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Friday, May 21, 2010


  I’m in a great mood and feeling a lot closer to being out of here now than I was this time last week.  Yesterday was probably my happiest day here to date.  Let me explain.  In order to be paroled out of here there is a certain chain of events that transpires.  Most of the chain is behind the scenes and is pretty much impossible for me to track or quantify.    At a certain point in the chain I am interviewed by the IPO (Institutional Parole Officer) and this begins the link in the chain that can be tracked.  It therefore allows me to clarify two things:  (1) The date that I will know if I’m being paroled.  (2) The date that I’ll hopefully be home.    FYI, the IPO does not vote on whether or not I make parole.  The IPO only conducts an in person interview with me and sends the results of the interview to the 3 members of the parole board that do the voting.

I was interviewed by the IPO yesterday.  This means that the parole board should be voting in about a month.  If they do vote to parole me and all the stars line up in my favor, I could be released a month after they vote.  Of course, all of this is my wishful optimism, but I prefer to stay upbeat and plan for a happy ending.

The actual interview yesterday went well, as I thought it would.  The circumstances and details surrounding my case are so numerous and confusing that I don’t believe the IPO understood much of them.  I don’t think this was a problem, however, because I don’t think she cared one way or the other.  Come to think of it, I’m really not sure exactly what she was trying to accomplish.  I don’t know that she asked any questions that gave her any earth shattering information.  l suppose she could have been trying to determine my demeanor or attitude, but I kind of doubt it.  I don’t think my crime is exciting or interesting in the least bit, and I think the IPO felt the same way.  I think the best part of the interview was when we debated the merits of using ferrets to help halter break and train minidonks.  I’m really hoping the IPO learned a lot!

Something else kind of crazy happened yesterday.  I guess it’s my first really good prison story.  I won’t give you all of the details because it’s too long, but basically, it went like this:  While I was at work yesterday, a sergeant in the building asked me to go wait by the back door for him.  I went and waited and a couple of minutes later he comes strolling down the hall with a bunch of food in his hands.  He unlocks the back door and we walk outside.  I’m somewhat expecting to be shot at any minute, just like in Shawshank,  but thankfully, that didn’t happen.  We then proceed to walk around the corner of the building and sit down in between 2 huge generator units.  We are completely out of the view of everyone inside the prison and out of the view of the security that patrols the perimeter of the prison.  The sergeant turned off his radio and we had a nice “sit down in the grass” lunch consisting of homemade boudin, potato chips, and strawberry soda.  Damn, it was good!    The untimely thing about this is that “count” had started immediately before we went out the back door, and we had pretty much disappeared for 30 minutes.  For those of you who know how prisons work, you can imagine the havoc this created.  The guards were looking all over for us, (literally).  They searched the halls, and my dorm, and they even searched the school, but we were outside picnicking and discussing everything from prison politics
(very juicy, but NO WAY can I write about it) to penis piercings by inmates.  This sergeant had some very funny stories.  We peacefully finished our lunch and continued the mindless BS until we were found by 2 guards.  The sergeant even tried to elude them when they got close.  It was like a mini hide and seek game.   When we came into the building there were bunches of people roaming around that looked at me like WTF?   The sergeant totally had my back and told them all to leave me alone that I was with him.  After that it was a mixture of relief by the guards that we had surfaced, and some ribbing by the guards because an inmate had briefly been elevated to a status above what they were. There was also some cautious ribbing by me back at the guards, because to not do so would have been perceived as cowardice and unappreciative on my part.   All in all, I think I played the whole thing perfectly, I got a great story, I learned some very interesting information about the prison “business”, and  I got an awesome lunch!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day.  It has put me in a little bit different mindset and I feel like I’m now just a bit closer to being home.  Thanks again for reading the blog and I look forward to talking to you again soon.  Again, I am sorry for the delay in these blog postings since I was focusing so much on the parole stuff, and frankly, just got lazy, but I made sure the editor at least tried to reserve some blog posting dates, so the blog would flow more smoothly for future readers.  Hopefully you have been able to bear with me while I was working in the parole stuff and haven't left the blog (of course, if you have left, you are not reading this).


  1. Look at this post and the three preceeding it... All they say is "more is coming" Yet, nothing is posted...
    If you're trying to build up suspence it's not working.

  2. If the editor needs some typing help I know that several friends would be more than happy to help!!!

  3. This is ridiculous. I don't even have words. Just say your busy and can't get to it, that's understandable. The teasers are pretty annoying, though.

  4. Andy, I hope all is well with you. If Someone could post a way to get in touch with him, I would like to send a letter directly to him to let him know he hs not been forgotten.

  5. This is now getting ridiculous! Come on already! Do not commit to something like this and let it fall to the wayside! :(

  6. I agree with Jill. I would gladly volunteer to help post.

  7. I am a little upset by all of this... Andy and I are really good friends and I was using this blog as a way to "keep up" with everything that is going on... I know he looks forward to reading comments and writing the blog. I feel really bad about the fact that he has not had anything posted or anything to really read for almost an entire month!!! This correspondence with the outside is what keeps him going. COULD YOU PLEASE MAKE SOME EFFORT TO POST SOMETHING??? EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO EMAIL IT TO ME AND I WILL TYPE ALL OF IT MYSELF!!!! Please don't forget about him :(