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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Some of the guys in here and I have discussed the topic of “cheating” on a spouse or significant other.  We learned that each individual seems to have their own definition of the word.  My question to all of you is: “What do you consider cheating?”  More specifically, do the following variables change your definition, and if so, how do they change? 1) Length of relationship  2) Long distance relationship  3) Ultimate goal of relationship  if it is not marriage.  Are there different degrees of cheating?  

For example, is emotional cheating as bad as physical cheating?  (editor comment..emotional cheating is worse...not that either are good, but if your spouse or sig other is more emotionally involved with someone else, that is NOT good...while a physical involvement isn't good either, there is a much better chance that is a one time thing....but an emotional relationship would take time to build....ok, sorry for butting in,.this isn't my blog..I just type it up).  

Would simply having the desire to cheat be considered as cheating?  There are really an infinite number of scenarios, so we would like to know some opinions.  We actually had this discussion in here a few weeks ago, and I had forgotten, until now, that I was asked to bring it up in this blog. One of my friends just reminded me, so now you have it.

I tried to watch a little TV last night, but quickly lost interest in the NASCAR Race that was on. I think they were in Talladega, AL.  Days of Thunder, it was not.  Nor was it Six Pack. (Who remembers that movie, and can you remember the name of the villain, like I did, without looking on the internet?) Next, I worked through the end of a chapter in a business plan workbook that I’ve had for a couple of weeks.  I’m about ¼ of the way to having it completed.  I’m trying to compose a highly organized and detailed plan in order to more intelligently restart my business once I get out.  Any written plan I’ve had in the past has been an informal brainstorm, at best, so I’m excited that having so much spare time in here has afforded me the opportunity to work on it.  

Without internet access, I’m doing all of the competitor analysis based only on my knowledge of the industry, but I think that the data I’m ultimately compiling will be sufficiently accurate.  In a funny twist of faith; I ended last night pondering how to communicate my new company’s strategic position to consumers, and low and behold, if I’m not awakened this morning by the intercom system in my dorm by my job. They were calling me at 6:45 am to go move a bunch of furniture and filing cabinets into an office.  (For those who don’t know, I have owned and operated a moving company since 1995.)  I guess the new plan is so good that I’m already getting phone calls. 

It’s just past 11:00 am on Sunday morning and I’m still up at work. I’ve been relaxing in a comfortable chair in the barber shop for a while.  I just had a 30 minute discussion with the chaplain about how to improve the prison system, tort reform, the new health care bill, and our economy.  We talked mostly about needed changes to the prison system, and we both agreed that the prisons were failing in the two areas that are most important.  Reducing the crime rate and reducing recidivism. His ideas on how to improve things were based on the following: (Please note that the following are only very general in nature.  We talked in detail about possible solutions, but I don’t want to misquote him or bore you with lengthy rambling, so I’ll keep this brief.)   1. Prison is too easy.  It needs to be more of a deterrent.  2. Most prisoners have no initiative and therefore are not ready to be reintroduced into society.   3. The public should realize that some people are not capable of living a normal life and should be locked up for good. This is some sort of a 3 strike system.  4. In prisons, only the inmates that desire to change and be helped should be helped.  We should stop trying to rehab people that have no desire to change.  5. The court system should be altered when it comes to prisoners (tort reform).  6. The court system should be invested on the educations system in here and more should be invested in faith based programs.  We talked about much more, but these were the main points.

The chaplain is a very nice person.  He is the farthest thing from an ‘over the top religious fanatic’ that he can possibly be.  I enjoyed our conversation today, and I enjoy speaking with him in much shorter durations on an almost daily basis throughout the regular work week.  I have been thinking about directing him to this blog site.  I think, at the very least, he could find it interesting.  What does everyone think about this?  What could some of the harmful consequences be?

Thanks for all the support and for continuing to read.  I’ll talk to you soon.  One last thing…  the chaplain made specific mention that with the budget cuts,  “this was a great time to be trying to make parole.”  Gotta love it!

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