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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anoa and Sirdar

 Do you know what these two words mean?
 Tuesday 7:20 am – I’m not necessarily sure that anything newsworthy has happened between last Saturday and right now to comment on.  I’m pretty sure it hasn’t. On Sunday I was able to eat a bunch of BBQ’d brisket from the real world and that was definitely delicious!
I finished reading a book titled In Thin Air last night.  It was a factual account of the Mount Everest tragedies in 1996.  If you recall, in the spring of that year there was sort of a “Perfect Storm” that lead to the deaths of several climbers and guides all in the same 24 hour period.  I was somewhat delaying starting the book, because I thought it might be a little boring, but, to my surprise, it turned out to be an extremely intelligently written and riveting account of what happened on the mountain.  The author was on the expedition himself and escaped with no permanent physical injuries.  His descriptions of the mountain and his quest to summit it made me understand how a person could be drawn to attempt something so illogical and dangerous.  Does the book make me want to climb the mountain myself?  Absolutely not.  Pirates do not ascend mountains.  I would, however, like to build a bar at the top of Everest called “High Life” and install a gondola lift to transport my customers.  The opportunities would be enormous.  While reading the book, I also learned two new words that I really like. I hope you’ll like them, too. An anoa is a dwarf buffalo, and a sirdar is a lead Sherpa.  See if you can incorporate each of those words into a normal conversation today!
What is the phenomenon that dictates -- as soon as you learn a new word that you have never before previously heard, you will now hear it on a regular basis?  Is it a total coincidence, or are we just ignorant that the word is being used before we learn its definition?
As you can see, I seem to be lacking for substance in my writing today.  I think that it’s just one of those days when the wheels aren’t turning as quickly as they should be. I even overslept this morning and got to work a half hour late.  I think I already need a nap.
3:00 pm – I’m back in my dorm after a very non-eventful work day. I took advantage of the tranquility and wrote a couple of letters to a couple of friends that I haven’t talked to in a while.  Six pages to a girl….two pages to a guy.  They both keep track of the blog, but I tried to give them a little deeper insight in what I wrote directly to them.
I’m inspired by the prognosis of the blog.  I would love to get some comments from you now that we are back on track.  I still have plenty of time to write.
The weather has cooled off significantly this afternoon, so it feels great here in the dorm.  I’m going to work out now, and I’ll write some more tomorrow.
Thanks for reading. Your support is important and inspiring.


  1. Dear Editor,
    Things are tough all over, we all understand that. You took on quite a lot by offering to do this blog and you are to be commended. Things can and will come along that throw us completely off track at times. I speak for myself and possibly for a few others as well, when I say that we understand its a hard and lengthy job keeping up with a blog such as this. Dont feel as if its a do or die situation. If you need help, there are many of us willing to do our part to keep this blog going. And if we are interested in keeping it going, then it is OUR responsibility as well. I for one am raising my hand as a volunteer to be a side editor anytime you need me to. I have found many times in life that I try to take on projects that I can do by myself, until a "surprise" catches me. Then I try to keep it going with my new circumstances and at some place it begins to unravel and I have to try to figure out how to fix it. Dont let this happen to you. Delegate and keep yourself as stress free as possible.

  2. Siclismo!! Gallapagos Hawg!!! OOnoos hawg!! aaaaarp!!!! Just got back from Panama for work. Will write soon.

  3. Anoa and Sirdar...Well, I have to admit my ignorance as I have never heard these words before..however, they might be cute names for pets, say a couple of little white mice, or perhaps a pair of kitties? BIRDS! thats it! Parrots! yes, thats it, Parrots! Not that I want them, but they would be cute names for someone elses parrots!

    Would suddenly hearing these two words again be something like..well..vehicles. How many times have you never noticed a certain vehicle until you GET one! Then all of a sudden, you see them all the time? Have they always been there, or are you just noticing them?

    As for the bar, the "High Life", well, at first thought, my mind says "HA! thats a good idea!, Why cant I ever think of those things??"...But then after a few minutes of pouting, I start thinking, "I dont know, I mean, yeah, sure, the name is GREAT! The idea is SUPERB, going up would be AWESOME!, but...the coming back down? Now see, here is where I start getting kinda shaky. Oh sure, enough "fuel" and Im 10 ft tall and bullet proof and ready for any kind of a dare, but my stomach, well, its reached my golden years long before my mind has, and well. to put it nicely, it may TURN on me, ya know? I have to think on this some more.
    Ok, see this what happens when old people stay up past their bedtimes, senility sneaks up on them and jap slaps them right across the face. I need one of those naps you referred to earlier. NIGHT!

  4. Well no I have never heard of those words but my mind had went blank thinking of lessons for next week. I have 10 days left so i'm sure you'll totally understand I am grateful for the inspiration for next week. Thanks Maria

  5. I agree with Mama B and would be happy to help with the blog anytime... And to Andy... You should be expecting a large package from me... again I have sent it, but this time I went with the most expensive way to send it so that it should without a doubt get there with no problems; however, my life is pretty boring, as you well know, without you here to get me outta the house!!! I miss you so much!!! I sent a lot of interesting parole info as well. I sent it from my office so that you would be more likely to get it!