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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Books and TV, but no newspaper

Just another Saturday morning around here for me.  We got rec first thing this morning for a really short time.  I was only able to run about a mile and a half before we had to come back inside.  I’m at work now and it’s a little after 1pm.  I think I’ve been here since about 8:30 or 8:45ish.  I’ve pretty much just been reading all day.  I finished up a stupid detective/ who done it type of book. It really wasn’t even very good, but once I had figured that out, I was too hooked to set it down.  I hate it when that happens! 
Sorry to everyone for erroneously announcing June 25 as my projected hopeful release.  Obviously, that isn’t going to happen.  I think I’m usually pretty punctual, but this time I’m late!  Maybe I’m just finally paying everyone back for always showing up to the lake tardy.  (You like that reference, Momo?)  For the majority of you that have no clue what I’m talking about, Momo has never once been late when showing up to the lake.  He definitely gets the perfect attendance award.  

Anyway….I lament the incorrect release date of June 25th.  I always knew that date was the best case scenario, and I used it to keep my spirits up.  Now that it’s here, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal that it hasn’t materialized. The time I have left feels small now, and I still feel fortunate when I compare my time to a lot of the other guys in here.

Incidentally, it surprises me that missing Father’s Day doesn’t affect guys in here anymore than it does. I am speaking of the fathers, not the sons.  There are only 3 guys in my dorm that seem to even care that their kids are missing them.  The majority of the guys do have children.  However, I am unaware and unconcerned with the specifics of 95% of these relationships and can therefore, offer you no more insight than to simply guess that most of them are just deadbeat dads.
A few weeks back I gave one of the officers in here the URL for the Blog.  I debated for a while whether or not to share the info with her, or not.  It seemed she was very curious, and I ultimately figured “What the heck”.  There isn’t anything on here that is too personal, and I thought it would be unique to get comments from a different perspective.  If any JDCJ officials are reading now, please feel free to leave any feedback, or comments, or questions you feel are relevant.
Hey, when does college football start?  With NBA Basketball being over, there won’t be much going on with sports until then.  I very well could wither away and experience meltdown in here if I’m watching a college game from one of these dorm TV’s. The thought of it, even now, is unsettling.  What’s going on with all the conference upheaval?  No more Big 12 as we know it?  Or did they scrap the new plans?  I feel behind on the news.

  Kind of weird…with all of the news I’ve missed, the conference changes are the catalyst that have made me desire to get a newspaper subscription.  I believe it’s a combination of several factors, along with feeling like I need to get reacquainted with current events, that are now making me become re-interested in the news.  I also watched two television shows this week.  “Medium” and “Lie to Me”.  Both aired new episodes. Does anyone else like those programs?


  1. Im thinking a newspaper subscription is a great idea. Keep you up on current events a bit. I thought about sending my son one, but lets face it, not much going on in these neck of the woods. Guess I could send him a Houston paper, if thats allowed. Do they deliver it daily like mail? I sent him a book titled "S#*T my dad says". Ive never heard of it, but was looking for something different on Amazon and saw it, checked out some of the pages and omg was it funny! Kinda like Bill Cosby after a few drinks. Or Joe Lopez live, maybe the dad on That 70's show. I have no idea if they will deliver it to him or will censor it, but hopefully he gets it because #1 he will think Ive lost my mind, tho actually he pretty much knows it as fact, and lets face it, I love the shock factor and #2 I can picture him sitting there getting strange looks for laughing his butt off.
    I wonder with the fathers day scenario, if its really how the guys feel or if its part of the "persona" of trying to look tough and unfeeling. Probably some of each.
    I wish some of the CO's or TDCJ employees would comment on here, if they are reading. I know their input was always appreciated at PTO, and they were well respected. A lot of CO's and inmates alike could learn a bit from some of their wisdom.
    I do like the show "medium", havent seen the other one.
    Keep doing what youre doing, find the silver lining and know that you wont be there forever.
    Take care

  2. Folks if youre still around, lets send Andy a crop of comments. He is being transferred again according to the current status and thats one of the most frightening, nervewracking experiences. Lets support him and let him know we are here for him.

  3. Just heard your moving again!! So sorry you did not get the release date you where hoping for. I pray this time passes quick for you. My friend heard from your friend and he has also been moved but she say's he seem's quite upbeat and O.K. just thought I would let you know Maria

  4. I hope that the transfer is going ok... Your mom wrote me and told me that you finally got my package!!!! YEAH... and the good thing is that maybe it will help you and your fellow inmates concerning parole hearings! I also hope you enjoyed the jokes and rules for several domino games!!! I miss you and hope to see you soon!