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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


8:20 am  I’ve been at work for about an hour.  I have finished all the work I need to do this morning and now I’m just sitting at my desk in my office.  I will have about a half hour of additional work to do a little later, but I have to do it at a specific time.  More than likely I will stay here until lunch (10:30 -11:00 am or so) and then come back to finish my tasks.  I ought to be able to leave work a little early today, if I choose, but right now, the peace and quiet in this near empty building is making it a relaxing Saturday morning for me.  Surprisingly enough, as I was walking to work this morning and enjoying the coolness of the first day of Spring, I thought to myself that I was happy, was in great spirits, and extremely grateful to be experiencing my incarceration in an effort to finally get my legal quandary out of my life.  
On a much lighter note, does anyone have any good Spring Break stories or mini-vacation stories yet? We’re obviously a little old (most of us) for Padre or Mexico, but hopefully someone can find me a good story.  My cellmate in here (whom I believe I mentioned previously had a band and was also in a fraternity) and I have been swapping stories for the past few days.  I’ll have to admit that he does have some pretty good ones.  Not quite as good as mine (imo), but still pretty good.  Neither of us is anywhere near exhausting our arsenal of tales, so maybe he has a secret stash of really good ones waiting in the wings.  I’ll let you know.  It is very nice being able to B.S. with someone in here about stuff we have in common and about ideals and a way of life that we both equally perceive as “normal”.  
We had rec again yesterday.  I think as the weather continues to be nice we will have rec near daily.  I played volleyball again the entire time.  There is a medium sized field behind our rec yard.  I noticed a strange animal out there in it yesterday that I, nor anyone else in here, had been aware of before.  I am pretty sure it was an iron goat.  I know that sounds strange, but it just stood in the distance and didn’t flinch a muscle or move a hoof.  I got the feeling that goat knew something that none of us in here did.


  1. Iron Goat? I have nothing, absolutely nothing. Usually Im fairly quick with the wit, but you got me there. Im blank. Hey, maybe I can google it! Lets see what we got here:
    1. "The Iron Goat Trail is sixty miles northeast of Seattle..." 2. "The story of the Iron Goat began over 100 years ago when the last spike of the.." 3. "Iron Goat manufactures the Defender Dash a Land Rover style TD5 centre console and 90 / 110 interior Door Panels with map pockets"...4. "Iron Goat Networks, llc, is a small company focused on serving the IT needs of rural communities and small businesses. We provide wireless broadband to" ...5. "As you walk along the broad, wildflower-strewn Iron Goat Trail, an abandoned stretch of right-of-way that once belonged to the mighty Great Northern Railway" ...
    Sorry, Google dont know much about the Iron Goat either.
    My advice? Keep an eye on it. It may have some evil, devious, plot in never knows what the Iron Goat hears.

  2. I guess MamaB and my son and I were all looking up IRON GOAT on Google on the same day! Have you seen it again,and have you discovered its secret yet?

  3. Havent seen any posts lately. Is everything ok?