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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Thursday afternoon – The week has gone by quickly with very little fanfare.  Today your tax dollars are being spent to fund an employee appreciation crawfish boil for this unit and the handful of other units right around this area.  All the guards are talking about crawfish and the warden is wearing a shirt with a picture of a crawfish on it.  It’s all making me very hungry.
My mom has sent to me some of the brief replies that my closer friends have sent through her email, and I am glad to hear from each of you. Nice to know you are still alive.
It’s in the 90’s most everyday here, and the heat still isn’t too bad.  As a matter of fact, I’m just going to stop commenting on it unless there is some sort of significant change.
My grandfather is kind and compassionate enough to write me a few times each week, which I really appreciate.  He sent me a letter last week and asked me a question that I would like to address here.  In our recent correspondence, one of the topics we’ve hit on is the business planning that I’ve been doing.  In my letters to him, I explained a lot of the who, what, and when issues of my planning.  The other day he asked, “Why are you making this plan?”  I don’t think he was looking for the obvious answer.  I think he was asking more of a philosophical question ie, Why are you making this plan vs. going to get a normal job or choosing a different career path or becoming a professional pirate or whatever the infinite number of  other options might have been.  Some of you may be curious about this, also.
The answer isn’t complex.  Since I opened my own business in 1995, I have had thousands of ideas run through my head about ways to expand, improve, and be more profitable.  I have never taken the time to fully catalog these ideas.  I am not certain, but I would venture to guess that most of my friends probably think that I never plan for anything.  This, however, is very far from reality. Yes, I am spontaneous, but I plan for nearly everything.  There has even been a plan over the last five years.  Do I always make the best plan or strictly adhere to my plan? Of course, not.  Anyway, the ideas about my business opportunities and operations have finally become so vast, that in order to be effective and grow, it was mandatory to get some concrete designs in writing.  To conclude, I am making this plan in order to most efficiently facilitate making a significant amount of money and establishing a business that I can feasibly sell in three or so years. I hope this explanation helps.
That’s all I’ve got for now.  I plan to put this in tomorrow’s outgoing mail.  Thanks to all for your support, and I look forward to your comments.


  1. So, did you just have to smell the crawfish and dream about it, or did someone sneak you in a tail or two?
    Yes the heat is in the 90's but the heat index has been over 100. Any fans in the unit? Ice water occasionally?
    A business plan sounds like a good idea, especially if you are the type that wants to have his own business and work for someone else. Course with me, I ALWAYS make plans, I just dont stick to them. Kinda like lists, I always make lists, but dont always go by them. Guess that makes me a rebel, huh? LOL So, lets say, you have this business that you end up selling in about 3 years. Then what? Another business, another sell? Or another business, but larger?
    This summer is going by so fast. Hard to believe its nearly half over. Middle of another season already. I love the summertime, just not the heat.
    Good to hear from you and know you are ok.
    Take care!

  2. This has nothing to do with your blog entry but I thought you might like to know who I saw riding their motorcycle up Congress Avenue. Dee Synder (A.k.a. - Twisted Sister), he was in town for the Republic of Texas Rally. He was not angry or hostile looking like he was in those 80's videos, In fact he was all grins when I saw him. *Maybe he was mad in those videos because he had to where all that eye-liner and big shoulder pads ???* Eddie C.

  3. Are you serious about having a company up and running in three years that would be profitable enough to sell? Dreams are great, but please be realistic so that you won't be disappointed.