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Friday, March 26, 2010


7:00pm - Hello everyone!  Thanks for taking a look at the blog.  I extend a big welcome to all of the new and tenured viewers, and I encourage you to leave comments and ask questions.  I enjoy reading and responding to everything you have to say.  
I had a fair day today.  My co-worker didn’t report to our job this morning so my workday seemed busier than normal.  That was absolutely OK with me, and it made the day go by faster.  It would be alright with me if I were the only person on my shift for the rest of the time I was here.  I probably won’t be that lucky though.  
I officially restarted my exercise program again today along with beginning to watch my diet.  Since I still haven’t made commissary, it is impossible to completely revamp my diet just yet, but I did pass on the beans and bread at dinner this evening.  I think I’ll cut the bread out of each meal.  I should make commissary within the next 4-6 days, and at that time my eating and my diet can much improve.  
I went to the library for the first time today.  I scheduled the time of 4:20 pm every Tuesday to go. I am already reading a book here in my tank, so I didn’t check out anything, but I did read a newspaper (dated one week prior to today) and flipped through a “Car and Driver” magazine.  
I think my sleeping patterns are starting to adjust for the better.  I was not nearly as tired early this morning as I had been the last few days.  I’m pretty sure I’ll go to bed early tonight, also.  
I got some more information this morning concerning what content should go into a parole support letter.  Most of my friends should have already received this information by now via a private email.  The new information is a little more concise and might be more user friendly than what you received in the mail some time ago.  Hopefully, it will help anyone who is still having a problem writing.  
On a lighter note, I came to the conclusion a little earlier today that it would be much easier to organize my clothes and belongings in here if I could have use of an armoire or chest of drawers.  Do you think the warden could make an exception and allow me to move mine in?  I’ll not hold my breath!  Actually, the warden seems like a good person.  He seems very stern, but I guess that sort of goes along with being a prison warden.  
Can someone out there in the blog-world do me a favor?  It would be interesting to know a little of the demographics behind the employees here. (Officers, sergeants, lieutenants, captains, major, assistant wardens, warden)   I’m curious about average education levels, average salaries, experience needed, average turnover rate, etc.  I am assuming this information should be readily available.  
On a human interest level, I think the characters here in my tank now and at this unit are much more fascinating than any of them that I have previously introduced to you.  4-4 got his nickname because that is the number on the bus route that passes by his home in.  He has 44 tatooed on his neck.  The guy in the bunk below me is the lead singer of a band that has opened for Buck Cherry and Hinder in the recent past.  “Sketch” is a 6’6”, 250lb guy that has a home schooled chemist’s knowledge of how to cook up all sorts of drugs.  I have another friend (he needs a nickname because he doesn’t have one) that is 67 years old and is in here for 5 years on a white collar theft crime.  
And OMG…there are two guys in here that, believe it or not, know each other from the real world, lived in the same part of town, and are now bunkmates here!  The odds of them being in the same prison are slim to none, but the odds of them being bunkmates is astronomically miniscule.  (Bunks are assigned by the staff.)  One of these guys was a professional boxer.  Together they are hilarious and could be the next wave of the Blue Collar Comedy tour.  One of them burned his house down and is in here on arson charges.  Apparently, he told his ex-wife that if he couldn’t have their home in the divorce, then neither could she.  Oh, yeah…..the fire accidentally burned down the neighbor’s home, too. Oops!                            
Good night for now.  Mail just came and I’m off to read my letters.  I am also excited because I got a lay in to pick up a package at 9:00 am tomorrow morning.


  1. I was just curious what you got sent to prison for and what your sentence is.

  2. What is a lay in? Just a message? What happens to someone when they don’t show up for work? Does anyone care? How can you improve your eating from the commissary? (I remember you talking about Ramen Noodles, tortillas, and ice cream.)

  3. Sure hope you have made it commissary by now! You gotta give us more info on the 67 yr old with no nickname. We gotta have something to go by to come up with one. The two guys that know each other, how wierd is that? In county, my son always had someone in with him that he either knew or they had a common acquaintance. Guess thats more common in county, tho.
    You know, Ive heard about people taking a chainsaw to a house and splitting it right down the middle, too.....just sayin