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Monday, February 22, 2010



I'm continuing to receive personal letters here in the jail and that's great.  One of the worst things about this entire experience is the hopeless feeling of not staying connected with the real world.  The letters go miles in alleviating those fears.

Today I talked to a guy here who is also waiting to be transported to prison.  He has been here since January 7th, which is 20 days prior to my arrival.  I assume this means
I will be transported roughly 20 days after he goes.  I also found out yesterday that transport only occurs on Mondays.  All this being said, I'm now thinking that I will be transported no earlier than 20 days from next Monday which is roughly mid March.  It could also be much later than that.  I will definitely keep you informed as I learn anything more about it.

We worked outside for half the day this morning and then came back to the jail.  Our boss had a continuing education class to attend this afternoon.  The weather was really cool this morning but it warmed up quickly and I was able to take off my jacket after about an hour and enjoy the sunshine.

Tonight one of the sergeants here had to come in our tank and somewhat threaten everyone because one of the guys in here reported that someone had stolen his chips and toothpaste.  This is clearly an example of the contradiction between what really happens in jail and what is depicted on television.  I couldn't imagine "telling" on someone for stealing my toothpaste when I was in second grade, much less while in jail.  What is the country coming to when people in jail feel so baby-ish that they have to run off and complain to someone else?  I could talk about this for a really long time, but I'll refrain for now.  What does everyone think about this?

And now to the comments.

MamaB (2/9), thanks again for your support and comments.  You are so right about the people-watching aspect of my story here.  So far everything I have described may have been toned down a level or two.  It would probably be entertaing to create the PG-13 version of these stories.  Maybe I will go down that path in the near future.

Ginger (2/9), I think it would be more interesting to look at jail/prison from the outside on a psychoanalytical level than actually be inside of of this silly thing.  It's definitely just more of the same ol thing every day.

Eddie (2/11), This discussion about Drew Brees has been had over and over many moons ago.  Where have you been?  Also, you are extremely perceptive about the tank being "NO BUENO".  I'm guessing intelligence must run in your family.

Anonymous (2/10) that responded to my calorie and exercise questions, thanks.  Right now I am in a county jail, but I will soon be transported to prison.  They only serve two vegetables in here on occasion.  I'll eat the carrots, but I give away the green beans.  I'm trying to eat a lot of tuna, but so far I'd give myself a grade of "C" on my diet.  I'm working on it though.

Ginger (2/10), I'm so sorry your husband is in prison.  I wish the best for you both.  I haven't heard of anyone here losing THAT much weight, but I suppose our diets could vary greatly from your husband's.  I'm still a little apprehensive about the prison transition, but I know I'll definitely be alright.  I've talked to enough guys that have personally experienced it that I think I have a pretty good heads up as to what the actual process will be.  I started serving a three year sentence on January 27th, but I hope to make parole sooner than that.  I have only about one month of back credit.

Maria (2/11), Please send all the junk emails you can and mail or email.  I got some today and they entertained the whole tank for at least an hour.

Eddie (2/11), Thanks for the ideas.  I hate exercising.  I need a 24 Hour Fitness, a sauna and a massage.

MamaB58 (2/12), You made the senior comment, not me, lol.  I would have never thought such.  We all have our moments.  If you email the editor he will definitely print your emails and send them to me.  Thank you in advance.

Jill (2/12), I may frame that get out of jail free card once I get out of here.  We'll hang it on the wall in the new office.

Thanks again everyone.


  1. Sounds like who-ever took his chips was thinking ahead. ( Brush after every meal !!!!)

  2. Seems like the guys in there are really just looking to get along. I know when my son was in county he would hate it when they would bring new guys in that were young and loudmouthed. "knuckleheads" he calls them. No mind you, he just now hit the 30 mark, so he is still a young-un in a way, but he isnt one who feels he has something to prove. Those all seem to be the ones itching for trouble and usually getting that itch scratched for them pretty quickly. "lets go in and act tough and nobody will mess with us"...uh huh, hows that working for ya, buddy? since you mentioned the orange/chocolate daquiari before, I have looked for something like that because it caught my attention. No luck. Did you just make that up?
    So what nicknames have you gotten so far? I know with all this blogging you must have picked up at least one by now.
    Oh and to Eddies comment above me, musta been Lays, nobody can eat just one! LOL and maybe somebody wanted to toothpaste a wall mural of pictures to decorate with? Its a thought.

  3. How nice it is that some of the other guys can enjoy parts of your correspondence! I think that is just terific!
    Eddie--your comments are clever.
    MamaB-- I think I will join you in the search for that chocolate/orange daquiari(unless, of course, Andy reaveals to us that it is strictly a fantasy)!

  4. I think they should have waited to see which inmate didnt complain about his breath in a couple days and then they would know who stole the toothpaste! As for the chips... who can't hear someone eating chips!!! And one last thing tell that guy he is in jail.... with criminals... why is he surprised someone stole his stuff??? Maybe he should ask the guard if he can be transfered to the tank with more honest criminals! LOL!!! Tell him to get use to it!!!

  5. Are you refering to the chocolate/orange daquiari from the Daquiari shop in Morgan City!?! It is one of the best places on earth!!! We are sooo.... going when you get out... Maybe I can get thrown out of the "same establishment" as last time I went there. In my defense I wasnt laughing at her! I was laughing about something else!

  6. 02/23
    Just got word from your Mom they transferred you out to another unit. Praying you make an easy transition. Hang in there man.