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Friday, February 19, 2010



Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to everyone.  If you're one of the unfortunate ones with no one to share this day with, I'm sorry.  I am in the same boat (except he gets to share it with 30+ guys).  I guess it makes me look forward to future Valentine's Days.  Maybe it's better I don't have a partner now anyway, because that would make things tougher on both of us.

As this day passes by, I will reflect on the fact that MANY people across the world are having a lot worse day than I am.  And both of my parents are coming to visit, and I know they love me.

So what did everyone out there do for Valentine's Day?  I'd love to read some good, bad or interesting stories when I receive these comments.  Who out there had the BEST Valentine's Day?  Who had the WORST?


  1. Happy belated Valentines Day. Its been crazy in my world, so I had to play catch up today on reading. Im amazed at your resiliency to let this situation get you down. You are doing all the right things, keep it up. Im so very much enjoying hearing the day to day. That dog that came up to knew a good person, they always do. Stay strong, keep your head up and remember "you are in the system, the system is not in you"

  2. BTW - I wonder what you think of your editors comments that he adds to your posts..cuz they crack me up! LOL

  3. I didn't have a terribly exciting Valentine's Day either, seeing as I'm single. But I did order some take-out Chinese food for myself and determined that I quite fancy the girl behind the till in the restaurant. Cheers, Chris.

  4. I didn't have much of a Valentine's Day either. I think I spent most of it reading my friend's letters and translating them into a blog on the net. Not only did I not have a girl with me, but I didn't even have 30 guys to enjoy it with either.

  5. I got with the program and bought the wife an Iphone. Then we had a romantic dinner at Mightey Fine Burgers in Round Rock. After that we really got crazy and went to Academy to shop for hand guns and then to the Container Store. All we bought was four of those collapsible cups that have a pill holder in the lid. Remember those? I hadn't seen one of those in 30 years. We of course bought them for the kids. The crazy thing is that it was great, cuz we were together and doing what we felt like doing. Sure, we could have went to a fancy restaraunt and spent the night in a fancy hotel, but why? We were away from the kids and doing things we wanted to do.

    Love ya man.

  6. Collapsible cups? really? wow! Talk about a flashback. Havent even thought about those in years. Guess I need to make a trip to the container store! Seems like we always had those on our fishing trips as kids. Guess they took up less space for our ice water that was melting from the frozen water bottles we used to keep the ice chest cold. Thanks for the memory, Shane. Oh yeah, Hi Andy, since this is your blog, I dont wanna leave you out!

  7. Happy Belated Valetnines Day! I do have someone but that someone is in prison also! But he should be getting out in about 2 months 4 days, not that I'm counting! But just would like to say I enjoy reading your blog. My husband has been in prison for about 1 1/2 years now. It will be really nice to see him again soon! Take Care!

  8. Happy Belated Valentines day! I myself spent it alone as my husband is incarcerated. He did call me at 7:10 in the morning to wake me up and tell me Happy Valentine's day. Had it been anybody else on the phone, I would've had to cuss them and hang up. Other than that call, my day was the same as any other. Keep up the good work on this blog and helping others to know what you go through on a day to day basis.

    Andy, the bunk probably is shorter than you are. I know mine was and hard as ever. At leat once I got to prison it wasn't solid concrete, but metal and we had somewhat of a mattress and pillow.

  9. This is late comment, but I took my kids out to eat and shopping and we made a cake. It was really hard to not think about the fact I should have been celebrating with my husband. We didn't even get a phone call that day. But we've already to make up for all the missed holidays so we'll be celebrating hte whole year when he comes home.

    Happy belated valentines day

  10. My little one sure loved her Valentine's letter from you. You're the best "honorary" uncle EVER!
    Miss you!!