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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I’ve had a very productive past few days.  I’ve been able to complete a lot of writing, and I’ve been able to get a solid start on handling some ongoing business dealings.  I have been working almost all day on the draft of the petition to bring suit against my ex and her father and finally just finished it up.  Here in about ten days or so, there ought to be an active lawsuit against both of them.  After 5 years they will finally be put on the defensive.  I feel a little funny telling everyone this.  

You see, I am not a vindictive person.  I have tried for the last few years to come up with valid reasons not to follow through with this suit.  I simply cannot come up with enough reasons to outweigh the amount of money they owe.  I have a feeling that most people reading this right now are probably thinking to themselves that I am bitter, or that I am refusing to move forward in my life by continuing to actively involve myself with the people and things that landed me in jail in the first place.  Maybe you are right, but I do not think so.  First, I am not bitter.  I can speak the truth candidly about my past, but that in no way equals bitterness.  There is nothing more  I would like than to simply and totally move on with my life.  

What I’m going through now is part of that process.  The new lawsuit to defend myself and my family is part of the process.  I am in the continuing process of moving on, and I have long since forgiven many people that I think misconstrued what I did wrong and took advantage of me.  I have not forgotten what happened, and I have learned a considerable amount.  I truly hope that these same people have been able to forgive me and move forth in their own lives, however, that decision is up to them.  Their actions will no longer affect mine.
If anyone cares to comment I would like to know what you think.  Is this a psychoanalytically positive or negative move on my part?  What could be the absolute worst possible outcome here?   Thanks!  If this were a movie, the credits would begin to roll right now with music being played by “Drowning Pool” of the song “Bodies”.
Good night and sweet dreams to all.

Questions I was wondering about this week:
1. How many mg. of sodium should I consume daily?
2. If I am on a diet in here, and I am consuming way too much sodium, how long will it take once I get out, to return my sodium balance back to normal?  Basically, what I am wanting to know is, if I should be concerned with my sodium intake for the short time (hopefully) that I am in here.

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  1. Yes you should be concerned about your sodium intake... Especially if they have already told you that you have high blood pressure!!! Sorry I cant get letters to go through to you... I dont know why they keep sending them back :(.