s a measly 15% anyway?

I learned yesterday that one of my friends will be headed to Afghanistan in a few months.  We should all keep his safety in mind.  If I could stay in here longer for the sake of your well being, my friend, I’d definitely do it. But heck, knowing you…’re probably ready to head that way right now.  I’ll talk to you more before you leave, but, for the time being, I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks to everyone for reading the blog and for your support.  I’m going to address some comments now and will get those in the mail soon.


  1. Good to read your post. One day soon, it will be you in that line ready to leave and come home. Hopefully, one day in the not too distant future, it will be my son, too. How I long for that day! Another season almost down. This has been one of the oddest weather summers in a long time. I have a dead tree in my yard. I kept hearing this sqeeking type noise. Finally discovered a woodpecker had nested in a hole in this tree and it was her babies I was hearing. Its been interesting watching the female and the male flying back and forth all day long feeding these babies. I wonder, when they get old enough to fly, are the parents going to take them on a "road trip" to show them all the trees in my yard to peck at? This might not be so good. In case youre wondering fishing the coast had not been hampered by the Gulf oil spill. A few tar balls have been discovered, but not all are from BP's oil spill. So, if you decide to venture past the lake to do some saltwater fishing, give it a shot. Good to hear from you as usual. Take care

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. This is all new to me. I just found out that the man I have been seeing will be sentenced soon. He is 62, a real family man and I had no idea he had been in trouble in the past. He is looking at 8 to 10 in a prison in AZ. I hope to keep in touch with him and maybe by the Grace of God he will get out much sooner. I wonder if he will be able to email me.....I am so heartbroken as I realize now how much I love him.....