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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I’ll start with the story of “Friday”.  First off, does everyone understand the nickname?  If not, I’ll explain next time, if needed.  Friday is a very cordial black man that is probably 6’2” tall, in good shape, and about 46 years old.  Definitely, a really nice and intelligent guy, but probably lacking any sort of formal education.  His front teeth are not teeth.  They are tooth.  His mouth looks like that of a beaver, but with only one tooth. No joke. Friday is in here on a 10 year sentence for some sort of drug charge.  He is married and has kids.  He has served prison time before, but I’m not sure where or for how long.  

The logistics of our job put Friday and I in a position of exposure to prominent people within the parole system here.  A little over a week ago Friday started explaining to me that he recently had two meaningful conversations with a particular parole “higher up”.   He expressed to me that he really felt like he had made a positive influence to his chances for parole.  Please note that Friday has been locked up for just a little over a year.  Technically, he is eligible for parole after 1 year and 2 months of being locked up.  I blew off Friday’s comments as nonsense.  I knew he had a snowball’s chance in h
ell of making his first parole on a 10 year sentence.  Last Tuesday he came to me with a letter that his wife had Jpayed to him. In the letter his wife explained that the same parole “higher up” had phoned her about 4 days prior to inquire about Friday’s potential parole.  His wife explained that the conversation had gone well.  

This sounded peculiar to me, because, even with the limited knowledge that I carry about the parole system, I knew that if this truly did take place, that it was a very BIG deal.  Friday then showed me the next Jpay letter from his wife, and his wife was ecstatic!  The same parole “higher up” had just telephoned her again and personally told her that Friday was actually approved for his parole.  He had obtained an FI-6 release.  FI-6 means that he is to be released as soon as he completes 6 months of therapy.  At this point, this story is nearly unheard of!  A second personal phone call about parole, as well as, being paroled after only a year on a 10 year sentence is really not even much of a possibility.  

I have heard stories in here of inmates receiving parole with the condition that they complete treatment first.  Some will be required to undergo 3 months of treatment, but they will have to wait for months on end to be transferred to another unit to receive the required treatment.  Therefore, these people will often be locked up for an extra 4 or 5 months just waiting idly for a transfer, or for their treatment to commence.  Well, in prison, just as in the real world, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.  Last Thursday, merely two days after learning he was approved, Friday caught chain and was transferred to another unit to begin his treatment.  

All in all, as long as he completes his six months of therapy, Friday will have spent just under 19 months locked up on a 10 year sentence, and then he will be released to go home.  Friday’s situation inspires me as I work towards being paroled myself.   

****Special note:  Friday had asked me just before he left the tank for chain if I could have my mom call his wife that he was in the process of being moved.  I phoned my mom the next morning to ask that favor.  I’m curious as to how that conversation actually went between my mom and his wife.  Does my mom have a new BFF, and how did Friday’s wife react to the good news? 
It’s now Sunday afternoon so I’ll wrap this up.  Basketball is about to come on and I also need to exercise. Thank you so much, again, for continuing to read and for all of your support.  I haven't gotten any comments sent to me in a while to respond to, but I expect to receive them soon, and I will be sure to respond promptly.


  1. No I don't get the name could you please explain. Maria

  2. Glad to hear about Friday. He will have done just as much time on a 10 that I did on a 5. You have a very positive outlook on things and I hope all goes well for you when you come up for parole which should be soon if I am correct. I look forward to hearing more about how you are doing and your suite mates and the others. Take care and I look forward to hearing more from you.

    P.S. I sent you an email a couple days ago. I'm sure you will get it soon.

    Marc's Queen

  3. Again, Hi. Eddie C.

  4. I honestly enjoy reading your blog. You have a very positive attitude. Just hold your head up, you haven't been forgotten.

  5. We could never forget you Andy. Keep up the good work on your blogging.

  6. Enjoying reading your blog. Hope you are doing well.How is all the legal stuff coming? Keep us informed we need to know when to schedule the fishing trip.

  7. *ears perking up* fishing trip? did I hear someone say fishing trip? Thats exactly the homecoming we will be planning when its my sons turn. Wonderful news for Friday! Good job, mate! I dont wanna step on any toes, so just my opinion, but...Prison reform needs to happen. NEEDS to happen. Those with substance abuse situations need to be put in a rehab of some sorts. Let them spend some prison time, so they know they are being punished and hopefully a deterrant to coming back, then send them to rehab. to deal with their problems and learn to reintegrate with society. Give them something to work with when they come home. If the situation continues and rehab doesnt seem to be working, then go to the next step with them. Longer prison time, longer rehab. Eventually with subsequent offenses for the same thing, they are stuck in prison,,,or something along that nature, just thinking outloud. Everyone deserves a chance to get some help before parole, not just serve time and out the door. It wont work for everybody, but its better then what we have now. The trend needs to be toward lessons learned along with help. More hardened offenders should be kept seperate from the rest of the population, but should also be receiving some type of ongoing treatment/counseling. I dont have the answers by any means, but I have ideas.

  8. Regarding your Mom’s call to Friday’s wife... When you asked me to make the phone call, I had expected that she and I might end up talking for a while. I would hear her express her surprise and excitement that her husband had been transferred and was closer to release. She would continue to tell me how relieved she was and express her sincere gratitude that I had called her. Then I would tell her how and why I had the information before she did, and, as often happens, that would lead to a discussion of our common experiences. We might even want to meet in person to continue our discussion over delicious orange-chocolate daiquiris! However, the truth is that, much to my disappointment, that Friday’s wife didn't ever answer her phone. I left two messages with the information of Friday’s transfer, along with my phone number. Although I was a little concerned that I didn’t get to explain things to her directly, I am sure that she got the message and that everything worked out fine!
    Any more messages you want me to deliver? I love to pass along good news!
    Love you,