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Saturday, April 10, 2010


MamaB  3/12/10    I’m not sure how the guards keep track of how long we eat.  There are rows of tables and they call us to leave row by row.  If you are the first to be seated at a row you will have a little longer to finish your meal. There is zero consistency in here as far as discipline and rules, so I think that the guards pretty much just ask us to leave whenever they feel like it. 
I’m sorry about all of your recent anxiety. I don’t know how much of the stress you feel is based on your son being in prison, but it obviously contributes.  Try to keep in mind that it’s probably more difficult for you on the outside than it is for him on the inside.  I’m not sure how much time your son has behind him, but try to carry the thought that you will never again have to suffer  through the beginnings of all this ever again.  The hard part is behind you.  Now it’s just a waiting game, and you can definitely prevail. Keep taking it in pieces.  By the time you read this, Easter will be one more Holiday that you won’t have to deal with.  Next up… the month of April.
Does your son expect to stay where he is or be transferred again? My unit here in Beaumont is 100 times better than where he is.  If he is at all apprehensive about leaving his current situation, tell him not to worry.   Please let us all know how things are going.

Big Daddy  3/12/10   Be careful.  There are already too many drug dealers in here. LOL. Get your tail on the prison diet.  It will make you feel a lot better.  Did I love that girl at the Old Absinthe Bar, or did we dream that story up?  Did I tell you that I went back to that bar with my ex, and I saw that bartender?  She looked the same.  Good times!   I’m assuming you figured out the Jpay stuff by now.  Send me one with your address so I can get back to you.  We may need to put together a trip to see Momo. I was just telling the guys in here today stories about us betting on the dogs in Mexico.  Take it easy!

Ginger 3/16/10  Thanks.  I’m definitely settled in at my new place.  The only thing that could make it better would be keys to the front door!

Mark’s Queen 3/19/10  Thanks again.  The job I have is great.  I’ve never been fired before from a job, so I sure hope this won’t be the first.  I do NOT hear the hoe squad calling my name.  What jobs did you have while you were locked up?  Yes, I’m SSI.  It stands for S.?... Service Inmate.  I’ll have to check on the significance of the first S.

Eddie C  3/21/10  Hurricanes to drink or the weather?  I saw a funny sign painted on the window of a bar on Bourbon Street.  The time was 2005 just before Hurricane Rita.  It was painted in red shoe polish and said “We don’t run from hurricanes.  We drink them.”  Sketch may be soft.  You want Derek as your compadre the next time you are on 6th Street.  Trust me. I know.  Ask him about the Buffalo Club.

Maria  3/22/10  I’m all swell and healthy.  Thank you for caring to ask.  I’m excited about seeing pictures of your town and the Braveheart Bridge.  So, Mel Gibson’s accent didn’t do much for you in the movie?  You should expect a letter from me soon.

Anonymous  3/24/10  Our outdoor recreation yard has a basketball court and a volleyball court. It has a hardball court and a universal weight set.  The yard is totally fenced in and the entire ground area is concreted.  It’s not really like what you see on TV. Most everyone outside is exercising or playing a game. There isn’t much loitering and there is no gang stuff at all.  There are also no rock hammers!

Chris  3/25/10  Thanks for clearing up the name thing.  I think more people would agree with your liberal thoughts concerning controlled substances if they could see things from inside a prison.  There are definitely too many people in here locked up for minor drug charges.  However, most of these people are also involved in a plethora of other illegal activities.  I don’t think that simply legalizing the drug trade would be a good fix.  I have actually thought about this quite a bit, since I’ve been in here, but I am still perplexed when I try to dream up a solution.  I do feel the solution needs to be based on a punishment that will be a deterrent for younger people. Possibly, the punishments need to be more individualized. Probation would help some, while manual labor would help others, while a monetary fine would help another group.  There are just so many different variables to consider. 
     Lengthy sentences do not deter crime.  Lengthy sentences only teach people how to do time.  Once someone does 5 years in here on a 10 year sentence, they are no longer frightened of having to come back for something minor.  Two or three years to them seems moot after they have served five years.   As a whole, it is virtually impossible for prisoners to get back into the “normal” workforce.  Expecting ex-cons as a whole to be productive members of society is a pipe dream at best.  I have no idea how to “fix” the system, but it definitely seems to have too many holes as it is. Chris, do you have any ideas concerning sentence lengths that you think would help the US society as a whole?


  1. will look out for your letter. It's always good to hear from you. Glad to hear you have settled more and are finally sleeping and waking for the early breakfast. What time do they serve that? I think you mentioned 3or4 A.M. What's that all about ? Anyway hope to hear from you soon. Take Care Maria

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. I know you are right, sometimes its good to just hear them again. April is halfway over and we have several family birthdays at the end of the month so thats where my next limit of thinking will be. Got a phone call last night from my son. Poor thing, I made him call back 2 more times so everyone could talk as freely as they wanted. A full 45 minutes of conversations. It was great. Hope you can make calls soon. Your mom will so happy to hear your voice.

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