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Monday, March 29, 2010


I got to sleep in until 6 am today!  Then I had a  good day at work since it was slow and I had a chance to write a bunch of personal letters.  I overheard a guy today telling his “jail” story of how he got to prison.  He had stolen 7 cows from a guy that owed him money and sold the cows at auction.  There was a big lead in to that story that the guy described in detail.  I won’t even try to replicate it here, but it was hilarious

I played volleyball outside again today, and boy, the weather sure was nice.  However, I want to confess my opinion of how some guys are spending their rec time.  When we go to rec we are basically on a very large concrete court..  There are weights at one end, volleyball in the middle, and basketball at the other end.  There is also a wall set up for handball in a corner. 

Most of the guys either take part in one of those 4 activities or choose to just walk laps around the perimeter of the court.  Here’s the bad part.  Some of the guys actually lay out to get sun!  Like I’m talking spread out on the ground for comfort… in a full fledge lay out… with the sole intent of absorbing the sun’s rays! Now, I am all for being tan and getting sun, and we all know how out of place someone who is ghostly white can look at the beach or boating.  But come on. This was too much!  I believe man-law # 47 states that “You cannot sun tan in prison.” What do you think about it?  If anyone disagrees, I would love to hear the logic behind your misguidedness. LOL!
I received a Jpay letter last night from a friend of mine.  This person is very likeable and we have been in the same group of people in a social setting a few times over the last year or so. That being said, I did not even know that this person knew my situation, nor would I have ever thought she would take the time to express her concern for me by writing.  Well, I’ll have to say that the brief note and a couple of pictures she sent, were extremely uplifting.  I can’t exactly explain it, but somehow, just knowing that the world on the outside isn’t revolving totally without even a thought of me, is a refreshing sliver of knowledge to learn.  It also gives me inspiration to know that once I am released, I won’t be restoring my life from a complete standstill.  So, to this friend, I extend a sincere “Thank you.”  I don’t have your personal address, but I’ll find a way to get a letter out to you.

Several people have commented about my blood pressure being a little too high. Let me assure everyone that my health is just fine and remind you that not everything in prison is not what it seems to be on the surface.


  1. I wouldnt wanna be in your shoes, but I sure do get a kick out of hearing the stories about people. As for laying out in the sun, I dont know that its so wierd. I mean, maybe they are "on the beach somewhere, soaking up the sun, with a funny little umbrella in their drink"...or maybe they are on the water skiing, or fishing, or heck, maybe they are hanging ten on a big wave in Maui. Be vewwy vewwy quiet, maybe they are huntin wabbit!

  2. i'm writing to people in prison because,at first i thought it was out of curiosity and it seem so interesting. but now, its just like writing to a friend thats far away. i didn't know its so strict though! no stickers,no return address at the back means letter won't be sent... i didn't know what was allowed and what wasnt! so it was a bit annoying,but well we learn something new everyday.

  3. i started reading this because i have a 22 yr old son on his way in. i just wanted to let you know i am a little reassured now. hopefully, he will have it as easy as you seem to be having it. thanks for doing this!
    Cam's Mom

  4. It is a well known fact that tan "fat" looks better than untanned "fat". Eddie C.

  5. You have odder stories than I do, and you are in prison. Make sure to get your own rays.