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Monday, March 1, 2010



It's Sunday afternoon around 5pm.  Today has gone by relatively quickly I guess.  Sundays seem to be the only somewhat peculiar day around here.  Everyone sleeps in late.  Visitation is sort of in the middle of the day and that alters the normal jailhouse routine.  Now, as evening approaches I find myself getting bored and just wanting Monday morning to get here.  Overall, however, the days are still seeming to get shorter and shorter.

I got a visit today from my dad and cousin.  My cousin is about the same age as my dad and he lives at our ranch with my dad.  Anyway, it was a good surprise to see him and get to talk about normal stuff for an hour.  We briefly broached the topic of "What am I going to do when I get out?"  However I'm still trying to
refrain from thinking too much about that for another couple of weeks.  My dad said that my dogs had pretty much settled in at his place.  I wonder if Tank misses running at the park with me?  Probably not.  I'm sure he's much more entertained by chasing cows and chickens on the farm.  Thanks for the loyalty Tank.  I thought you were supposed to be a man's best friend.

JP has been with me since Jan 27th, my first day in here.  He entered into the booking area about thirty minutes after me.  He had been arrested for some type of minor drug charge and for an MTR (Motion to Revoke Probation).  He was originally on probation for an arrest a year or so back stemming from some minor drug charges.  He is a pretty small Spanish kid about twenty years old.  He's a nice guy.  We were transferred to the main jail together a couple of days after booking and then we both went to be trustees at the same time.  Turns out his uncle, nicknamed Navy, was a trustee prior to our arrival and told the trustee boss here at the jail that his nephew would like to be a trustee.  So there you have it.  Jail works just like the real world.  It's not what you know but who you know.  Strings get pulled in here too.  So here I am in the cell with two inmates that are close relatives.  Sort of gives a new meaning to "Inviting the family over for the holidays."  Now I must admit that JP and Navy are both very nice.  (I forgot to mention that his uncle is 27 years old.)  They go out of their way to include me when they prepare big meals and they are both friendly, but it was just awkward for me to see family members locked up together.  I don't know why, but it just doesn't seem cool.  I can't help but wonder what is going on with the rest of their family on the outside.  Almost every single other inmate in here is a black sheep in the context that they are the only person in their family that has been in legal trouble.  Looks like some families have two black sheep.  I guess that's better than a flock.  Turns out JP went to court on Friday the 19th and received his sentence.  I think they modified his probation a little and will also have him serve some time for $1500 in traffic tickets.  He should be released around the beginning of May.  His uncle is in jail serving 180 days for failure to play child support.  I believe he has been in here since October so he probably has about a month or so left to go.

Tomorrow we'll learn about "Red".  He got released out of here nearly two weeks ago, but came back to join us within a week of being released.

I traded one package of Ramen Noodles away for three envelopes.  I think the soup cost about fifty cents and the envelopes totaled about $1.60.  Don't you wish you could triple your money every day?

I started researching prisons and jails and so forth at the beginning of December.  This was when I first learned of my pending incarceration.  One thing that I have been intrigued by is the fact that on one on any of the prison forums ever inquires about the crimes that are committed.  Why is this?  I'm very curious about what each person did and about the circumstances surrounding it.  If anyone wants to know anything about me or my crime feel free to ask.  I'm not embarrassed or ashamed by it.  I'm not proud of it either, but I'd certainly rather you ask and me answer that you doubt anything about my past.

I think that going to be it for tonight.  Thanks to everyone for reading and a special thanks to M. who is reading all the way from Scotland.  I received your letter and have replied, although I don't know how long it will take to reach you.  I hope the week starts out well.

2/22 - 2am

Just got word that I am about to catch chain to TDC so it will be a while until I have the opportunity to write again.  Thanks again to everyone for reading the blog and I look forward to being able to hear from everyone soon.  PLEASE continue to send all of your comments!


  1. Thank you Mr Friendly Editor. I sent one with recipes for him this morning.

  2. I sent my previous comment about the recipes before your latest blog was posted, so Im commenting again. You asked about why nobody asks about the crimes committed. I dont know, but for me its kind of like an invasion of privacy for some reason. I guess I feel like if someone wants to share, they will and if not, they wont, so I dont ask. You mentioned the nephew and uncle. Once when I went for a visitation, I noticed 2 women waiting for their loved ones to come out. They were across from each other with the visiting room between them. I had seen them in the waiting area and knew they were together. One man comes out and sits down with one of the women. She points behind him to the other woman and he smiles and waves. A few minutes later another man comes in and as he was fixing to sit down in front of the glass with the 2nd woman he stops and looks behind him with a shocked look on his face and the other man does the same. They were brothers. They both just stopped and grinned so big at each other. I could tell they wanted to embrace so bad. So they sit with thier backs to each other talking to their women and constantly looking back at each other and grinning. They could tell they were kind of on display as everyone had noticed and was smiling at them and they were smiling back. It was a strange but wonderful thing to witness watching these brothers interact as best as they could without getting in trouble.
    When you get a chance to tell us about the transfer, be sure and fill us in about the actual bus transfer.

  3. I guess you heard about the fool that burned down his house and crashed the plane into the building here. I guess he was broke or in debt ??? ---------- I think I would have started off by selling the house and the plane ???? ( I am suprised more people were not killed ) Eddie C.

  4. Hi got your letter and sending a reply to you today. I have your new address and It looks like from the postmark it should take 5 days to reach the prison. Speak soon M