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Monday, February 15, 2010


2/7 - AM

It's morning on Superbowl Sunday. Not sure exactly what time it is, but I know it is earlier than I'd care for it to be. I slept well last night, but wish I could have slept longer. I've watched the Superbowl from many different venues over the years. I sure do wish I was on Bourbon Street right this second with a mixed orange and chocolate dauiquiri. Sounds good doesn't it? I suppose this won't be the worst Superbowl experience I've had. I think there have been a few years when I missed it completely because of work so at least I'll be able to watch the entire game today. The majority of the guys in here are pulling for the Saints.

Last night the guards came in our tank around 10:30 or 11 and did a shakedown. Basically what that means is that they ask everyone to unlock their lockers and then they get us all to move to a different tank. They search us personally to make sure that we did not remove anything from the tank. Then they search our bunk area and our locker to make sure we have no contraband. Some of the stuff they took last night consisted of 1) Altered clothes - apparently some guys make hats out of the thermal tops and bottoms we can buy. You aren't supposed to alter any of the clothes so these were taken. 2) The pens that we have that are wrapped with paper to make it easier to write with were taken. Again, you aren't supposed to alter anything. For some reason they didn't take my altered pen though. I guess the guards like me. 3) They also took a lot of the guys' food and coffee. They told us that the food we bought from commissary had to be stored in it's original container. Most people that buy coffee end up storing it in some sort of other container. I'm not really sure of the reasoning of the jail rules concerning
this one other then just a show of force I guess. Oh well, I don't drink coffee so it really doesn't bother me one way or the other. The guards were as respectful as could be expected of our belongings. I don't mind them doing the searches. I'm pretty sure everyone in my tank has a small enough sentence to not be so stupid as to jeopardize their future by sneaking a weapon in here, but you never know. If the shakedowns keep me safer I think that is a plus.

I can't remember if I have touched on this before, but several of you have addresed it in your personal lsetters. Safety. Or more specifically my safety while I'm in jail. I can't speak from experience yet about the state prison, but I can assure you that this county jail is NOT a dangerous place. Number one, I am bigger than 98% of everyone in here. Two, there are no gangs, and three, everyone in general population here has a short sentence. Everyone wants out quickly. It would be crazy to fight in here unless there was a really good reason. Any altercation that I have ever seen in here was because some young guy was being too loud and running his mouth. I would go so far as to say that bar rules apply in here. If you're respectful you have no problems, but if you're the 'drunk' guy making a scene then people aren't going to like you.

I plan on doing my hour or so of exercising here in a little while and then I'll relax and read until the Superbowl comes on. I may find time to write a little more after the Superbowl, but if not I will definitely write tomorrow after work...

2/7 - Post Superbowl

I hope everyone had a good time watching the Super Bowl. It was nice to be able to see it in here. I wish my company had been different, but I guess at this point I'll take what I can get. I was a little confused on who to pull for due to my recent Louisiana ties. I actually started out pulling for the Colts, but about halfway through the game, I found myself pulling for the Saints and was definitely glad to see them win. My Bourbon Street celebration will have to be delayed until I get out of here though (obviously).

My dad came for another visit today and it was nice to talk to him. Now that I'm a trustee I get to have contact visits which means that I sit at a table in an open room with my visitor. We get to talk for an hour and it's pretty personal. The guys that have wives or girlfriends actually get to hold hands, hug and kiss. That doesn't apply to me, but I can only imagine that it's very nice for the guys, girlfriends and spouses that it is applicable to. Today there were 24 of us with visitors in the room, and it was kind of funny...EVERYONE had a girlfriend or wife there except for me. My dad was the only male visitor. There's gotta be some sort of funny joke to be made about me not even being able to get a date while in jail. But I love my dad very much and wouldn't have traded his visit with anyone else.

Not much else to mention tonight. I'm about to go to sleep and I look forward to being outside and working all week. Hopefully it will speed by.


  1. mixed chocolate and orange daquari? really? never heard of one. I think Im going on a search, just so I can see if youre right about it being so good! (good excuse, right?). Glad to hear you're figuring out the "law of the land". My son wrote and told me to not send more than one book at a time to him because it draws too much attention. Something I never thought about before. I hope my letters arent a problem, because I write nearly everyday. I know I heard a lot more of the personal stories from county than I do now about the other guys, in fact, he tells me nothing now. Im sure watching his back more. Still, time goes faster and store is better, and more freedom, so all is as good as can be expected.

  2. @Mama B -- Youre letters shouldn't be a problem, I write my hsuband or send something (card, mag articles ect.) everyday, he says he get smore in the mail than 95% of the people there (and I'm sure it makes some jealous) but he likes it and he says if he didn't have the mail call to look forward to his days would be bleak.

  3. YOU make me smile!
    Miss you, dude!!