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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey everyone. How’s it going? I’ve been up since 1:00am and have only been able to sleep in little 5 minute intervals since that time. I was transferred to what I believe to be the final destination.  I’ve been here in the “processing department” since about 8:00am this morning.  It’s 2:00pm right now.  Forty five of us caught chain and will now be making this our permanent unit.  It seems to be a little more relaxed here.  The facility is laid out the same, but it is larger.  We’ve already been to the dining hall once and it was cleaner and more inviting that the one I was at for intake, because it has windows on the front of it.
This feeling of being “booted” into prison is pretty awful.  This is now the 3rd time in less than 2 months that I have experienced this and it is very exhausting mentally, physically, and emotionally.  All the thoughts of regret and sorrow for putting myself in this situation instantly came back as soon as our transport bus pulled up to the new place.  We are all waiting in holding cells right now.  We are about to head to our new dorms.  I’ll need to write more later.
It’s about 8:45pm here right now.  I made it to my dorm and went to dinner this evening.  The mat that I received to sleep on is almost brand new, big, and fluffy.   Luckily, I could call it the Tempurpedic of prison mats.  Dinner this evening was some sort of Hamburger Helper type meal.  Earlier, lunch was 2 chili dogs.  Both meals were pretty good and the portions were large.  So far, so good, on the meals.
I have been assigned a job and everyone here in my tank has told me that it’s an excellent job to have.   I don’t want to say what it is right now, because I’m not sure if it would cause this letter to not be sent out by the staff here.  I’ll just say that it seems like I got very, very lucky and I think it’s a great opportunity.  The guys here in the tank made commissary just yesterday.  That couldn’t be any worse for me. I am down to 3 envelopes, 2 packs of tuna, 1 soup, and 4 tortillas. I may not be able to make commissary for 2 more weeks.  I can deal with the food part of it, but not being able to send out mail is going to be rough.  I’m going to try for commissary in some sort of crazy way so please keep your fingers crossed.  Thanks to all!  Goodnight.

It’s Thursday evening right now. I’m just going to write for a short time and then get to bed.  I’ve been up early the last two mornings for work and haven’t been to bed on time for the last 3 nights.  Hopefully, I can get caught up on rest tonight.   I received a Jpay tonight from my mom and from KM.  Both of the Jpays indicated that each of you had sent letters and other reading materials to the last place I was at.  Well, since I have been transferred I have not received them.  I’m sure they are hung up in the mail somewhere.  They are supposed to transfer the mail, so hopefully, the items will eventually arrive here.  I’ll write more about this over the weekend.   My job is good.  I will be inside in an air conditioned building for most of the day, which is great.  There are no air conditioners in our dorms.  The food here is better than at the food at the other places.  The guards are easier to get along with.  The atmosphere here in my tank is more “serious”, but I’m ok with that.  I think it is just because everyone here is older. The guy that sleeps in the bunk below me went to college, and was in a fraternity.  It’s very refreshing to be able to relate to all of that.  A couple of the other guys in here have let me borrow books and magazines until I get some of my own.  Overall, I think I’m adjusting well, and I’m becoming less worried and more comfortable by the day.  I’ll be able to write a lot more by this weekend.


  1. Glad to hear you are becoming less worried and more comfortable by the day. Sounds like you have a pretty good job, maybe what they call an SSI (not sure what it stands for) and luckily missed the hoe squad. Things should start moving along for you and time go by faster.

  2. Yeah- nothing is worse than texas heat. You have no ide whay it is like to be ina transfer unit with 50 gys in one room,count your blessings.