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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Everything is going just fine for me.  From the experience of a couple of my friends in here that received lay ins last night, it seems now as if parole answers are being returned just over 2 months from the time that we begin the parole process.   That puts me getting my answer around the end of June and, hopefully, getting out of here near mid July.  I guess that’s pretty much the timing I’ve been looking at all along, but it’s ,unfortunately, not on the really “good” end of the spectrum where I’d get out of here around the end of June.  Oh well, no big deal.  At this point, the end of June vs. the middle to end of July is almost the same thing.  My greatest anticipation now is not necessarily a release date, but rather for a positive parole answer.  Please continue to keep your fingers crossed!

I am sorry that there has been such a lag.  This blog is very important in helping me relay my life to my friends, and the new support from strangers that I’ve received through this site has been inspiring and nothing short of remarkable.  I apologize for the delay in some postings as I had priorities with my parole and the editor had some personal things he had to take care of.

I received another book yesterday from a friend to conclude a debaucherous  trilogy:  I Hope They Serve Beer in HellAn  A**hole’s Guide to Handling Chicks, and Die Happy- 499 Things a Guy’s Gotta Do While He Still Can.    This trilogy had made for some very entertaining reading and the books have become quite the hits here in my dorm.  Maybe I can rent them out or something!   A lot of you are probably suggesting to me right now that I should be spending my time more wisely and I, quite honestly, would agree with you based on the limited information that I have provided here.  Just keep in mind that I’m leaving out the monotony of my daily “homework” (business planning), 1 ½ hours of the same exercises as the day before, and the “normal” books that I also read concurrently.  It just seems to be much more fun to discuss and write about books concerning partying!

The last chapter of the Die Happy book contains a guide to help you complete your own “bucket list”. I am looking forward to completing my list over the next few weeks.  It’s kinda crazy how much of the 499 things that I’ve already done.  Maybe I should write my version of this book, too!

The prison would not allow the book Friday Night Lights  to be delivered to me.  The reason is that there is supposedly a racial slur on page 59.  Seriously!  Can someone please tell me what exactly is said on page 59?  I have 2 weeks to appeal the decision to the prison board..  I haven’t decided if I’ll do it yet.  I may write an appeal letter on sheer principal if I get bored next week.  If so I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. My son went to prison on April 13, my biggest frustration is with all the "friends" who dont seem to know how to write a letter, or just cant commit the time it takes. You said it that many people--esp young people it seems are not able to sit down and write a real letter. They can text and email but what my son and other inmates look forward to are letters. It is their connection to life, family and friends. He tells me that mail call each day is what they all wait for. I write him just about every day, have only missed a hand full since he went in. Even a small note with a card and personal message helps. I hope eveyone understands as I am sure ANdy felt down by lack of response as well on here. Good luck.

  2. Mail Call

    Darkness and loneliness fill my cell
    With pain and fear too great to tell.
    I wait for the mailman to deliver to me

    As I wipe away tears that no one will see.

    I pray sincerely, with head raised above,

    “Please, God, soon send me a letter of love.”

    I long to gaze upon pages so dear,

    With riches to bring my loved ones near.

    Words of diamonds on pages of gold

    A message from heaven as their story told

    "We love you. We miss you. We pray you’ll be free."

    A treasure-filled envelope just for me.

    Please bring memories of joy, I once knew,

    Family, friends and things I use to do.

    The darkness and pain of my cell will prevail

    As my name again was not called for mail.

  3. Hey there. How are ya? Have you heard any news about your parole date? Keeping fingers crossed for you. It sounds like you have gained respect in there and thats great. I am trying to not get my hopes up for my son, but I feel his chances are much better this time around and I cant help but think in that frame of mind, although he tells me not to.
    Im curious, you mentioned taking business courses. Is that thru your unit or on your own? When you are released, do you plan to make any career changes or is your career something you are still interested in doing? The reason I ask is that my son is in the "what do I want to do with my life, that would be the most beneficial" stage. I think he is really wanting to go back to school and start something completely new.
    Have you noticed any changes in the population there? There are so many stories going around about early releases, and inmates being transferred to treatment centers, I just wonder what the inmates are really seeing. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon.