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Monday, April 5, 2010



Our unit was on lockdown status from last Tuesday morning until yesterday morning.  Lockdown is when everyone is confined to cells. No excercise yard. No visitors. Some cells will be searched for illegal drugs, knives etc. Security is tightened. Guards armed. Every prison employee must go through an extensive search of their property and their body.

I have spent quite a bit of time recently preparing documents for my parole attorney.  I finished up what is hopefully the second to last major round of information to him yesterday evening.  It was a good feeling when I completed it all and sealed the envelope to him last night.  I'm very pleased with the letters I was able to prepare and write to him to present to the parole board.  I even made a rough draft of the letter that I considered to be most important and then copied it after I had made corrections.  I haven't hand drafted a rough copy of a letter since the onset of Microsoft Word.  Have you?

As for how I am feeling, I am actually feeling really good.  I'm starting to already feel how the challenge of this sentence is going to better me in many ways.  Before now I only surmised in my head that there would be benefits, but this past week I finally started to feel the knowledge being absorbed.  I finished reading "The Green Mile" the other day.  It was a great book, and I'm sure better for me since I never saw the movie.  Life here has seemed much more in order since I was able to go to commissary last Tuesday.  Simply buying a handful of files and a storage folder has made me feel much more organized and put together. 

I have been wanting to discuss my sentence length and parole possibilities with you for quite some time now.  That feeling is even greater now, but I'm going to try and refrain as long has possible.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, but I'll try to hold off a little longer.

I'd like to try and introduce you to some of the characters I have met here at my new unit.  Some of these guys have nicknames already.  Everyone is aware that I am writing quite a bit, and in this situation the pen is truly mightier than the sword.  I'm going to go through some of the characters in my next entry.   Hope your week has started off well.

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  1. Im a little/or a lot confused. I thought the only letter YOU had to do was your personal statement letter to the parole board. That, along with support letters from friends and family, pictures, certificates, etc. Are you able to elaborate any on what other types of letters you are putting together? We are getting ready to start putting stuff together for my sons is why I ask. When are you up for review? I know with the current overcrowding in the jails and the prisons something defintately needs to be done with the non violent offenders that are more likely to go back to society and not reoffend. The situation is so bad in Harris County that they are putting a temporary hold on arrests of people with traffic warrants and that sort of thing, simply because they have no place to put them. Hopefully this will be a plus in your favor as far as making parole.