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Sunday, February 7, 2010


1/30 - 10:30am

Last night I spent about four hours making the move to a new tank, where I will remain until I am taken to the actual prison.  There are 34 people in this tank.  It's loud, but at least there are more people to communicate with.  A few of the guys from my previous tank got moved into this one.  Everything that I had researched about jail before coming in here indicated that pretty much everyone kept to themselves and that it wasn't kosher to share your entire life story.  That could not be any further from reality.  At this point I could already write a biography on at least four people and I could get a good start on about five others.  I think I'm doing a good job of being the mysterious, clean cut guy.  If we were on Survivor I'd be in the lead.  Unfortunately, we are not.

My dad came to visitation this morning which was very nice.  I wasn't expecting anyone to come and I wasn't sure it would make me feel any better, but it definitely did.  Hopefully it was nice for him too.  The reality of this whole situation has not set in yet.  I feel as if I know everything will be ok when I get out, but I find it impossible to comprehend spending over a year in here.  The lack of communication with my friends is still
so awkward.  The first thought I had when I opened my eyes this morning was "call (ex-girlfriend) and see what we are doing tonight since I didn't talk to her yesterday."  Then reality quickly set in....definitely not a good way to start off the day. It didn't take long to realize I wouldn't be talking to her. Thank goodness I was able to go back to sleep because these kind of thoughts are excruciating.  I've just got to try and remain positive and hope the days go by quickly.


I finally got a book to read this afternoon.  It's basically just a fiction crime thriller.  I'm only about 30 pages in, but at least it seems to be interesting enough.  Hopefully it will be about a three day read that help kill some boring hours during the day.  It would be nice to have enough books to be able to read one every three or four days for the entire time I am in here.  I started thinking today about trying to make a set schedule for myself for the time I will spend here.  Everything seems to based on meal times and sleep.  You kind of just do what you need to do to keep from going crazy from each meal until the next.  Then after dinner stay up until the tv goes off and sleep until breakfast.


I have written a couple of letters tonight and we all just got done watching the movie "Disturbia".  Now we're just kind of hanging out, talking, and waiting for the lights to go out.


  1. Things will get better, and time will start to go by quicker. Hang in there!

  2. I got your letter (yipee!) and am working on completing a reply and getting the items you requested! Just wanted you to know in case you are able to get this post before my letter arrives. Hope you are still doing well...I think I've almost texted you like 100 times! I look forward to hearing more...take care :)!!!

  3. Hi my name is Stephanie and my husband is at the lary gist unit in beaumont.I was wondering if you could have Matt tell my husband I love and miss him very much and am just waiting for the day that he comes home. His name is Tim Holt.Thanks and god bless you