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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It’s Saturday and I’m at work.  I didn’t plan on working today, but I was called out around an hour ago.  Given the choice, I would have taken the day off, but it’s really no big deal.  I probably won’t even work a full day.

I went to bed early last night and was probably asleep by 8:15 pm or so. That’s so not right for a Friday night, but that is what my weeks in here have corrupted to.  Makes you just want to tear up, doesn’t it?  No, not really.  It’s actually been pretty nice.  Sure does make for a peaceful Saturday morning.  I just wish I was able to also sleep until 10 or 11 on Saturday morning.  I’ve got my mind convinced that every hour in here that I’m asleep is an hour that I’m winning and that should even count towards my sentence.  So let’s see what the math on that works out to be.  If I sleep an extra 3 ½ hours each night that’s a total of 105 hours extra hours each month which is almost four and a half days.  If I’m in here for 66 more days it would be just short of 10 full days of extra sleep.  Ten days in here seems like a really long time, and I would be elated to sleep an extra 10 days off of my sentence.

This is a tough week to write about. I don’t know that anything new is going on at all.  I don’t think I mentioned it, but maybe I did…. A guy died here in the prison last week (Monday night , I think) after he was electrocuted from the wires of a tattoo gun that he had somehow made.  I think he was about 25ish years old.   I guess some people just truly do not have very good luck.

One of my friends in here learned two nights ago that he did not make parole.  With his back time from the county jail he had served ten months on a four year sentence for violating a protective order that his girlfriend had placed against him.  He’s a white guy about 40 years old.  He has 2 teenage sons from a previous marriage.  I know that he hasn’t been to prison before, but I am pretty sure he has a handful of other arrests.  There was apparently no violence involved when he violated the protective order, therefore, most of us in here felt he would make parole, but that didn't happen.   

This has made my friend that sleeps below me very anxious about his parole, to say the very least. He should be getting his answer back from the parole board very soon.  He is also in here on a four year sentence.  He has about a year total of back time and prison time, and his charge is for some type of assault against his girlfriend.  This is his second time in prison for the same type of assault.  The first time was against a different girl, and I think he received a two year sentence on that one and made his parole after seven or eight months.  Logically, it would seem to me, that he would not stand a good chance of making his parole, but as I have seen with my own eyes, the parole decisions do not follow a form of linear logic.

Let me point out that in no way, shape, fashion, or form do I condone or even perceive as trivial, what those guys did to receive their prison sentences.  I would normally not even associate with someone like that in the free world.  However, in here, there is a limited pool of potential friends to draw from.  This pool is narrowed quickest by race, followed by age.  IQ or common sense is probably the third mitigating factor.  As you can probably see, this narrows down the field quite a bit.  Most people in here are not judged by other inmates for the crime they committed. This definitely changes for crimes against children or sex related crimes, but none of those guys are in this prison unit.  Since everyone in here is in the same incarcerated predicament, we each receive a clean slate to start from in the eyes of the other prisoners.  Respect and your word each go a long way in here.

I actually had a guard go out of his way to apologize to me yesterday for the actions of another guard.  I found this to be quite amazing.  I’ve certainly never seen it happen since I’ve been in here, but I’m going to ask some of the guys that have been to prison before to see of they’ve ever heard of such.  I don’t think I’m focused enough right now, nor do I have the patience to detail the events of this story properly enough for you to appreciate it.  Perhaps I’ll save it for later.

One half of the Blue Comedy Convict Duo caught chain this past week and is being moved to a new unit.  He was denied his parole (family violence) and must serve about another year to completely discharge a two year sentence.  He was accepted into a fairly desirable program that apparently teaches much needed job and business skills, and all but assures its graduates of being placed into a job once they are released.  Coincidentally, the unit he is going to is only about 10 minutes from his home, so now his wife (the one he assaulted to earn himself this sentence) will be able to visit him more often!  Aren’t not-so-subtle ironies sometimes funnier than the softer ones?

OK, here is a weird thing to me.  I’ve been locked up since January 27th.  So far, I have yet to come across anyone in here that was locked up after that date.  Some of the guys in here have been locked up for around 20 months.  I talked to one guy last night that told me the last news snippet that he remembers hearing about before he was locked up (4th DWI) was Octomom giving birth.  I can’t even remember exactly when that was, it seems so long ago!   It always seems weird to me when I think about the fact that I was not even in jail last Christmas and New Years, but most all of the other guys were.  Anyway….I think it will feel even stranger once people begin to filter in that weren’t originally locked up until after I was.  Maybe not….who knows?   I’m guessing that better than half of our tank has turned over since I’ve been here.  Out of the original 57 people in here when I arrived, probably just over 20 are still the same.  Several have gone home.  Several have been transferred to ID units (long term units), and I think the rest have just been moved within this unit for a variety of reasons.

I only did ab exercises yesterday, as I needed a little rest.  I know my dorm did not get rec. this morning after I left, so possibly that means I’ll get to go run outside this afternoon.  I know I may be harping on this too much, but it is frustrating not to have any set pattern to plan upon for my running.  I think next week I may need to change things up. I think it’s been just over 2 continuous weeks of the exact same exercise routine for me.

The weather is pretty gloomy here today.  Very overcast, and it looks like it may rain anytime.  Probably doesn't suit you all out there for exciting outdoor weekend plans.

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  1. So awful to hear of the death of the inmate. Im sure when something like that happens it really hits the others hard. My sons unit had a guy die from a seizure and hitting his head. I know how hard it was on him to be so close that happening. Very upsetting.
    I know the weekends are the hardest on my son. No work, no school, lights out late, etc. As for the sleeping, I would do the same thing, try to fit as much sleep into my schedule as possible. When your asleep, time goes by that you dont even miss.
    For the guys that didnt make parole: the one had about 10 mos on a 4 year, what kind of set off did he get? one year? Tell him to hang in there, he will be ok. Just keep doing what he is doing and he will be out in no time! For the one with parole coming up, tell him to keep his chin up. My bet is that if he doesnt make it this time, he will get a one year set off and be out soon as well. As for your situation my sons as well, I say this: The other night I was up late, on PTO. Joel Olsteen came on. Now normally, I admit, I dont watch it. But laziness got to me and something caught my attention and I realized it was maybe meant for me to hear. So I listened to it while doing PTO stuff. It was about "inconveniences and delays" in our lives. How we plan our time according to our lives, but sometimes God has a different plan for us that causes our "delays and inconveniences". His plan is for a greater good and instead of looking at just the bad side of our delay, we need to look deeper and realize that maybe this "delay" is intentional for a reason. Just food for thought. So if our paroles dont go as planned "just yet", we will be disappointed, saddened, hurt, upset, angry, and all very well understood feelings, but maybe, just maybe, when time goes on and we look past our timeline that we want, we will see, that maybe it was for a reason that we didnt understand.
    As for your exercises, you know routine brings boredom. so how many ways can you change up a routine? how many different exercises can you come up with? think out of the box and be creative, how can you change them up? Dont stick with any one routine for more than a week. sit down and come up with a month worth of routines at a time, changing every week. Try it and let me know. I found a site that has some different ways of doing pushups to send to my son. If you would like I can print them for you.
    Hang in there! I promise, this too shall pass!