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Friday, February 26, 2010


Most of the guys here in my tank are aware of this blog.  We have some questions that we'd like to ask and would really enjoy receiving any comments or feedback that you have.

1.  We are in jail.  How and why do things in our tank constantly come up missing or stolen?  (Editor's note - I think someone addressed this in a blog comment when the toothpaste disappeared)

2.  Why do we have to eat the same food over and over and over?

3.  How do you feel about inmates receiving a furlough to witness the birth of their child?

4.  Why can't we get real food if we have money on our books?

5.  Why don't we receive conjugal visits?

6.  In what room do they keep the keg?

7.  Should homosexual inmates be kept separate from straight inmates?

8.  Should inmates incarcerated for sexual crimes against children be kept in the same areas as normal inmates?

9.  Where are all the real women these days?

10. Is there anything called love?

11. Do you think there should be more daily activities in jail?

12. Should inmates have access to computers?  The internet?

13. Do you think that jail/prison should be used as a "scare tactic" to keep kids out of trouble?  For example, young kids could be forced to spend the night in jail to help thwart any future crimes.

14. Should we lock up "slow" or "mentally challenged" people?  I'm not referring to handicapped people, but the ones that are just obviously and significantly slower than the norm.  There are several in my own tank that I will talk about later.  One is in trouble because he sold some stolen items for a "friend" at a pawn shop, but this guy honestly didn't think he was doing anything wrong.  This question should get some interesting responses.  (Editor's note - at first I thought he/they were asking if we should lock people up BECAUSE they were slow, but upon further thought, it appears they are asking if someone that got taken advantage of or didn't know any better should be locked up.  Obviously this wouldn't work or everyone that got arrested would claim they were "slow")

OK, the first 14 questions were from others (ok, I can't lie, #6 was mine).  There is my big thought provoking question though.

15.  How do I approach the subject of my criminal record when I date in the future?  I am 37 years old, divorced and have no kids.  I have had two relationships already where it has been an issue.  In the first one which was about two years ago I didn't tell the girl anything.  We weren't too serious about things, but serious enough that when she did find out (on the internet) it was a huge problem.  We broke up.  Then we got back together a week later.  Then we ultimately broke up for good about a month later.  Overall the whole thing lasted maybe three months.  Thank goodness I didn't like her too much anyway.

Relationship number two started last June.  I tried to be up front about my record in this one and I thought that I had done a decent job.  About three weeks prior to my incarceration this person broke up with me.  I was definitely serious in this relationship and it has been tough to deal with.

So specific questions:
1)  When is the appropriate time to first bring it up?
2)  How detailed should I be about it first?
3)  Any suggestions?

I already know the obvious...such as "if it was meant to be then she won't care" or "you will know when the time is right to share this information with her" or "if she breaks up with you then it's her loss"...that stuff is great and all, but it's too cliche.  I think that by having pat answers to the above questions is the correct path to go down.  Maybe after this is all over we can all start a for prisoners.


  1. 1. People are sneaky and learn to be amazingly resourcefull.
    2. Because you didnt chew and swallow it properly the first time? No, seriously, because its cheap and it meets the so-called standards.
    3. If they are not a threat to society, I believe inmates should be allowed to witness the birth of a child, or a close relatives funeral, or to be able to say goodbye to a family member that is dying.
    4. Because it might start problems with others who arent so fortunate.
    5. I imagine because its part of the "punishment". If you have it too easy, where is the incentive to not come back?
    6. In the guards lounge.
    7. Only if its a threat to their safety.
    8. I dont think you really want me to answer this one.
    9. Looking for real men.
    10. Yes, but its hard to find.
    11. Yes, jail is much more restrictive than prison and I cant imagine being stuck in a small cell with no outside air 24/7. It cant be good for the body or the mind.
    12. no
    13. YES, but not in general population.
    14. If it can be proven that someone really has a low IQ and not fully able to understand the consequences of their actions, I believe there should be some type of provision for that. If their crime is violent, they should be institutionalized.
    15. I dont think it something that has to be announced to everyone you talk to immediately, but if it seems like a person you think maybe, possibly, could become more, then I think you owe that person to tell her right away and let her know why you will never be in this predicament again and what steps you've taken to ensure that you will not ever go back and what you have learned.
    ok, all just my opinions.

  2. I think jail might have actually softend you up boy !!!! --- Thought provoking questions ??? Relationship advice ??? Are you watching Dr.Phil everyday in there ????

  3. 6. The keg is behind a fake wall somewhere.

    15. You'll just have to be as open and honest as you'd expect the girl to be. If you're approaching a point where you wouldn't want her to drop a bomb on you, then you shouldn't wait any longer. This may limit your choices to someone with some skeletons her closet, or steer you toward a relationship with someone that you've aleardy developed a plutonic friendship with.

  4. 1. You answered that question we the first sentence :P you are in jail, just b/c someone is locekd up doesn't mean they learnt their lesson

    2. B/c the state doesn't want to change things up and spend to much on the food, its cheap, so unofrtunly thats what you all are stuck with.

    3. I 100% think so..My husband had to miss our babies birth, even though I was willing to pay two of my cousin (who are county seriffs to guard him along with the the jail guards) if he could have just been there. :( the judge wouldnt' agree and our lawyer tried her best, the judge did let him hold our daughter a cuople of times in court. And the jail let him call my cell phone for free while I was in labour and after she was born.

    4. In prison you are able to get some more "real" food, if you can afford it. Atleast where J is at. I think if you have the money and the place offers it then you should be allowed to have it.

    5. Very good question...It sucks, I think that would relieve alot of tension, and cut down on some of the assults and staff hook ups if all states allowed conjugal visits. Plus it would give the inmates an incentive to behave better.

    6. LOL wardens office

    7. Not unless they are or feel threatened by someone. I dont' think they should be treated any different just b/c they are gay.

    8. I don't want to offend anyone so I probaly shouldn't answer. I have kids and would kill someone if they hurt my kids, so thats as close an answer as you'll get on this one.

    9. They are their you just have to look in the right place.

    10. Yes, you are just lucky if you find it...I"ve read alot of people have luck with penpals.

    11. Yes, they should offer more if nothing else, substance abuse classes and parenting, something to get out of the cell for. Especially for the short timers that wont be transferring

    12. I think that it should be monitered and all like the phones. Of course certin sites would be restricted, but again like with congjual visits I think it would be an incentive to behave better and a privallage. I know it would make it easier to keep in touch with family and friends.
    There are a few prisons that allow inmates to email

    13. Yes, but maybe in a restricted area and allow some of the long timers to come in and talk to them. And give the "kids' controled "tough love" I know if my girls were messeing up bad I wouldn' object to it, I don't want them gone for years like thier daddy.

    14. Being in the wrong place wrong time, sucks but unless a dr could prove they were legally considered slow, then a regular prison. If they have a mental disorder, diease or malfunction, then an instituation.

    15. I think it is something that needs to come up, not like on the first date or anything b/c honestly that would freak me out. But once you start to get serious, if the person doesn't previously know, I think thats the time to approach it.Upon telling them that, be sure you're honest (heck some girls like "bad boys") about what you did and in the fact you never plan to go back. Everyone makes mistakes, some people just don't get caught, you were one of the ones that got caught. Let her know you are telling her this b/c you want to make things owrk and that you want the relationship to be based on honesty and a respect, since you respect her you are telling her.

  5. 1. People become incredibly resourceful and I assume if needs must.
    2.probably because I assume they buy the cheapest of the cheap in bulk.
    3. As long as they are not a threat to society then yes they should have the right to see their child being born.
    4. I think this would cause jealously and conflict and would probably go missing or stolen anyway.
    5. It’s part of the punishment
    6. Nobody knows it’s missing or stolen
    7. No don’t see a reason for it unless there is a threat against them.
    8.can’t answer I have my own kids
    9. They are there it’s just a matter of where to look.
    10.Yes I believe so and in many different types.
    11.Yeah and this should be something constructive to help build an inmates own personal skills or talent.
    12. My heart say’s yes but my head say’s no. However I suppose it could be a good thing if it was monitored correctly.
    13.Yes if it act’s as a deterrent.
    14.No ,not if they have been assessed as being slow or mentally challenged.
    15. Don’t to begin with and I would not mention until it seems it could go on to be a relationship.
    1. Again I think when you think there is an opportunity for it to progress into a relationship. Until then I really don’t think it is any of there business
    Just my opinion Maria

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