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Sunday, May 30, 2010


There isn’t much going on around here today. It’s raining heavily and the mood around here is lazy and sleepy.  It’s a very nice change. I was able to run 3 miles earlier this morning and complete all my sit ups and other stretching and exercising before the rain came. After seeing that I was just 206 lbs yesterday, I am extremely motivated.
One of the loud mouths here, no, the biggest loudmouth, was moved out of our tank last night and into lock up.  No one is exactly certain what he did, but the rumor is that it is “Under Investigation.”  I’m not sure what that means.  What I do know, is that due to the fact that he is originally from around here, he knows most of the guards and is able to get away with a lot. He is continuously stealing, trafficking, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow works with a guard or two to import contraband into the prison.  Actually, I care very little about his illegal activities, but I am very glad his mouth is now unavailable.
I finished up The Lone Survivor  last night and believe it or not, Shane, the book mentions two of my friends from A&M.  Small world, isn’t it?
I’ve been working on business stuff for the last couple of hours and I sure do miss having a calculator.  I’ve given myself a headache from doing so many calculations I have reached the conclusion that I need to set a 6 week goal of exactly where my business preparations need to be by the end of June.  It’s hard to do everything that I need to do in that amount of time.  Hopefully, I can have a better handle on it in a couple of days after I have mapped it out a little better.
I almost forgot to mention a bit of information that you might find interesting. This will describe and help you understand the state of affairs here in the prison system.  A friend of mine went in to take some sort of standardized test the other day in order to try to qualify to get into some kind of educational program. One of the questions was: If you are paroled who will you live with?  The choices (on a scantron sheet) were: a) parent   b) spouse  c) halfway house   d) baby mama  e) other.  I’m not kidding!  What????
The weather is beautiful here today.  I hope it’s nice where you are and I’m hoping everyone is headed to the lake for Memorial Weekend.  Trust me, you’d miss it if you didn’t have the ability to go, so take advantage of your opportunity to go have some fun.  Besides, someone needs to take up the slack for me this year, since I won’t be there.  I’ll be expecting some good stories!

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