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Saturday, February 20, 2010



This weekend was much better than the last weekend, since I seem to be settling in a little more.  My dad didn't actually end up visiting yesterday but my mom did, and one of my good friends also came.  I can't wait to get out of here and tell the story of how my friend visited me on Valentine's Day.  That story is bound to get better each time it's told.  He's actually a good guy friend of mine who recently got married, but I did find the timing humorous.

There was no mail delivered today or yesterday so I feel a little limited on what to write about.  Today was a good day at work.  The sun was out in full force, but it was still a little chilly.  I had some time during work to get in some of my exercising.  I'm getting a little bored of exercising 45 minutes each day in our tank so I'm looking for ways to change it up a little.  For some reasons we are only working a half day tomorrow.  That is not a good thing and it means I will be coming back to jail around noon or so.  Hopefully I'll have some blog mail and I'll be able to write for a few hours and respond to some of the new comments.

I kind of freaked myself out a little this afternoon.  I was talking to one of my co-workers/inmates when we were out at work and I made a statement saying something like
"We're about to go home..." and I was referring to us going back to the jail.  It's so sad to actually think that I was referring to jail as my home, but I guess it is.  As sad as it is I suppose it is sort of good in a backwards kind of way because it must mean I am getting more used to this place and feeling more comfortable.  I just hope my sleep gets a little more normal so the time may roll by a little quicker.

For the first time last night I tried to make a few phone calls.  I have a calling card in here and I can make unlimited phone calls, but until yesterday I had only made phone calls twice to my mom.  The rate in here for outgoing calls is slightly over 50 cents a minute (editor comment - I wonder if that is how 50 Cent came up with his name after his jail time).  Thanks CH for talking with me and catching up on things...I hope your texting went well.  MK - my calling card does not allow me to call your number.  I'm not sure why..if you have some sort of block or random cell service.  I'll write you soon.  I tried to call some others but they didn't pick up.

Two of the loud guys left our tank today.  One of them was transported to another county to face some other charges and the other was demoted from being a trustee back into the general population.  He was a mouthy young guy and I'm glad to see him gone.  It is SOOO much quieter in her now, which is definitely a good thing.  So long for now.  Thanks again.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying following this on a daily basis, now that I know something new is up every day. I actually am feeling closer to you now than when you were out. We have to do better job of keeping in touch when you get out. We should be grabbing a beer or you coming out to the house for dinner almost everytime you are in the Austin area. That's pretty sweet that they have weeded out some of the d-bags in your cell. I'm about to head out to do my weekly grocery shopping for the family. Truly one of the highlights of my weekend, I say that because I honestly have not seen more hot moms in one place in my life. It really is ridiculous. Any guys in the Austin area shopping at the HEB on Parmer and 1431 on Sunday at anytime is highly recommended. Andy, give me a shout sometime, I'd love to hear from you.